[NTBG] Chapter 19 (1/2): Drunk Sister

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi ~ edited

I managed to clear the Temptation of Evil God and after assuring that the villagers slept with a peace of mind, I decided to leave the room.

I threw the empty cans and candy bags into the kitchen trash and then started examining the contents of the refrigerator.

I was hungry so I was gonna fish out something.

There is still a lot of meat which was sent from Village of Fate. I can use it.

As soon as the meat was baked, the door to the living room was opened.

It was Sayuki in her suit. Her face looked really tired and her beauty was ruined.

It was 2:00 on the clock. She seemed to have worked overtime today.

“Oh… Smells Good”

“..Do you want to eat Sayuki?”

“Oh, Onisama. Yes, please.”

What? What’s wrong? She just called me oni-sama and replied with a pampered attitude. This is scary.

I have recently realized that my cold attitude towards everyone has changed but now I was getting more nervous than usual.

It might be due to the pressure at work. So it might not be definitely bad.

I put the rice in a bowl and served the grilled the meat and then seasoned with some sauce. After that I prepared the soup with melted eggs, it’s a Chinese dish.

“I was able to do it.”


She seems really tired and is sitting on the sofa with only her shirt and underwear. Would it be troublesome to sit at the dining table?

If you look closely, her cheeks were red and her breath was…..

Ok. The mystery has been solved. This girl is just drunk.

Even after 10 years of my NEET life, I still consideed Sayuki a teenager. Well, she is now over 20 years of age so she can of course drink alcohol.

Thinking about such things, I carried all the dishes and sat face to face with her to eat together.

Oh..the sauce and the meat are good. It’s really excellent.

“Oh yes…let’s eat with this tired body.”

My sister seems to enthusiastically struggling.

Her beauty is getting wasted like this but as an Oni-sama I am happy for her eating this enthusiastically

“You are really late today. Is your body okay?”

“I am okay. Work is fun!”

She does not seem to be forcing a lie. Although she is heavily tired, she has a bright expression…..just a little drunk.

“It’s just….”

Don’t close your mouth before completing what you were going to say to me.

Are there any problems? Are you look for some advice? I don’t think I can give you the right advice.

But it’s impossible a brother to abandon his sister. If this is known to Gams, he will be disappointed.

“I will have to ask if you have any problem. I am an unreliable brother but maybe talking to a fool might make you feel better.”

Sayuki serious eyes caught me off guard.

I would have looked away in a normal case but now I stared back.

“I feel like I am being watched by someone recently.”

“….a stalker?”

Is she too self-conscious here? But the same thing happened when I was a student. I have a past with a stalker.

It is evident that her face is serious but she is still beautiful.

“Well, I am little worried because since a while ago I have been returning home late at night.”

“You are worried?”

Her eyes seem to be asking why does my line seems questionable.

“That’s natural Oni-sama.”

“I know it without you saying it twice. See…I…I thought that you hate me because I am like this.”

“I think it’s only natural that you hate me.”

“Oh…back in the past. It’s just that you were a little bit cooler.”

I feel embarrassed hearing it. Her cheeks seems to red. Is it because of the alcohol or …

Even if she was drunk. It was quite generous of her. I fell nostalgic and even started crying a little.

“Please don’t say something like that.”

I put my hand on my sister head after making a quirky expression in my shyness. She seems to boiling a little bit.

…..Oh….Now…I have done it but It was nice to be able to do this after so many years.

I was prepared for her to get angry but the words of abuse never came out of her mouth.


“No..well. I am so tired so I am going to sleep.”

“Well when you are coming home late, please call me. I will pick you up.”

I took out the smartphone from my pocket and made a complicated face.

This is the influence of my mother’s old age. Well It would be inconvenient if there was no means to contact her.

“Well..ok..I will give you my number, then will you help me out when I am in trouble?”

“Of course. It’s just that I might not be able to come when on cleaning duty.”

“Yeah. I know. But don’t be ridiculous like in the past.”

I was looking at the smartphone screen with a smile after getting her number. I was really relieved. I am still far away from being a brother like Gams.

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  1. Oof, make sure you dont become TOO good of a brother, or your sister might become like Gam’s. Actually… that might secretly already be the case.

  2. Aww! I love how Yoshi look up to Gams and sees him as a good example of being a bro.

    Scenes from their home is good and all but I prefer to see more of the progression from the Village. And read more about the deliveries/tributes!

    The tribute made me stay lol

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