[VHBF] Chapter 8: Daddy! Does Your Hand Hurt?

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

“YinYin, you’re still young, you won’t understand. If you follow the Luo family, the name of your parents’ company will change from Bai to Luo!”

“Who do you think would want a little girl like you without any rhyme or reason? It’s just because of all the fortune your parents left behind!”

The middle-aged man was still trying to persuade the little girl.

Luo Sheng’s clicked his tongue. It was not pleasant to see that man. Just looking at him made him feel itchy and fidgety.

In accordance with his past records of dealing with such people, he’d have probably picked up the bottle and threw it at them, but this time he thought to himself that ‘The little dumpling is here, it may not be a good idea to fight right now, maybe?”

The brown-haired young man stood by the stairways, he moved his hands and held the little girl firmly. He looked at the greedy middle-aged man with sharp eyes.

“Get lost!”

YinYin shook her small body, and in a low voice she started humming, ”Daddy, Daddy! Please don’t fight.”

His big hand patted her fluffy head. The cold eyes of the brown-haired youth seemed to have frozen, he looked fierce and cruel.

Many relatives of Bai family were frightened and stepped back. Even uncle Bai, a strong man, subconsciously stepped back.

He came back to his senses, started swearing, and said: “What’s the matter with you, sissy boy?”

“I am teaching my niece a lesson, why does that matter to you?”

Before Luo Sheng could say anything, the childish voice retorted, “Father is not an outsider!”

Her voice was still a little shaky, but no one was allowed to scold her father. As soon as she scolded her uncle, like a ferocious little beast, nobody could say anything to her.

Luo Sheng grinned and asked his mother to take away the girl, leaving Luo Sheng and several relatives of Bai family alone in the living room.

He pulled up his sleeve and approached uncle Bai step by step.

Finally, he was alone, there were several people at their end, but they kept retreating. They had heard about this son of a bit** of Luo family, he would fight to death fiercely and had even sent several people to the hospital.

Second Uncle Bai didn’t believe in any kind of evil. In order to strengthen his courage, he scolds everyone, says all the things he shouldn’t say, and finally lets other people clean up his mess.

They came in vertically and went out horizontally.

The Bai family members were breathing with great difficulty when they were carried away. Now, let’s talk about Luo Sheng!

Luo Sheng loosened his wrist while standing at the same spot, watching some luggage being loaded away from the living room. Suddenly, he felt a small and soft body hugging his thigh from behind, looking up at him, and blinking her clear black and white eyes, “Daddy, was your hand hurt?”

Luo Sheng: “…”

The upper class circle of City A had been very busy recently, and interesting things have been happening one after another.

First, the Bai family’s powerful couple died. Then, the Bai family’s relatives rushed to raise the little princess. And finally, the little golden doll chose a father herself who was also a famous dandy.

The dandy prince, also known as Luo Sheng, had a fight just a few days after he returned to China. He beat people up so badly that they ended up being hospitalized. When those poor guys were finally discharged from the hospital, they were bitten by the Bai family’s dog.

And now there’s something that doesn’t make sense.

The Bai family’s members came to manage the important people of Luo family. Second Uncle Bai, the leader, went in vertically and came out horizontally, and was also hospitalized.

It was heard that Mrs. Luo admitted herself that her family was going to recognize the Bai  family’s little golden doll, also she recognized her as Luo Sheng’s daughter.

The baby cried happily, and the father and daughter looked happily at each other.

The competitors of Bai family in the shopping mall were panicking. They had no intention to take advantage of this Bai family accident to get something. They were practical.

They were waiting for the Bai family to fall into the hands of the family’s nouveau riche, who would soon ruin everything.

After all, the Bai family’s relatives are not well-educated. They could only live in this city because of the power of the surname Bai. It was easy for them to be short-sighted.

But if there is a Luo family behind the Bai family, it’s not only impossible for them to get any money, they also had to be careful because after the two families unite, they won’t have any foothold in the city!

A group of dandies didn’t think so much. The only thing that shocked them was the news from Zhangjia.

Brother Luo even agreed to recognize the little girl as his daughter???

As soon as Luo Sheng arrived, he left the car keys to the parking boy, and several young people who had been waiting for him came to him.

Huang Mao had a close relationship with Luo Sheng. He didn’t avoid him at all. He asked directly, “Brother, do you really want to recognize the Bai family child as your daughter?”

“No, that can’t be. I have never even seen him play with cats since childhood. And youre talking about a little child. It must be just a rumor!”

Luo sheng hadn’t even opened his mouth to say anything yet and Huang Mao had already started to shake his head in denial.

To let this delinquent be a father to a baby? Only happening when the sun rises from the West!

Everybody was looking at him. Luo Sheng didn’t say anything to deny the claims either. He had rejected it before, but did he really mean it?

A group of people walked into the club, and Luo Sheng walked slowly towards the club. Several young people were so anxious to know what was going on. They had to walk slowly behind him.

Suddenly, he stopped, he didn’t say he recognized the child or deny it, just said, “I’ve covered that little girl.”

Huang Mao: “???”

Is she recognized or not!

If you recognize her, can’t you prepare a little gift for your daughter?

Mr. Bai’s group was now under the management of Xia Yang, Mr. Bai’s intimate friend and vice president.

When Mr. and Mrs. Bai left, the stock price of the Bai group went down. Fortunately, it was stable again due to his efforts. Mr. Bai’s always considered him as a good friend and employee and he also never fell short of his expectations.

Even if they didn’t want to, they were ready to wait for the Bai family’s scums to ruin the company, so the Bai enterprises was still running normally.

But in these two days, several projects were forced to stop, either the police temporarily spot checking, or the partners suddenly withdrawing the order.

Several major projects had been stalled. Even a large group like Bai couldn’t bear it. Most of the working capital had been locked up.

But there was no one in the Bai family to take charge. Xia Yang, the temporary president of the company, asked who would agree to cooperate? The shareholders who only took the dividend and couldn’t care any less about anyone being restless, forcing Xia Yang to find a solution by himself.

Couldn’t Xia Yang always go to the White’s three-year-old princess? As soon as the news came out, the shares of Bai group began to fall again.

Shopping malls were like battlefields. As soon as there was a disturbance in the family, it will be spread around the circle. Mr. Luo talked about Bai group mentioned at the dinner table. 

Because of the relationship with the little dumpling, the Luo family and the Bai family were obviously related, even though they hadn’t yet officially recognized this.

Mr. Luo frowned. “Some people are afraid that they won’t be able to hold on.”

And, Mrs. Luo was also to be blamed for her quick mouth when she was in Zhang family. She said that she recognized YinYin directly. Those people with ulterior motives would not sit still.

She didn’t understand the business of shopping malls. She only had said one thing: “You have to help. You can’t let the things belonging to little YinYin be swallowed by these jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards.”

Mr. Luo nodded. “Bai group had two projects that I had been optimistic about. I could discuss the investment with them.”

Mrs. Luo nodded, and with their family’s capital injection, Bai group must be able to relieve a lot of pressure.

At the beginning, everything progressed smoothly. Both groups sent people to meet up, and the contracts were negotiated. But at this juncture, something happened to Luo company!

YinYin was squatting under the pink swing in the yard and playing with the golden dog’s fur. These days were the happiest days she has been through after being brought to this world by Uncle System. Every morning when she gets up, she could run to Luo house to find her Daddy, and she would not be driven out. Although Daddy was not very enthusiastic about her, he would let her stay.

That was enough for the little dumpling.

The little girl had a sweet smile on her face and kept throwing the ball in her hand. When MaoMao (the dog) would pick up the ball, she would cover her mouth and snigger. It was like stealing honey, and her whole body was filled with happiness.

The little dumpling didn’t know anything about the company, and the system suddenly said,

“Little girl, your family is going bankrupt.”

“Your father’s family may be going bankrupt, too. “

Translator and Editor Notes:

Spoiler alert. Now the mc will act like a hero. ~ Asada

Hahaha, the uncles finally get their share of Luo. ~ Bluehm

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