[VHBF] Chapter 10: The White Walls Seem to Have Turned Pink, Yellow and Colorful

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

She had experience in picking up bottles and scraps to sell for money. When she was raised by that woman, she used to keep herself alive this way.

That fierce woman never gave her any food or money to buy food. The kind neighbors, aunties and uncles, saw her pitiful figure and occasionally sent her something to eat.

But even so, Yinyin still had to eat two meals a day at least. She used to pick bottles and scraps and sold them for money. She could save that money to buy one fifty yuan package of bread and two ten yuan sweets at the convenience store at the entrance of the community. This was the only luxury that Yinyin could enjoy at that time.

So in the eyes of the three-year-old girl, picking up garbage could make a lot of money and was enough for lots of things, which was the best way she could think of!

“Uncle system, am I not awesome!” It was hard to tell Dad about these things. So, when Yinyin thought of these solutions, she shows off infront of the system. She was not a simple child, she could support herself!

Luo Sheng was stunned and saw the bright light in the little dumplings eyes. She was very excited, as if she will pick up the bag right now and go out to pick up bottles to support her father as soon as he said OK.

Mrs. Luo looked at her from the side, she couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. These conversations swept away the shadow of gloom due to the car accident that had happened to her husband before.

This little child was really a little sweetheart. She didn’t know how Mr. and Mrs. Bai raised her but listening to her talking like this was leaving a bitter-sweet sensation in her.

She deliberately changed her expression to look jealous and said, “Your father has no money to spend when we would be bankrupt, and your grandmother has no money to spend either so she will starve. Does YinYin want to support only her father and not her grandmother?”

After listening, little dumpling puckered up her eyebrows and began to calculate with her little chubby fingers. She said to herself, ‘a bottle can bring in a dime, 30 can be picked up in a day, only 30…’

YinYin frowned slightly. According to her previous experience, the bottles are not easy to pick up and sell. One can only sell one for one dime. ‘What can I do with only thirty a day?’

She thought for a moment, “Either everyone eats less, or leave the portion of YinYin to grandma.”

When she said this, the little dumpling was feeling very entangled and painful. She knew the taste of starvation but her grandmother was so kind to her.

She nodded her little head, afraid of her grandma getting jealous, she hurriedly said: “Daddy has big body, so he needs to eat more.”

This is what her late father had told her before. He had said that she needed to eat more when she was growing. The little dumpling applied the same theory but replaced herself with Luo Sheng’s growing body.

She was afraid that her grandma would get jealous. Adults would always say that they have bigger body, so grandma would have to understand!

Mrs. Luo: “…”

She looked at the little dumpling’s eyes and couldn’t help laughing without making a sound, “Well it’s true, your father is still growing. You really do care for your father!”

The little dumpling stuck out her small chest proudly and held her small head high. That’s true!

YinYin is the best daughter, dad likes her the best!

Due to the innocent and lovely girl’s talk, the ward’s previous depressed environment had turned warm and happy.

The family of three waited in the hospital. Even the dinner was eaten in the hospital. After dinner, the little dumpling pestered her father to play the clapping hand game with her. She thought that her father would be impatient and would tell her to shut up and get lost, because her father hated those who annoys him the most. The little dumpling was very careful when she tries to act coquettish with him and tries not to pester him too much. She was ready to be rejected by her father. As soon as she saw her father wringing his brows, she quickly put on a small pose with her chubby hand and said, “Daddy’s busy so it doesn’t matter, YinYin will play on her own.”

The man twisted his eyebrows and kept silent for a while. He raised his huge hand and looked at it. He hesitated for a while and then asked, “Why did I play?”

Mrs. Luo: “…”

Has the sun started to rise from the West? She couldn’t come out of her shock for a while. Her son was willing to play games with children???

Is this still the bully who had no patience at all?

The little dumpling did not think too much, her pair of sparkling eyes were filled with surprise: “Daddy, you want to play with me?”

After saying that, she didn’t wait for his reply. For fear that Dad would take his words back, she quickly stretched out her little paw to hold her dad’s big hand in hers and said, “Dad, when I come out of here, you have to do it like this.”

“If you can’t do that, you’ll lose.”

“Dad, if Dad loses, he has to let YinYin pinch his nose!”

Her tiny claws held the man’s big hand, with a serious expression and her soft and waxy voice was echoing in the cold hospital ward. Those cold white sheets and white walls seem to have turned into pink, yellow and colorful.

“Did you get it?”

Luo Sheng raised his hand stiffly, but his face was full of ruffian like expression, “Tut, it’s so simple, who wouldn’t?”

YinYin clapped, “Yeah, dad is the best!”

“Then, let’s begin!”

Mrs. Luo watched from behind, watching her son’s joke.

“Ha ha, dad is wrong!”

“Dad, you’re wrong again!”

“Daddy is so stupid! YinYin will teach you!”

“Dad bring your face here, lower it a little, I can’t reach it.”

The little dumpling raised her short hand high and still could not reach the man’s nose. She asked him to lower his head again. She wanted to pinch dad’s nose as punishment!

The soft little claw pinched his straight nose. It’s soft. She pinched him seriously. 

“Let go of it.”

 “Dad, don’t move. YinYin has to pinch you three more times. Dad has lost four times in all!”

This was a clever group of father and daughter who knew how to settle accounts!

Luo Sheng: “…”

After pinching, the little dumpling stood up from the bed to come in level with her father’s head. She leaned over, held his face in her hands and shouted at his nose, “It wont hurt.  I will pinch gently!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

Mom’s face was hurting, OK?

Mrs. Luo: “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

The little dumpling’s daily life was very good. She started to feel sleepy before nine o’clock and placed her little head on the bed. She was a little drowsy and confused.

She still forced herself to stay up and didn’t fall asleep. After several rounds of searching, she didn’t see her father. She asked her grandmother where he was.

Luo Sheng entered the door just this time, the little girl pounced on him, stretched out her hands and said adorably, “Daddy hug.”

In the previous game of clapping hands, there was a promise that the loser  would listen to the winner’s demands all day, Luo sheng was impatient, but he still picked up the little dumpling obediently.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, “Daddy, YinYin is sleepy.”

Then she fell asleep in his arms, breathing calmly with the sweet smell of milk.

For a moment, Luo Sheng sat on the bed with his body stiff. YinYin was holding on to his clothes tightly. She seemed to be uneasy even when sleeping and was hold firmly in his arms.

To find a comfortable sleeping position, she turned her face and adjusted her position even in deep sleep, her small mouth slightly open, breathing gently like a little kitten.

Luo Sheng wanted to put the little dumpling on the bed. He didn’t know what to do, so he just let her sleep in his arms. He was half leaning on the single bed in the hospital.

When she woke up the next day, she was holding her father’s clothes. The nurse told her that her grandfather was awake!


Mr. Luo was still wearing an oxygen mask. He was pale and weak. Mrs. Luo was holding his hand and talked to him.

Seeing the little girl come in with a man’s shirt in her hand, looking a bit lost, as if she hadn’t woken up yet.

Mr. Luo beckoned for the little dumpling to come closer.

Mrs. Luo smiled and said to her husband, “Thanks to our YinYin, she’s such a lucky little star for us, she saved you from Yama[The Death God].”

“The doctor also said that he would not have been able to save your life if not brought in time. They all said that it was children’s aura. You see, is that not true?”

The little girl finally woke up, rubbed her eyes, stood in front of the hospital bed, looked serious and said to her grandfather, “Grandpa, you need to get better soon.”

Mr. Luo was touched. He only felt that the child could never hurt people. His eyes looking at her were no different from those on his granddaughter.

YinYin thought about it, frowned and looked at him seriously. “Yinyin needs to support father and grandmother by picking up the bottles, but she can’t raise grandfather. Grandpa needs to get better soon and pick bottles with YinYin.”

She focused hard in her little head. “It’s up to you!”

Mr. Luo: “…”

Moved by something he didn’t even know.

Mrs. Luo was so amused by these words that she acted as if bursting into tears, and chimed in: “Lao Luo, she didn’t say anything wrong. You need to get better soon. Otherwise, we will have four members we only have enough to feed three of us, we three eat steamed bread and steamed bun, you will have to drink cold water!”

Mr. Luo: “…”

Translator and Editor Notes:

I feel pity for the mc’s previous life. (crying) ~ Asada

This chapter was quite hard, or rather annoying, to edit.
The original uses almost only “the little dumpling” and the author puts it in pretty much every single paragraph.
I don’t want to stray too much from the the original but also don’t want to keep writing the same.

YinYin is a strong girl, trying her best for her beloved ones and shall not be hindered by monotonous phrasing! ~ Bluehm

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