[NTBG] Chapter 18: Desperate Determination And Desperate Me

Translator: Asada

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Up until now there were only two types of monsters but now a monster with green skin has appeared for the first time. Is it the monster which attacked the carriage at the opening of the game?

I moved the cursor and clicked on it. Green Demon is displayed. It seems like that’s not the case.

The intelligence of this monster seems be above the previous ones. So far this is the only humanoid type monster with and it can break the pointed stakes on the fences using it’s club.

If the fence is destroyed then there will be no way to prevent the monsters from entering the cave.

The wild boars ram the wall all at once and the logs started to lift away from the ground.

While the huge logs are up in the air, the remaining monsters charge at Gams.

Gams throws his spear through a Green Demon, but his body is sent flying away due to the collision with the wild boar that charged towards him.

“NOO Onii-chan!!”

Chem peeked through the entrance of the cave. She is worried about her brother but she is powerless to do anything.

She is witnessing the worst scene in her life. She is crying her brother’s name while crying.

Lodis and Laila clung to the body of Chem who is about to jump out into the middle of monster horde.

“You don’t to do that. MIRACLE ACTIVATE: Golem Summon” [1]

I clicked the Golem Summon in the miracles which was opened in advance.

White dazzling light appears and the screen changes to a first person view.

The scene is inside the cave. The Lodis family and Chem are facing him and their mouths are wide open with goofy expression. Am I looking from a slightly higher position?

They must be surprised due the sudden appearance of the Golem. I would like to test its movements in various ways but I don’t have time.

So this is the screen from the perspective of the Golem. I probably don’t need to test drive it.

I grabbed the gamepad which was prepared in advance. The method to operate is written on the right side of the screen. This is pretty much an FPS battle action game.

I jumped over the altar under my feet and grabbed a weapon.

When I dashed, my steps were faster than I thought. Is the Golem system actually agile even though it has an image of a lumbering giant?

I shakes the sword while running. I can manipulate the sword as I imagined. This is just like Chivalry.

The height of the Golem is slightly higher than Gams, estimated from my viewpoint. I thought that the Golem would have a more larger body but it is only like this. [2]

Well I am grateful that it is close to a game which I am used to playing.

When I jumped out from the cave, Chem was standing near the entrance.

“God of Fate…”

I heard a whispering voice.

The golem might be emitting a god like aura which at a glance gives the impression of a God. It’s just my speculation because I can’t see it myself.

When I jumped out, Gams was still fighting. The is a wound on his forehead and his right arm is hanging down probably due to injury but still he continues to fight.

“Leave it to me from here on.”

I cut the black dog which was biting Gams’ left clean leg in half.

The Golem seems to have a considerable power.

I greeted the incoming assault of the wild boar with a upper stance.

When I inputted the command to swing the sword, the body of the wild boar was split into two halves, and it’s left and right parts pass from both my sides.

This is a jackpot. I am glad that I saved fate points for this.

I rush to the crowded area of monsters and swing around the sword which I got. Each swing destroy a monster and it’s broken corpse rolls on the ground.

The enemy’s attack patterns and movements were learned by observing today’s battles, so it was pretty easy to avoid them.

Once the black dog is in a low position and it jumps from there, then I just need to jump lightly to the side.

Since it’s movement is in a straight line then if you stick out the sword then the monster would automatically be pierced.

Only the movements of the Green Demon hasn’t been observed yet but it’s easy to catch it as it is not fast. It’s not a threat to me who plays games everyday.

However, I am not really good in first person perspective where I can’t see myself. I prefer the third person perspective. [3]

….Oh, I can totally change the viewpoint.

If you look closely there was mention changing viewpoints at the end of the description. While avoiding the attack of the monsters, I clicked on the option.

“Yeah. It’s done.”

I thought I was manipulating a stone Golem but looks like that wasn’t the case.

The colors of the body is wooden brown. The head is small and the hair extends to it’s waist. The outfit looks like a simple dress with cloth wrapped around the waist.

It also wore an armor to protect it’s wrist, elbows, and shins.

It looks like an ancient Roman Gladiator as shown in the movies. [4]

I was surprisingly defeating the monsters reflexively.

This figure…this isn’t like a figure of God of Fate but Chem said it is, so I might be mistaken.

The color is wooden rather than like a stone. No wait…there was an altar where the Golem was summoned. In other words, is this……the statue of God of Fate carved by Gams.

That was roughly carved and it was suspicious whether it is a person or not but maybe due to the Golem summoning, it was reborn with a first class artistic image.

But the Golems in ancient mythology were made up of Stone and Dirt. I haven’t seen various types of Golems including wooden ones in fantasy novels and games so I think it should be okay.

Regardless whether it is true or not. I can help the villagers.

I placed the gamepad back on the desk.

The enemies has already been mostly destroyed and it is no longer necessary to focus. While thinking that, my fingers subconsciously moved and the enemy was beaten.

“Aren’t I too good at this?”

I drank tea from plastic bottle while praying to myself.

If I can use the Golem then I can protect the villagers.

<<End of Temptation of Evil God. There will be no more monster attacks today.>>

Red letters came out on the screen again.

Oh, is it safe today? Yoshi, you nailed it.

I squeezed my fists and made a gut lose.

After settling down for a while, I got worried about the Gams’ wound,so I returned my gaze back to the screen.

Since a while ago, the villagers were surrounding the statue which I was manipulating earlier.

“Thank you, God of Fate.”

“Thank you for saving our lives.”

“It was so amazing. The statue was moving.”

“We were saved…Thank God, everyone is safe.”

“Thank you so much for saving my beloved family and Gams.”

Gams embraced his sister as she she’d tears and said her thanks.

Carol jumped around and expressed her joy by being super hyper.

Her parents were staring at the figure while embracing each other and crying.

If you are praised by the villagers so much, you will definitely be embarrassed. I am shy even though I know this is a game.

There should be an answer to the villagers from God. It seems there was an command to raise it hand. How is that?

“That doesn’t work. It’s not broken or something….is it? Is there some time restriction?”

Suddenly it has became impossible for me to manipulate the statue. When I checked the operations list, there was something written in small letters.

“Caution: Manipulating the Golem consumes fate points per second. Please note that you will no be able to control the Golem when the fate points run out. The Golem can be only activated once a day.”

“Points Consumption…? Once a day?”

I looked at the top right of the screen to confirm my date points only to find it being zero.

It consumed a lot of Fate points to summon the Golem but there still there should have been some remaining point. Was it all used up after controlling the Golem for just a few minutes?

…..Welp…. has nearly ten thousand yen melted in such a short time? The daily allowance for which I worked so hard for. [5]

I thought the villagers are now safe and I can play an active role for the villagers.

I dropped my soldiers and big sigh left my mouth.

The unexpected expenses is too painful. I should move the Golem only when there is some crisis.

I can’t use this unless I continue my part time job. Kuh..this game consumes more money than a smartphone gacha game.

I am depressed thinking that all the effort of my work is lost in an instant… but I earned the money for the villagers in the first place. Yeah this is the way it should have been used.

I convinced myself and returned my gaze to the screen.

Finally, the villagers with their excitement carry back the statue of the God of Fate back to Altar.

After the relocations, Chem starts healing the wounds of Gams. The light overflows from her hand and touches the wound.

That’s a relief. Oh, I should tell them using the Oracle that there will be no more monster attack today.

After telling the villagers that they are safe today, the villagers collapsed on the floor of he cave as if their whole body has lost power.

“Thanks everyone. Please rest.”

I am keeping an eye out for the villagers who are late for dinner.

The corpses if the countless monsters are rolling around the fence.

Even though it is a game, the corpse of the monster that is killed will not disappear automatically. If the corpse remains unattended it might lure other monsters so it should be disposed of.

For the time being, the villagers have thrown the corpse of the non-edible monsters into a hole dug in advance… but isn’t it better to burn them rather than burying them in terms of hygiene.

I was surprised to see some arrows stuck on the fence while looking for missing corpses.

….I initially didn’t care but when I looked into the hole where the corpses were dumped, some of the monsters had arrows stuck on them.

No one can use a bow in the village. That means…

I thanked the pharmacist who still hasn’t shown himself.

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