[VHBF] Chapter 12: That Kid Was Weird.

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Seeing her father, the little dumpling was full of courage again. She held her father’s hands and said, “They pushed grandma, and grandma fell down!”

“Dad, I protected grandma!”

She puffed her mouth and looked at her father’s smile. Suddenly she was a little shy. “Yinyin was very brave!”

“Oh? And who was that crying? “

“YinYin didn’t cry!” The little girl retorted with a red face, and then suddenly came up to him. She rubbed her little chubby face against his.

“Daddy, you just…”

“Yes!” Her eyes were clear and bright as if they could reflect any color in the world.

The little dumpling thought to herself that she was way too happy, Daddy had finally admitted and recognized her!

One should know that although she had a better relationship with her father before, she was not recognized by her father. She said excitedly to the system, “Uncle system, I’m so happy!”

The system is also happy that the villain finally woke up and advance after picking up his fatherly life under the influence of the little girl. Although the system couldn’t sense what the villain had done to those people in the end, judging from just a few people being tortured by the police, he must have done a lot.

Once the villain has contained the matter, it will avoid the bankruptcy of the Luo family and the death of Luo Sheng’s father and mother.

Luo Sheng is still a man with an unruly nature, just like a big boy. Even if he recognized a little girl as his daughter and becomes a father, he had gone through such a big change, which had changed everything.

After those people left, he picked up the girl and said, “Tut, little girl , if you’ve had enough, hurry up and get down. It’s too hot!”

YinYin: “…”

Woo… Daddy is still that grumpy Daddy!

The system was correct. After the relatives of Bai’s family were taken away by the police, there was a huge scandal in the local business circle.

First, the person in power in Zhang family was exposed to sex scandal and suspected for bribery. Less than half a day later, the Su family was involved, and the other party were suspected of accepting bribes by the Liu family.

This matter spread fast like wildfire on the microblog hot search, made the news headlines, and resulted in a public uproar.

Some things were not to be exposed, even if you know it. You will usually turn your eyes away from, but once they’re exposed, they will be invisible in the sun.

Political and commercial collusion, power, money, sex transactions, and huge bribes are enough to make the two involved Zhang, Su and Liu families fall into an unending spiral of doom or even be finished forever.

The official microblog issued a statement to set up an investigation team to investigate this matter. Several officials from Liu family were temporarily suspended for investigation. The shares of Zhang, Su and Liu families dropped.

Strangely, several large companies in city A had been in trouble one after another. After the three families Zhang, Su and Liu’s troubles, the shares of Luo and Bai family began to slowly return to their former glory.

The investigation teams moved quickly and arrived in city A the next day.

The little dumpling and dad were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

On TV, there was a press conference held by the investigation team who came to the city.

YinYin watched it very carefully. She was curious about everything. She blinked and pointed to the uncle who looked very good beside the talking uncle in the TV, and said: “Dad, look, this uncle is really good-looking!”

Young Tuanzi always appreciates all beautiful things, she exclaimed, just like seeing the beautiful things to share with her father.

Luo Sheng glanced sideways at her, “Better than me? “

The little dumpling wouldn’t say yes obviously, “Dad looks better of course!”

He laid down lazily on the sofa, with his mouth cocked up. “You sure have good eyes!”

However, when she watched TV, she didn’t tear her eyes off that pretty uncle.

By the end of the press conference, she was sleepy, lying beside him, sleeping with her mouth open and breathing through her mouth.

He sneered and turned off the TV. “He’s ugly!”

The girl said she would forget that pretty uncle soon. Like watching TV at ordinary times, she never thought that she would see the good-looking brother in TV again.

Two days later, the elder brother came home.

Mu Bai, white shirt, black pants and tie were tied in a neat and meticulous way, and followed the leader in.

The nanny opened the door, a small girl was curiously peeking out from behind the nanny, “Aunty, who is it?”

The leader of the investigation team was sent from above. He was usually a man who does not laugh. He was old-fashioned and serious. Only a few people who worked with him before were not afraid of him.

He and Mu Bai heard the soft and childish voice, and subconsciously looked down. The little girl was delicate, round and chubby, and her big eyes looked at them curiously.

After seeing Mu Bai, she opened her mouth in O-shape and exclaimed, “Pretty uncle, I have seen you!”

The little dumpling was really soft, innocent and lovely. He wasn’t ever recognized like this in his life. No matter how old-fashioned he was, he couldn’t help but soften his expression. The team leader was a leader of the high rank. His surname is Li, and he is called Li by others.

He asked, “Have you seen Mu Bai?”

YinYin’s eyes brightened, “Pretty uncle Mu Bai? How nice! “

With her little chubby fingers she pushed open the door and walked out from behind the door. Director Li and Mu Bai saw her wearing a pink and yellow princess skirt. Since she was at home, her hair was not tied up, and lay messily on her head. She was messy, short and small, and not high enough for their thighs.

She looked up at people with her eyes very bright and clear.

“Uncle, I saw you on TV. I saw you talking. I saw pretty uncle sitting next to you and drinking water.”

Tuan Tzu covered his mouth and sniggered, “It’s nice for a pretty uncle to drink water!”

The system looked at him coldly and watched the girl invite the man and his boss to come in. With effort of a few words, she made two people who came to investigate and handle affairs smile.

So human pups are born with the ability to flatter. It’s no surprise to be a father and be loyal like a dog to their daughter.

In the plot, director Li is just and upright. The male leader has a strong observation and a delicate heart. Both of them are not simple people, but they are not impatient to the little child.

After inviting them in, YinYin said, “Sit down first, uncle. Because grandpa is ill and hospitalized, grandma has to take care of him at the hospital. And dad also goes out in the morning, I’m the only one at home.”

“Auntie, will you pour some water for uncle?” she was so soft that when she looks at people with her big round eyes, people could see the stars in her eyes, let alone just a glass of water.

Li Chu: “Thank you.”

The little dumpling started saying while they were entering that, her name was YinYin, and she was father’s daughter!

While the little dumpling was watching the news she had asked Dad about them, so she knew that the two uncles were here to investigate the villains.

Even if she didn’t know that the people to be investigated were Luo’s opponents, she was still angry and shook her little fist filled with indignation, “Uncle and beautiful uncle are here to catch bad guys?”

“Catch the bad guys faster!”

The young dumplings world view was black and white, she was always full of a sense of justice. Thinking that the guys on TV are too bad, she said: “Uncle and beautiful uncle should protect and take care of themselves!”

Mu Bai thought it was funny. Why?

YinYin thought for a moment and said, “The bad guys are always bad and will hurt others, so uncle should protect himself!”

Mu Bai and Li Chu looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Just now you said your name is Bai YinYin? Your surname is Bai? Why is the name of your father Luo? “

YinYin understood what they wanted to ask, she wanted to say that her father was her father, but the system stopped her in time: “Little cub, you should say if Luo Sheng is your father or not.”

The little dumpling covered her mouth, “Because, because I am my father’s daughter so I know!”

At the same time, the nanny brought a glass of water up, and she helped the girl to explain, “Our little miss YinYin is born in the Bai family. When Mr. and Mrs. Bai had an accident, the Luo family recognized her under our young master’s name.”

Li Chu was surprised. “Are you from Bai?”

He frowned and thought of the Bai relatives involved in the case. In his mind flashed something, and he pitied the young and lonely dumpling. He asked, “Have you gone through the adoption procedures?”

How do these nannies know? She didn’t know.

After a while, Mrs. Luo and her son came back.

They came inside and greeted the guests, “You came all the way here, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

When the adults came, Li Chu and Mu Bai began to face each other, spread out their notebooks and began to do their business.

“The investigation of bribery and β–‘ β–‘ transaction of the three families Zhang Su and Liu was established, but we found some doubts in the investigation process, please cooperate with us.”

Mrs Luo laughed and said, “Just ask.”

Luo Sheng took the girl and went upstairs. Mu Bai looked at his back and asked “Did he adopt Bai Yin?”

Mrs. Luo: “Our family is going to adopt YinYin. She is surrounded by a lot of tiger and wolf relatives. She is very pitiable…”

He nodded and asked no more.

Not long after, Luo Sheng came down with empty arms. Facing the strange eyes of Mrs. Luo, he said lightly, “Taking a nap.”

Children always loved sleeping, the girl always had the habit of taking a nap, Mrs. Luo nodded hearing that.

Li Chu’s face was silent and solemn. 

Mu Bai opened his notebook and asked questions one by one: “A few days ago, there was a problem with the project of Luo Group in the east of the city. There were two deaths and many injuries. Then the group repeatedly had financial problems. Do you think there are any doubts?”

Mu Bai changed his sitting position, “Or do you think someone is behind it?”

Mrs. Luo didn’t understand these things. Her husband was in the hospital and she couldn’t say anything. She looked at her son.

He lifted his eyelids, looked at Mu Bai and said lazily, “Even blind people should know there is a problem?”

Mu Bai: “…”

He was a good tempered man and continued: “We learned from some clues and a senior executive inside Zhang’s that the accident of the Chengdong project is likely to be man-made…”

“So Zhang family people did it?”

Luo Sheng choked a lot, and the conversation continued. About an hour later, Mu Bai and Li Chu went out of Luo family house.

On the bus.

Looking at the notebook, Mu Bai was stunned. “Li Chu, why didn’t you say that the matter of Bai group is likely to be done by three other companies?”

Li Chu squinted. “Mu Bai, I have to give evidence in everything.”

“That kid was weird.” He said.

The car was driving smoothly. When Mu Bai had thought about it, Li Chu suddenly said, “Go back and say hello. If the Luo family goes through the adoption procedures, as long as the procedures are complete, the compliance will be handled.”

Bai relatives are involved in criminal cases, even in the case of Zhang, Su and Liu families. They were obviously not reliable to adopt a three-year-old child to such relatives.

If the fact after their crimes were established, the child could only be adopted by outsiders, but there is a ten billion dollar group behind that child. The people outside are ignorant, which was obviously not a good choice.

Only Luo family, which was not inferior to Bai family in status and strength, and had been in city A for many years, which was obviously more reliable.

And the little dumpling got along well with their family and knew that they had a good relationship. It was just right for them to support Luo family.

Mu Bai nodded, just looked at Li Chu in surprise, but didn’t expect that Li Chu would “meddle”?

Translator and Editor Notes:

That girl is so cute 😍 ~ Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm

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