[VHBF] Chapter 11 (1/2): Call the Police!!!

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

YinYin talked to her grandparents for a while. Mrs. Luo’s servant delivered breakfast and asked the little dumpling to join them.

She looked around and asks where her Dad is.

Mrs. Luo raised her eyebrows, led the girl with her to arrange the food and said, “He is going to get revenge.”

“Leave him alone. Let’s eat breakfast.”

In fact, Mrs. Luo didn’t know where her son had gone to early in the morning, so she lied to YinYin about it. However, her eyes started to brighten and she asked, “Is it to catch the person who hit Grandpa?”

She clenched her little fist and said while volunteering, “Yinyin wants to go too!”

Of course, the little dumpling didn’t make it. Who knew where had Dad vanished off to for several days. She asked Uncle system, which didn’t reveal anything, just saying it didn’t know.

The situation of Luo and Bai group was becoming more and more severe, and the bank was urging to pay back debts more frequently. They had repeatedly reduced the repayment deadline and even refused to lend to Luo and Bai group again.

The news that Mr. Luo woke up hadn’t been released to the public yet. The outside world was guessing whether he was going to make it or not, but since nobody knew the shareholders were also panicking. The outside world was saying that both families were going to drown together this time.

Bai’s relatives came back in a large crowd. They were not as polite to the little dumpling as before. They had given up on the girl and were treating her like a burden. The Bai family was going bankrupt again. They were willing to take over the company to ‘help’ her and let her know better. ‘Don’t be unkind to good people.’

Mr. Luo was recovering in the hospital, there were only Mrs. Luo, two nannies and a servant.

They were all women. They couldn’t compete with a group of big men.

Mrs. Luo was trembling with rage. They were harboring evil intentions and they had the gall to even admit that.

“Who in this society is not after money?”

Second Uncle Bai looked at the little child and said, “If it wasn’t for money, who would support her?”

No matter how you looked at it, it was over for Bai group, and they never cared about their reputation anyway. Bai’s group was going bankrupt. It was better to sell it while it’s still worth some money. It was also nice that they could earn some money and become rich men in their hometown.

Who cares how your money comes? There will be many people to please them!

Several Bai family members are so angry that they are unreasonable. Even if they are tough, they have to take the girl away.

Mrs. Luo quickly stepped in and pulled the little dumpling behind her.

She said to the servant, “Call the police and then call some bodyguards from home.”

Because of the need to deal with the people behind the scenes, the news of Mr. Luo’s injury had been kept under. Apart from few close people, no one knew. Even the bodyguards were not invited.

These two days she left her son a message, just one word, “Wait.”

This was the chance the Bai family relatives were looking for. 

The little dumpling wiped off her tears and saw that grandma almost fell down when they pushed her.

This made the little girl very angry!

She stared with her pair of big round eyes angrily, she quickly ran up to grandma, with a taut little chubby face, she stood before her with her arms wide open and guarded her, “You are not allowed to bully grandma!”

“I will not go with you! You are bad people! “

“I’ll hit you when Dad comes back!”

In the hospital corridor.

The Little girl was not even as tall as an adult’s legs. She was so scared that her legs were trembling, but she didn’t let go and stood stubbornly in front of Mrs. Luo.

She had to protect grandma in place of her father when he was away!

YinYin was also afraid. She was afraid of being carried away by these people and would never be able to see her father again.

The system had a headache. When it first entered the world, it didn’t think much about it. According to the world story line, it inserted a couple like Mr. Bai.

Threw in the human child as their daughter and inserted her into the story. Who knew that these Bai relatives created by this world was so difficult to deal with.

But at ordinary times it was difficult for a delinquent to meet a normal child.

She was only three years old, and Luo Sheng usually went to the bar, club, or to the car racing and playing with his friends. There was no place suitable for the three-year-old child. It was a matter left to the heavens if she wanted him to recognize her in these places, even if she were to die trying!

But in the countless calculations of the system, only the role of the Bai family is the most suitable to intervene in the plot. Others are either class wrong or not natural enough, which is easy to arouse the suspicion of the villains.

These relatives will affect the mission. The system wanted to write that down.

“Uncle system, where’s dad?!”

The little dumpling tried to scare off the enemy by showing her teeth and claws. She kept repeating: “Dad is coming back to beat you up!”

“Dad will be back to hit you!”

The little girl was like a threatened kitten, showing her sharp claws at the enemy.

Second uncle Bai and others started to laugh in disdain.

Fourth uncle Bai patted his elder brother’s shoulder and said, “Elder brother, what are you discussing with a three-year-old baby? Just take her!”

The whole body hair of the little dumpling stood up and she looked at them warily, “I don’t want to go, I’m not going! Dad will be back in a minute! “

Mrs. Luo tried to hold her up and protect her in her arms, but she was pushed to the ground by a powerful man and was dizzy for a while.

The little dumpling was picked up by the Second uncle. She used her hands and feet together struggling to get out. The little girl became sharp because of her fright. “No, no, I don’t want to go with you. I want Dad! Wuwuwu…..”

Now, the bad guys had the little dumpling and she couldn’t bear it anymore but started wailing and crying pitifully.

Translator and Editor Notes:

So the Bai family relatives have still not learned their lesson. They are going to face terrible consequences in the future. He he he. ~ Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm


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  1. And its sad that people like Bai relatives do exist in this world thats what males them more hateful they are the garbage side of families.

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