[VHBF] Chapter 9 (2/2): Daddy, even if you go bankrupt, Yinyin will pick up bottles to raise you!

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Soon, the door of the ward was opened, and the doctor came out and said, “The operation went smoothly. If he wasn’t taken to hospital in time, the consequences would be hard to say. Maybe, even his life could not be saved. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.”

“If the patient recovers successfully, he will wake up within 24 hours, but because the accident was serious, he must recuperate for at least half a year and stay in the hospital for observation for half a month…”

He said a lot of miscellaneous things. Even if he was rescued, Mr. Luo was seriously injured. It could be seen what would have happened if he was not rescued in time.

Hearing this, several people were terrified. After Mrs. Luo woke up, she heard this and she kept her hand on her chest and said Amitabha [Probably the equivalent to ‘My God’?].

She couldn’t believe it. Without Lao Luo, what would she do? What would the Luo family do? Now both the Luo and Bai families are in the wind and rain. They were being hit by the waves.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Luo looked at Luo Sheng lying on the edge of the bed and then looked at the little girl.

She stretched out her hand and hugged the body of little dumpling tightly. She said while kissing her intimately, “Without you, Lao Luo wouldn’t have been brought to hospital in time. Thank you, YinYin.”

The little dumpling blushed when she was praised. She whispered that Grandpa would be OK. 

When the little dumpling was sitting in the yard playing, she heard uncle system say that there was an accident at Luo’s house. She didn’t know what bankruptcy was but the system told her that there were bad people to deal with her and her father’s house. Now there was an accident.

The system hesitated for a moment and told her that her grandpa had an accident. The driver of a truck hit the car which Mr. Luo was driving and after the collision, the driver ran away. The car was nearly flattened, and her grandpa almost died.

In the original scenario, the villain’s father was dead, the driver who caused the accident escapes, and the road where the accident happened was quite deserted. There are few passers-by. Due to the lack of timely assistance, Mr. Luo loses his life by the time he was found because he had lost too much blood.

Later, Luo group went bankrupt. Mrs. Luo jumped off a building to commit suicide because of her husband’s death. After that, the villain disappeared. Luo Sheng and Luo family were never seen again in City A.

It wasn’t until five years later that the villain returned and came to City A as a new returned overseas Chinese bussinessman. He was apparently the boss of an overseas investment company.

After coming back, the villain had done several big things one after another, which made the business circle of City A turn upside down, even the stock market crashed.

At the beginning, several of the culprits who had jointly harmed his family went bankrupt. One after another committing suicide. They went crazy. None of them had a good ending, and all of them were ruined.

City A was such a mess that it naturally attracted the attention of the people above. A joint investigation team was sent to the city. One of the investigators was the male leader role of this world.

After half a year’s worth investigation, the villain was finally found, and was finally arrested.

But somehow, when the plot came to this point, it began to break down. The hero died for no reason, and the villain disappeared again.

The purpose of the system was to prevent the villain from going astray and disturbing the world peace.

After the analysis of the system bureau, it was believed that the villain hid the truth and killed the male leader. Even the villain was likely to deliberately let the male leader come after his head and then kill him.

After thinking about it, the system told the little dumpling the location of Mr. Luo’s accident.

She started crying at that time. She believed that if uncle system said that, something must have happened to Grandpa.

But she couldn’t cry. She had to find her father for help.

Fortunately, because of the incident these days, Luo Sheng has been at home. The two families are not situated too far away, but the little dumpling’s legs were short, so she begged the nanny, Aunt Zhang, to carry her over.

When she arrived at Luo’s house, her father was sitting on the sofa and didn’t watch TV before him but was playing games with his mobile phone in his hand.

When she saw her father, she fell on his lap crying.

She couldn’t say that uncle system exists. She cried and said that she had a nightmare. She dreamed that grandpa was lying in the car, covered with blood.

“Grandpa is injured, Dad, go to save him!”

The little dumpling saw fear surging up in her father’s eyes, she increased the intensity of her crying for more effectiveness and cried heartily.

It was not easy for the three-year-old dumpling to convince the Luo family completely. She dared not even talk on the way. He’s afraid that when she talks, he can’t help but drop the bomb, and Aunt Zhang would discover her secret.

Afraid that her father didn’t believe her, she mentioned all the places she had heard from Uncle system. She also said that she had dreamed that the truck had flattened grandpa’s car, “Grandpa must be very painful.”

Even if someone considered it as a child’s banter and won’t normally believe a three-year-old’s nonsense, one would still blame her for ominous talk and scold her.

But Luo Sheng is not an ordinary person. He was confused when she cried all over him.

He narrowed his eyes, picked up the dumpling, and drove out in the blue sports car. He had placed the girl in the front passenger seat.

The car drove way too fast!!! The dumpling had taken a sports car for the first time in her life, but she was not afraid because she had her father around. Her trust in her father was strong, and even urged him to drive a little faster and go to save Grandpa.

Mrs. Luo hugged the chubby little girl tightly which cried bitterly, saying that she was his little lucky star.

Even if others won’t believe it, she believed it. Little YinYin must be related to her Luo family. She was the lucky star of the family. Only because she dreamed about Lao Luo’s accident could he be saved.

Old people used to say that children with their pure aura could communicate with heaven and earth, and were favored by heaven.

Mrs. Luo kissed several times on her forehead, “Darling, my little YinYin is so good. Thanks to you Grandpa was saved. Grandma doesn’t know how to thank you.

The brown haired man squinted his eyes, with his back to his parents, stood by the window in the ward, looking out of the window.

Outside the window, the sky was blue. Occasionally, a gust of wind blew by, bringing a heat wave.

He stood by the window, looking lonely from the back. It seemed very sad, at least in the eyes of the little dumpling, she ran towards him.

At his leg, softly she reached out and pulled his trouser, looked up at him and comforted him, “Don’t be sad daddy, it doesn’t matter if you go bankrupt, Grandpa will be ok…”

‘I’m afraid that my father can’t wash clothes because he’s so spoiled. I’m worried what he will do after bankruptcy.’

Her face was blushing and her eyes are full of vigor. “Daddy, even if you go bankrupt, YinYin will pick up bottles to raise you, don’t be afraid!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

I hope..I have a daughter like her in the future ~ Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm

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