[ISM] Chapter 15: Princess Hilfer

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Asada and Kylerboi


A scream came from one of the mercenaries. Steel finally got to vent his humiliation to this group.

“That’s eight! Hey… Didn’t I tell you that we Black Iron dwarves are amazing?” Steel said as he waved the bloody tomahawk while looking at the mercenaries in front of him!

“You? Our leader is a fourth-tier fighter! You think you can defeat him if he was here?” One of the mercs said.

Hall glanced at the mercenary who spoke. After returning to the castle, Hall and co succeeded in killing a lot of drunken mercenaries.

However, there are still a few that are more difficult to deal with. They are second-class fighters, and their physical qualities are relatively strong!

Although some are under the influence of alcohol, but in the face of life and death, they sober up instantly.

“Steel, can you take care of a few of them?” Hall glanced at Steel.

“Well, in their current situation, I can resist at least two at once!” Steel replied.

Hall glanced at the five pale-faced mercenaries opposite him. After thinking about it, he said, “That’s fine! The other three leave them to me!”

“Hall, I can also…” Nosia just wanted to help, but was interrupted by Hall.

“Battles, it’s always a man’s business! Just stay right there, if someone approached you then you can attack!” He said.

Lina’s eyes are shining, looking at Hall with admiring expression, she feels that Master is becoming more and more masculine!

As for Nosia, she was dissatisfied with what Hall said. To the elves, whether you are a male or female, as long as you have the strength you can fight.

Although most of them are too drunk to fight properly, but after knowing that only a dwarf and a boy who will fight them, they felt insulted. They are after all first-tier soldiers! Their strength is above the average man! Does this little boy think that just the two of them they can defeat all of us? One of the soldiers thought.

Waving his giant sword, he shouted “Boy, don’t think that you can do whatever you want!”

The other three mercenaries looked at each other and stood up. 

“Is it a long story. You will know it later!” Hall said. If he would fight them based on strength alone, Hall would surely lost. He knew it well, but he wouldn’t be fighting alone, after all, he is a summoner!

As the Hall voice just fell, a storm wolf immediately appeared in front of him and looked at the five mercenaries with a fierce expression!

“Come on! I’ll face the beast, and you kill the kid! When he dies, the beast will lose control. You will…”

“Who said that I only had one? Come out!” Hall interrupted as he called his beasts! 


Not only the mercenaries of the Devil’s Mercenary, but even Steel and Nosia looked at Hall in an unbelievable way.






Plus the original one, a total of six! How is this possible? He can summon a total of six beasts? How powerful this kid could be?!

Before they recovered from the shock, Hall had ordered the storm wolves to attack.

In less than two seconds, three of the mercenaries fell in a pool of blood!

“No! Don’t! You are the devil!” One of the two remaining members cried. They tried to run away, but Steel slammed the tomahawk in his hand into one of the mercenaries. The other was caught by one of the wolves.



For Nosia, she was shocked at what she witnesses. Five first-class fighters, although their fighting power was affected after drinking too much, but they have been killed in such a short time, which is really beyond her understanding!

Is this really the power of a summoner? And how are these storm wolves so powerful?

For Hall, the strength of his wolves is quite good, he didn’t think that their strength is far beyond what the strength of the ordinary storm wolves is.

But Nosia and Steel didn’t think so. They have seen a pack of storm wolves before, there need to be at least 8 or more to kill five first-tier soldiers! And to think these six are only first-tier spirit beast!

“Let’s go!” Hall said. He looked at the dazed Steel and Nosia and quickly spoke to them.

“Are you guys okay…” Steel asked.

Everyone knows that it is not the time to ask questions. After watching Hall recalled the wolves, Lina quickly followed up. Nosia and Steel looked at each other and followed too.

“Let’s go! It seems that the Hall we know is not ordinary…” Steel said.

No, the average Summoner can only summon one beast, but Hall is summoning six in a row and also shows that it didn’t strained him one bit…

When they came out, they saw that Hall was looking at the things on the ground, and they saw that it was a pile of gold and other treasures. It seems this is the loot that this group collected. 

“Let’s take some! I have found three soul stones. It is useful to me, so I’ll claim this if you don’t mind.” Hall said.

Nosia looked at Hall and said. “You save me so this is yours.”

As an elf of the dark forest, although they travel into the cities occasionally, but they do not need too much money!

What Steel originally wanted to take some, but after he heard Nosia said this he was too embarrassed to follow through and patted his chest. “Hall Brother, you saved us, these are, of course, yours!”

Hall glanced at the treasure on the ground and touched his head. “But I can’t take them all!”


Nosia glanced at the space pocket at the waist of the Hall, and then took a chain from her neck and saw the ring attached to it.

“An elf ring?” Steel was surprised to see it, the elf ring is not a typical space ring, it also represents an identity! An Elven Princess!

Hall looked at Nosia with curiosity, not knowing why Steel upon seeing the ring suddenly bow.

“Greetings, Her Royal Highness! If I have not guessed it wrong, you must be the youngest daughter of Queen Hilfer of The Dark Forest, Nosia Hilfer! The Black Iron Dwarves welcome you to our humble abode!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

This is a long one.

In this chapter, I was having trouble on how the author rank the strength of each individual. At first he implied that first-tier are in the lowest in rank. Then there was a chapter that implied that it is the strongest. So to make it more understandable to all of us. This will be the ranking we follow. 

Normal fighter – This would be just an ordinary soldier. Mostly footmen. (although I never encounter them here yet, but just in case in later chapter they’ll showup)

First Tier – its strength is above the average.



Fifth – This should be the strongest.

Let’s see if there is more higher tier that fifth. 

Ps. I almost forgot, the Storm Wolf was supposed to be known as a useless beast, unless they fought with a pack they cannot defeat a first-tier soldier alone. Hmmm. And it also seems as a Summoner, summoning a beast is also limited.

Well both master and beast are beyond everyone else. ✌

See ya.

ED: edited

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