[ISM] Chapter 17: Elven Arm Forces

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Asada and Kylerboi

An extremely pricy fruit!

Hall is thinking, if you can plant such fruits in large quantities…

Steel seems to see Hall’s thoughts. He grinned and laughed. “Hall my brother, don’t even think about it. This kind of fruit must be irrigated by the water from the Moon Well! So the crops are relatively small! This is the blessing from the princess, otherwise how can we ever eat it!”

Nosia didn’t laugh at Hall, although she gave him a small smile. “Yes, the elves usually eat this kind of fruit, but they are not irrigated with the water from the Moon Well. General spring water are used, so it is barely magical. The effect of the perception is also there, but it is not so powerful!”[1]

Well, Hall decided to give up on this idea, since it can’t be planted, then he’ll have enjoy this fruit right now!

Looking at Steel eating the fruit core, Hall rolled his eyes check that no one was looking. He took the seeds out of the fruit and wrapped them up. [2]

Lina saw what he did, although she didn’t know what he intended to do, she was clever enough to take the seeds from her fruit and hand it to Hall, though.

“Do you want to try and plant this? I have a bag of my seeds here, you can try it!” Lina wanted to support Hall, even though the others seems to think it’s futile.


After their break.

They set off again. For two consecutive days, Steel was talking all the way. Hall was only listen to his blabbering. Through this he understands more about this new world he transmigrated to.

For example, the Geely Empire is a country that allows slave trading! 

The Firewind Empire, on the other hand, does not oppose the possession of slaves, but they are forbidding anyone to buy or sell slaves there. That is, if they are brought by other countries and are legal, they will not interfere.

As long as you come with a slave and can authenticate them, you can enter!

Therefore, the Black Iron Dwarves has a good life in the Firewind Empire, withcutting edge forging technology that can sell a lot of money! Life can be said to be great!


A horse with a hole on both sides of the cheeks, running fast with its rider. The teeth inside could not be seen, but the Wind horse did not breath from its mouth when running, but from these holes.

The speed of the horse is much faster than the average horse! So in less than a day, they caught up with where Hall’s party stayed the day before.

“Leader, this is the core of an elven fruit, a red jade’s!” One of the members of the group said.

After receiving the core, there were still some moisture in the cores. “They are not that far.” The leader whispered. 

“Chase them throught the night! Be sure to catch up with them before they enter the Dark Forest! AVENGE OUR BROTHERS!”

The person who spoke is the head of the Devil Mercenary, the fourth-tier soldier Narf!

A few days ago, he was chased by a band of the elves and took a small number of people to escape to a different direction. Although it was dangerous, and several people died, but they managed to hide in Carlin City!

Because the Dukedom of Gilardino and the Queen of the Dark Forest had an agreement, they could not take their soldiers to enter Carlin at will, so the elves had to retreat.

Narf also took advantage of this opportunity to find some buyers. When they heard that there were elven slaves for sale, many nobles were ready to spend big!


Just as Narf was happy to return, he found that the gate of the fortress wide open, and it was very quiet inside!

When he realized that there is something wrong, he immediately took his mercenaries in, but he didn’t expect the scene that greeted him! And the only magician in this team is also gone!

It can be said that Hall’s haste saved everyone! They left the day before, and Narf arrived the next day. If it wasn’t for Hall, it would be expected that it would be caught again!

At this point they have been traveling for a day and a half! Looking at the appearance of this fruit core, it is estimated that it is half a day’s journey away, perhaps even enough time to catch the female elf!



Looking at the forest in front of him, Hall couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The ancient and mysterious Dark Forest. The Qishan Mountain Range. A quaint waterfall. The fairylights within the forest’s shade. When Hall saw the beautiful and harmonious scenery, his fatique vanished, the trepidation of his soul disappeared.

And Nosia reveals a happy smile. For the elves, the forest is the source of all life. This is her home! And it is good to be home!

“You can already see the forest. It won’t take long to arrive.” Steel pointed his finger at the front.

Not only was Hall relived, but Nosia was delighted. This time she sneaked out to play and was almost taken to be a slave. Fortunately, I met Hall and Lina, otherwise I really don’t know what to do? [7]

She looked at Hall, seeing that he didn’t notice her, and her heart was slightly dissatisfied.[3]

How can I express myself? I am a Princess of the Dark Forest. I am the one to be courted! But when I met Hall, this wonderful man, I can’t seem to help myself but wanting to be his![4]

Just as she was about to say something, when she saw a group of people running in front of them!

“Hey! This is… the Elven Army? The Cavalry?” Steel said.

Looking at hundreds of people riding spirit beasts with huge antlers, wearing a bright armor and an elf with a pointed helmet on his head. Hall was shocked, especially the few elves flying in the air!


Just as Hall was shocked, the team quickly stopped in front of Hall and others!

“What do we have here? A human? A Dwarf? And a Beastman? What a strange party!” The leading the group said. [5]

He removed his helmet and reveals his handsome face. His face is as chiseled and perfect as the beautiful young Naxos in ancient Greek mythology.

The long eyelashes are covered with a thick shadow under the eyes, and eyebrows that fly obliquely into the eyes are looming under the cover of his messy bangs. Underneath his high nose, there is a full-bodied lip, powdery, like jellyfish petals.[6]

His mouth has a hint of cold and arrogant expression.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Ah, now I get it why they laugh at the previous chapter.

[2] His planning to plant it inside the system. Who’s ganna bet against me?

[3] Someone is falling 

[4] Yup!

[5] Is this the specific term of Lina’s kind? Orc? (The original word was orc)

[6] Is there a flower called jellyfish?

ED: [7] Lmao totally ignoring Steel rip

[4] Oh boy I cringed hard, you don’t know how hard I try not to rewrite this

[5] Could also be an insult, but more likely supposed to be Beastman.

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