[NTBG] Chapter 17: I Am At A Loss

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi – edited

Listening to the sound of Gams sneaking up from the fence.

A black dog gradually approaches the fence.

Suddenly, there are 5 monsters pointing their fangs at Gams. Now he had to deal with more than double the number of monsters which he had earlier fought.

If the black dogs doesn’t have any jumping ability then it was possible for them to give up and turn back.

While observing the movements of the enemy, one of the back dogs surveyed the area and went back few steps.

Does he intend to take a run-up and then jump?

When the black dog tried to to jump over the fence it was pierced with the tip of the spear.

Of course it was Gams who did it.

There are small holes between the fences. Gams who was watching carefully stocked out the speak at a perfect timing.

Since the direction cannot be changed in the mid air so it was an easy target.

By the way, it was me who cave the advice about these holes.

He shakes off the black dog from the spear and it falls on the other side of the fence.

When I was wondering what to do about the corpse, the other four balck dogs consumed it at once in the blink of an eye.

Wow… I thought there would be violence but so much…

After devouring their companion the black dogs moved away from the fence.

I have an ominous feeling.

All the four black dogs start running at once as if to affirm my words.

One of them can be handled but four is impossible.

When they jumped over the fence, Gams using his two swords stabbed two of the black dogs in the air but allowed the others to enter the fence.

He then instantly threw his spear at the dogs and pulled the two swords out of the corpses. After that one of the unprepared one was slashed in half and the throat of the other was pierced when it was turning around.

Dang, I knew he was strong but he was stronger than I expected.

It was a wonderful battle that I couldn’t help but admire.

Before his movements were restricted due the villagers behind him. But now he can move freely.

I might not need to use the golem.

The strength of Gams was impressive.

Several hours have passed since then.

I noted down the number and type of enemies. I noticed that there was a pattern.

The enemies appeared exactly after an hour or 30 minutes after the annihilation of previous wave. In addition, the latter has more enemies. So far no monster has appeared alone.

If you think of it as a game, then it’s common phenomenon. I think it’s random monsters which appear after the fixed time interval during the Temptation of the Evil God.

At first only black dogs appeared but after two hours, wild boar also started appearing.

I have seen them several times as they were hunted by the villagers, and the meat was even sent to my house.

The wild boar to seem have more defensive capability than the black dogs, and hence they are more troublesome as they will rush into the fence. If you don’t stop them then they will break the logs into multiple pieces. But there are some countermeasures.

When the fence was crafted, sharp-pointed logs were installed around the height of the wild boar’s forehead.

So, when it thrusts itself towards the fence, it dies.

After which Gams and Lodis go out to collect the corpse so it can be later on processed and made into dried meat, there should be no problem for lack do proteins for the time being.

“It’s been a while since the last attack. For now it’s going on well..”

I feel that the threat level was lower than expected but if I hadn’t found out this base then it would have been a massive problem.

Gams is playing a very active role, as it is not necessary for him to protect anyone so he can move quite freely.

I confirmed the time, it was already 5pm. The outside world was getting darker too.

“Monsters become more active at night. From now the real problem starts.”

It seems that the villagers are also aware of it. Gams is resting until the enemy appears while Lodis and Chem are in charge of watching over the fence.

“I am worried about exhaustion problem as he is fighting alone. I understand the pain of manual labour because I work as a cleaner but I can’t be compared to him.”

I addition, there is the tension about dying. There will also be mental fatigue.

“My turn may soon come.”

Since the last attack has his happend, I got down quickly and told my mother that I won’t leave the PC today so I will eat upstairs. I brought my sweets and drinks upstairs.

I placed the food and drink around the PC. I turned my face towards the clock so I can easily look at the time.

I remember when I was once aiming for a rare monster in a two day event.

There were many limited time events in Netoge and if you miss them then there will be items which you will never get. Defeated enemies reappeared every hour and so I used to monitor it like this.

At that time I was serious just like at this moment but the feeling was completely different.

Even if they are programmed AIs, I want to protect them.

I need to thank the villagers who helped me in withdrawing from the NEET life.

There is still 6 hours remaining. Everyone do your best.

From here own, I will stick to the PC and would not distract my line of sight in any case.


The first attack after sunset is here.

Five black dogs and three wild boars. It was the first time for an multi-species wave attack.

Isn’t it hopeful to not expect a combination of carnivors and herbivors?

Since Lodis alarm detect the sign of monsters so he only need a little time to figure it out.

“It’s an enemy attack. 5 Black dogs and 3 Wild Boars.”

Gams jumped out from inside the cave when the door vigorously opened.

“Thank you Lodis. Quickly get inside the cave.”

“Please don’t over do it.”

After confirming that Lodis went into the cave Gams picked up his spear.

If we can survive today then I will seriously think about increasing the number of fighters.

As usual Gams took a position near the fence and put on a spear on both sides.

The five dogs this time jumped across the fence at the same time. He pierced two of them in mid air using the spear and sword, then quickly switched his weapon to swords and slashed the neck of two dogs.

Now it was possible to have confidence in fighting the remaining black dog but suddenly the fence log blew away.

“Is it broken?”

Two brutal wild boars crawled from the hole in the fence. When looked for the third one, it has already stuck on the fence and has died.

They aimed for the chance when Gams was distracted by appearance of the new enemy. The black dog leap forward in but it hesitates and rolls on the ground.

“Should I perform the Golem summon?….No but..”

Although he seems to be in pinch but I have already seen him fighting during the day, so I decided to not to do it.

Both the wild boars rushed towards him at the same time. Gams picks up a spear lying on the ground, jumps over the enemy head using the spear like a pole.

As he lands, he thrusts the spear at the back of the wild boar. The spear pierced the animal and it fell to the ground.

The other one takes U turn at the entrance of the cave but is soon pierced with another spear.

The black dog died with his forehead being pierced by the dagger thrown by Gams.

If it was an one on one fight then his opponent will never win.

The victory of Gams is confirmed. It’s cool looking at a scene like this.

” It’s broken. I have to repair it.”

He has just finished the battle but yet he immediately started to repair the fence.

The villagers come out of the cave and carry the spare logs and embed them in the broken parts of the fence.

“Let’s do it.”

“Aiyo..Gams go and have rest…If you fall down today then everyone will be killed. Carol go and climb on your brother to stop him working.”

“I understand. Time to rest~ “

Carol jumps on to Gams who was trying to work and according to instruction of Laila due to the interference he is forced to rest.”

It seems Gams who is a bit confused, sits still on a spot.

His sister Chem was trying to the work on her brothers part but it seems her hands are not as dexterous. Lodis family mainly worked on the repair job.

I kept close eye on my surroundings so they won’t be attacked while working. In case of an emergency, I will send the pre written Oracle.

As they were already prepared for repairs in advance so the work was done in twenty minutes. Now they are reinforcing the fence with wooden plates.

We managed to survive this time, but this is the first wave of the night so I cant think what will happen later.

When I was thinking about it, I saw something in the forest.

Not one or two, but five, ten, fifteen….more than twenty?

While I was counting the number of monsters, big red characters suddenly appeared on the screen.

[Temptation of Evil God]

A harsh warning sound and red letters flashing repeatedly.

This is the last battle of the event.

Gams suddenly stands up and gives instruction to the villagers to evacuate.

One by one everyone escaped into the cave without saying a word of complaint.

A large group of monsters appeared through the forest.

Translator and Editor Notes:

The first action scene of this novel is here. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I have started posting the chapters without dividing then in parts. Worship me ~ Asada

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    Everyone escaped into the cave one by one without saying a word of complaint.

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