[NTBG] Chapter 18: Desperate Determination And Desperate Me

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi, kienquocsi (edited)

I’m glad this is the last wave, but the number of monsters appearing is insane.

Up until now, there have been only two types of monsters, but now a monster with green skin has appeared for the first time. Is it the monster that attacked the carriage in the opening of the game?

I move the cursor and click on the monster. “Green Goblin” is displayed. My speculation is true, then.

This is the only humanoid monster that has appeared so far. It seems to be more intelligent than other monsters. Using its club, it breaks the pointed stakes on the fence.

If those stakes are destroyed, there will be no way to prevent the monsters from entering the cave.

The wild boars ram the wall all at once, and the logs are lifted from the ground.

While the huge logs are up in the air, the remaining monsters charge at Gams, leaving behind them a cloud of dust.

Gams throws his spear, which kills a Green Goblin, but his body is sent flying away by a wild boar hitting him from behind.

“NOOO! Onii-chan!!”

Chem peeks through the entrance of the cave. She is worried about her brother but unable to do anything.

Seeing the worst scene in her life, she calls her brother’s name while crying.

Chem tries to jump out into the middle of the monster horde, but Lodis and Laila hold her back, preventing her from risking her life. If I don’t do something, their death is inevitable.

“Now’s not the time to just watch! ACTIVATING MIRACLE: Summoning Golem!” [1]

I click on “Summoning Golem” in the miracle option, which has been opened in advance.

Dazzling light appears, and the screen changes to a first-person view.

What I’m seeing is the scene inside the cave. The Lodis family and Chem are facing me with their mouths wide open and their faces showing a goofy expression. Am I looking from a slightly higher position?

They must be surprised due to the sudden appearance of the Golem. I want to test its movement, but I don’t have time.

“So this is what I see when using the Golem. It’ll be difficult if I can’t test drive it first… Ah!”

I grabbed the gamepad which has been prepared beforehand. The control manual is written on the right side of the screen. This is pretty much an FPS battle action game.

I jump down from the altar under my feet and grab a weapon.

When I dash, my steps are faster than I thought. I imagined Golems to be slow in movement, but maybe this one is different?

I try to control the sword while running. It swings as I imagine. This is great!

Estimating from my viewpoint, this Golem is slightly higher than Gams. I thought that the Golem would have a much larger body, but it is only like this. [2]

Well, I’m still grateful. This way, it’ll be closer to the kind of games I am used to playing.

When I pass through Chem and others near the entrance, I hear a whispering voice:

“God of Fate…”

The Golem might be emitting some kind of aura which gives the impression of a God. It’s just my speculation because I can’t see it myself.

When I get outside, Gams is still fighting. His forehead is injured, and his right arm is hanging down, covered in wounds, but he doesn’t stop fighting.

“Leave it to me from here on!”

I cut the black dog biting Gams’ left leg in half with one strike.

The Golem seems to have considerable power.

I then raise the sword over my head, ready for the incoming attack of a wild boar.

When I input the command to swing the sword, the wild boar is split into halves, its left and right parts pass both my sides.

This Golem is a huge help! I’m glad that I saved fate points for it.

I rush to where the monsters are gathering and swing my sword. Each swing sends a monster’s sliced corpse falling on the ground.

I have learned the enemies’ attack patterns and movements by observing today’s battles, so it is pretty easy to avoid them.

Once a black dog lowers its position, it is about to leap, so I just need to jump lightly to the side.

Wild boars only move in a straight line, so if I stick out the sword, the monster will automatically be pierced.

Only the Green Goblin hasn’t had its movements observed yet, but with its slow speed, fighting it is easy. It’s not a threat to me, who plays games every day.

However, I am not really good at playing in first-person perspective, which I can’t see myself. I prefer the third-person perspective. [3]

… Oh, I can totally change the viewpoint.

If you look closely, there’re some instructions on how to change the viewpoint at the end of the manual. While avoiding the attack of the monsters, I click on the option. The screen shows the back of the Golem I’m controlling.

“Huh? What’s this?”

I thought I was using a stone Golem, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The color of its body is wooden brown. Its head is small, with tied hair extending to its waist. It’s wearing what looks like a simple dress with cloth wrapped around its waist.

It is also wearing protective armors on its arms and legs.

It looks like an ancient Roman Gladiator I have seen movies. [4]

Despite being surprised, I can still defeat my enemies by reflex.

This figure… isn’t it the God of Fate? Chem also said it is, so it must be true.

The color indicates it is made of wood rather than stone. Wait a minute… There was an altar where the Golem was summoned. In other words, is this… the statue of God of Fate carved by Gams!?

I doubt someone with little experience like Gams could carve this first-class statue, but maybe it was changed into something much more beautiful during the summoning.

Traditionally, Golems in ancient mythology were made of stone and dirt, right? I have seen various other types in games and fantasy novels too, like ones made of metal or flesh, and now, wood. What it is made of is not really important, though.

All I need to know is that with it, I can help the villagers.

I place the gamepad back on the desk while concluding my thoughts.

The enemies have been destroyed, so it is no longer necessary to move the Golem. I have just beaten all the monsters without needing to even focus.

“Aren’t I too good at this? My skills are truly godly!”

I drink tea from a plastic bottle while praising myself.

With this Golem, I can protect the villagers from now on.

<<Temptation of Evil God has ended. There will be no more monsters’ attacks today.>>

Red letters appear on the screen again, accompanying with a fanfare sound.

Oh, is it going to be safe today? Yes! Nailed it!

I clench my fists and make a guts pose.

After calming down, I remember Gams’ wounds and return my look at the screen.

When I didn’t pay attention, the villagers have surrounded the statue I controlled earlier.

“Thank you, God of Fate!”

“Thank you for saving our lives!”

“It was so amazing! The statue just moved like that!”

“We were saved…Thanks to God, everyone is safe!”

“Thank you so much for saving my beloved family and the siblings!”

Gams embraces his sister as she is tearfully saying her thanks.

Carol is showing her happiness by jumping around joyfully.

Seeing that, her parents are overcome with emotion. They cry while hugging each other.

If you are praised by the villagers that much, you will definitely become embarrassed. I feel shy despite knowing this is just a game.

I should do something to respond to the villagers as their God. How about raising the Golem’s hand… Huh?

“That doesn’t work. It’s not broken or anything….is it? Is there some kind of time restriction?”

It has suddenly become impossible for me to control the statue. When I check the manual, there is something written in small letters.

“Caution: Controlling the Golem consumes fate points per second. Please note that you will not be able to control the Golem when fate points run out. The Golem can be activated only once a day.”

“Points consumption…? Once a day?”

I look at the top right corner of the screen to check my fate points, only to find out I have none left.

A lot of fate points were spent to summon the Golem, but there should still be a sufficient number left. Were they all used up by controlling the Golem for just a few minutes?

… Eh… Did nearly ten thousand Yen just disappear in such a short time like that? My hard-earned money!! [5]

I thought I could work hard for the village’s safety, for the villagers’ lives, but this is just too much for me.

I drop my shoulder, and a big sigh leaves my mouth.

The unexpected expenses are too painful. I should move the Golem only when facing a crisis.

“I can’t use it unless I continue my part-time job. Kuh… this game makes me spend more money than a mobile gacha game… I have seen this coming, though.”

I am depressed thinking that all my effort was lost in an instant… but I earned the money for the villagers in the first place. Yeah, this is how it is intended to be used anyway.

I comfort myself and look back at the screen.

The villagers finally calm down a little bit and carry the statue of God of Fate back to the altar.

After moving it back, Chem starts healing the injuries for Gams. The light from her hand closes every wound it touches.

“That’s a relief. Oh, I should tell them using the revelation that there will be no more monsters’ attacks today.”

After telling them that they will be safe today, the villagers collapse on the floor of the cave, as if their whole body has lost all power.

“Thanks, everyone. Please rest.”

The villagers are late for dinner, so I help them keep an eye out for danger.

There are countless wild boars’ dead bodies inside the fence.

Even though it is a game, the corpses of monsters that were killed do not automatically disappear. They might lure other monsters if left unattended, so they must be disposed of.

For the time being, the villagers have thrown the corpses of inedible monsters into a hole they have dug in advance… but isn’t it better to burn them than to bury them in terms of hygiene?

When I zoom in the area around the fence to see if the villagers have missed any corpses, I discover something unexpected.

There are numerous arrows stuck on the fence.

… Initially, I don’t pay much attention, but after looking into the hole where the dead bodies are dumped, some of the monsters also have arrows stuck on them.

No one in the village can use a bow. That means…

I thank the doctor who still hasn’t shown himself.

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[1] Sorry bois my chuuni got better of me

[2] ~2m I think

[3] Dark souls time

[4] Asada here. I am too lazy to explain what Gladiator is. Google it yourself mates
[5] roughly ~$100 dependings… bruh this thing is worse than loot boxes

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