[VHBF] Chapter 9 (1/2): What is Bankruptcy?

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

The hospital was packed with people outside the ward.

There were senior members of the Luo Group, some relatives of the Luo family and Mr. Luo’s brother’s family.

YinYin stood on the bench outside the ward, with her little hand on the window. Unfortunately, the window was covered so tightly with curtains that she could not see anything.

Her eyes were red, and there were two big droplets of tears in them. “Grandpa will be OK, right dad?”

Luo Sheng was sitting in the chair next to her, with his head down, lost in his own thoughts. One would wonder what he was thinking.

He hummed in response to her question. 

Mrs. Luo heard that her husband was in a car accident and lost consciousness. Hearing this news, she passed out. Now she was lying on the bed. The doctor said that she had a slight high blood pressure. 

Mr. Luo, the chairman of the board of directors, had a car accident just after two major groups of Luo and Bai had negotiated the cooperation of two projects. 

No one believed that it was an accident.

The contract hadn’t been signed yet. Not only did the owner of Luo group have a car accident, but a business district project in the east of Luo family city suddenly had an accident. Two people were killed and one was injured, making headlines, and the project was temporarily stopped.

This was a big project worth 10 billion Yuan. When the project was invited for bidding, all the enterprises in City A were rushing to do it, and finally the old enterprise Luo got it.

Now, with the death of the people, the government stopped under the influence of public opinion. The project was reassessed as a high-risk level by the bank. The bank reduced the loan term and asked Luo group to repay as soon as possible.

If it was an ordinary times, the bank wouldn’t give luo group so little time. After all, as a leading enterprise in City A, they won’t be living on one project alone. ‘You stopped my loan today. Who will cooperate with you next time?’ 

However, just like the case with Bai family, there were projects before suspension, and banks were after debt collection, just like someone had deliberately instigated it.

The little girl didn’t understand anything. With a frown she was looking at the window of the hospital bed without blinking.  She wanted to have X-ray vision, so that she could see how Daddy’s father and her grandfather was doing.

That big uncle, now Grandpa, was very kind to her. When she squatted at Luo’s door for the first time and waited for her father, grandpa didn’t drive her away either. He also took her home and let her see her father.

She also secretly heard that grandpa told her father not to be cruel to her and to be nice to her.

The more the little dumpling thought about it, the sadder she got. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

Luo Sheng frowned and nobody knew what he was thinking. The little dumpling didn’t dare to make a noise for fear of disturbing his father. Uncle system said that her family would go bankrupt and his father’s family might go bankrupt as well.

What does bankruptcy mean? The little dumpling didn’t know much, but she asked. After bankruptcy, there is no money in the family, no money for clothes, no money for candy, even no big house.

Before crossing into a new world, Yinyin had a hard time. She knew what it was like to be barefoot in winter without shoes.

She also knew that other children had beautiful clothes. She didn’t even have a taste of her own clothes.

As soon as she had to go out, she was wearing the old skirt that she had picked up from the garbage can. It was big and wide. She was short and looked like a mop on the floor.

When other children see her wearing it, they would laugh at her. They would laugh at her for wearing a worn skirt. They would laugh at her for being a little pauper without a new dress.

Other children also had lollipops to eat in school. YinYin didn’t have any. YinYin hid at home and works every day. That woman needed her to pour out the garbage after eating and washing her clothes.

YinYin’s small hands were short and inflexible, and when the clothes are not washed well, the woman would beat and scold her as a drag bottle and a door star.

After being scolded for a long time, YinYin knows that it was not a good word. It was because she hated poverty. So the two uncles know that he hates her too.

But now grandpa doesn’t hate her, instead he likes her. Her father’s mother, her grandma also likes her, and father also likes her.

While grandpa was lying in the ward for surgery, grandma passed out, and Daddy became unhappy.

The more she thought about it the sadder she felt. And soon tears started flowing silently.

When Luo Sheng looked up, he saw that the face of the girl standing on the seat beside him was wet, and her face was covered with tears.

After realizing that he was looking at her, she hurriedly started wiping off her tears casually, and tried to block her reddened eyes from his sight. 

“Daddy, don’t look at me. Yinyin didn’t cry.”

How big can a child’s hand be under three years old? Half of her face couldn’t be covered. Luo Sheng looked into her eyes.

The little dumpling was worried about him, she didn’t want her father to know that she was crying.

‘Daddy had been so sad, so tired, she can’t give him any more trouble.’ 

He took the little dumpling to his lap and rummaged in his pockets. He didn’t find the tissue, so he just wiped her tears off with his hands.

His warm big hand was wiping snivel tears on small face, Huang Mao on one side looked straight at his eyes, how clean is this guy usually?

‘I used to hate the crying of children the most. Seeing it got me tired. Now I even wipe the tears and snivels of a little girl with my own hands?’

Huang Mao watched for a long time. His mouth almost couldn’t close, but he didn’t dare to say anything, so he just sat there watching.

Luo Sheng looked at his dirtied hand and wiped it on the coat that he was wearing. He wiped his hand back and forth till is was clean and spotless. The little girl’s face was clean. His hands were clean. But in the end, his coat fell victim.

Huang Mao: “…”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Why is the system being so kind to the little dumpling ~ Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm

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