[VHBF] Chapter 7: Who let the dog bite?

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

The first son of Zhang family and his friend second son from Su family, had recently been discharged from the hospital. Just when they were on their way to their homes, a big golden dog pounced at them and started to bite.

 These two people happen to be the two most unpleasant people to talk to.

Zhang Jiazheng’s son, Zhang Ming, was the illegitimate son of the chairman of the Zhang Family Group.

The chairman had two sons and one daughter. The illegitimate son is hence obviously out of the picture.

But Mr. Zhang, was a traditional and old-fashioned man who could not stand the blood, and comes back for such matter.

 It could be imagined that although Zhang Ming has food and drink, his position in the Zhang family would not be good.

Luo Sheng was from Luo family which was much more powerful than Zhang family. Not only that, but he was also an only child. Even if he doesn’t inherit the family business in the future, he still won’t have any standing in front of him. He can drink and laze around all his life, but nobody will ever dare to provoke him.

This time he heard that Luo Sheng returned to China and there was a rumor of him being a father. Many people in the circle talked about him.

 Hearing that, Zhang Ming along with several friends came to see this guy.

The second son of the Su family was also not a good guy, he could only eat, drink and gamble, and was a notorious cancer in the circle.

The two scourges the early morning were bitten by the dog just after they were discharged from the hospital and many people clapped their hands after hearing of this incident.

The Zhang family said that it was the Bai family’s three-year-old baby-doll who had a dog bite them, who would believe that?

Why would a three-year-old child come after you with a dog without any grudge?

 They must have collected a lot of bad luck from their deeds that even God can’t watch him and hence sent a dog to bite them!!

    The three-year-old child of Bai family has been detained by the two families. Now there were only a few servants left in the Bai family to work. Even Auntie Zhang couldn’t do anything about this matter. So they watched as the Zhang family took the girl away.

All the adults were surrounding a little girl, who was standing alone on the ground.

The little dumpling was dressed in a small pink skirt, sandals and a small rabbit backpack.

Her beautiful eyes were red from anger. She stared angrily at the two young people.

These two were Zhang Ming and Su Yu who were bitten by the dog.

Ones leg was gnawed, and the other’s clothes were gnawed. At this time, he was stretching out his leg to let the family doctor bandage him.

Looking at the little girl staring daggers at them, they also returned the stare. Zhang Ming tried to reach over to pinch the small round chubby cheeks of the girl, but was bitten instead.

“Ouch!!! It hurts! Let me go!”

The little dumpling bared her teeth proudly and said: “I will kill you! How dare you hit Daddy!”

Zhang Ming looked like a kitten chasing after lights .The little girl was really cute, and when he thought about the billion dollar company behind her, he tried to coax her, “Hey, you can just think of me as your father. We can just let todays matter be bygones! What do you say?”

The little girls face turned red with anger, and roared. “I only have one father!! It’s not you!”

When Luo Sheng came in, he heard this. The little girl was surrounded by adults. It looked pitiful and helpless.

She clenched her small fist, even if she looked fierce and ferocious, but Luo Sheng noticed that she was afraid and nervous, and her short legs were trembling.

Zhang Ming was stunned by the little girls roar and Su Yu noticed his presence “Luo sheng? That’s rubbish, he gnaws old people! He doesn’t even like children. What kind of father do you think of such a person will be? What do you think he’s good for? “

He and Zhang Ming looked at each other and said, “Why don’t you follow us? Do you want us for you to be your dads?”

The little dumpling was so angry that she forgot the fear of so many strange adults when she was taken to a strange place.

She straightened up her small chubby waist, widened her pair of round eyes, her small voice was tender and milky, just like a little angry lion cub.

She shouted at the two men: “Dad is not a waste! Dad is the best man in the world! My father is the only father I have, you are the one who is a waste! “

The small child was not even reaching the adult’s thigh her arms on her small chubby waist and growling at two grown adult men. The scene was rather contrasting, also strange and funny.

The people sitting at the side of Zhang and Su family: “…”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Luo were present while this farce was playing out. Seeing all this Mrs. Luo’s heart melted like marshmellow and immediately wanted to take the little girl home and raise her.

Mrs. Luo clapped her hands and said with a smile, “Well said!”

“YinYin is here, grandma.”

Everyone was surprised. Did the golden baby recognize her father? Was Luo Sheng the one who was recognized?

Zhang and Su’s families were flustered but they hurriedly welcomed Mr. Luo and his wife, “President Luo, Mrs. Luo, why are you two here?”

Mrs. Luo had a straightforward disposition. She would have been bullied if she wasn’t that way!

As the little dumpling saw her father coming and his eyes brightened up. She immediately rushed to him.

Tears came like a waterfall and she said whimpering, “Wuu, Daddy, they bullied me!”

The sweet milk fragrance blasted full throttle from of small body as she pounced on the thigh of Luo Sheng, holding his thigh and using her hands and feet, she seemed to want to climb up.

Luo Sheng paused slightly, his parents nudged him from the back. He bent down to use the bandage free hand to pick up the girl.

This guy didn’t have any experience of holding a child. His movements were strange and stiff. The girl adjusted her position automatically. She finally made an inch of progress and tightly hugged her father’s neck, covering her father with tears and snot.

Just now, the murderer are still baring her teeth and claws. Facing so many people she still dared to roar back, they seem to be wronged by God. Seeing those people, they can’t help but grumble.

While crying, she complained in Luo Sheng’s ear: “Dad, they bullied me. They didn’t let Aunt Zhang in. They kidnapped me!”

“Dad…” She pointed out her tiny finger at Zhang Mingsu and Yu and said, “They said bad things about you!”

Then she wiped off her tears and started laughing. Her voice was sweet, soft, waxy and a little small.

With a nasal sound, she continues, “YinYin scolded them!!”

She reached up to her father’s ear and whispered, he could feel the warm milky fragrance by his ear. He became stiff and nervous.

The small girl reduced her voice down to a whisper and said further: “Daddy! I had MaoMao bite them. I avenged for daddy!”

After watching the little dumpling first cry and then laugh, looking proud that she avenged him, Luo Sheng couldn’t help but smile gently. He reached out his hand to rub her head affectionately. Now, her hair was in disorder..

Mrs. Luo was full of smiles. She then said to the people of Zhang and Su family, “Father and daughter have such a good relationship, I don’t want to be a nosy grandma.”

Mr. Zhangjiasu’s face was stiff. He utters, “You recognize this child?”

“The Bai family didn’t say anything? Will they agree? “

Mr. and Mrs. Luo knew what these two families were up to. It was the Bai family’s idea to fight by letting dogs bite people today!

Sure enough, before Mrs. Luo answered, Mrs. Zhang said with a smile, “As you know, Zhang Ming is not my own child, but he also belongs to Zhang family. Your son beat him up in public and the Bai family had their dog bite him just when he had left the hospital. You’re saying…”

She sighed and asked Zhang Ming and Su Yu to go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine and not to delay here.

Then she continued: “If I let things pass so easily, then people outside will say that I am a mother who doesn’t take my children’s affairs seriously. As you know, it’s not natural. I’m afraid of people gossiping behind my back. “

Mrs. Luo quickly waved her hand, “Let’s talk this through. Is it right that my son beat your son? But what about this young man? Look what kind of injury  Luo Sheng had? He can’t even walk properly! “

“Besides, the dog bite, Yinyin is a small child, still under three years old. She doesn’t even know Zhang Ming and Su Yu. Why would you let your dog bite people without any rhyme or reason? It doesn’t make sense, does it? “

“Don’t confuse these two things. We have covered Zhang Ming’s and Su Yu’s medical expenses. Today, my husband and I have prepared a red packet for the children. The matter is over.”

“As for the biting of the Bai family child’s dog. Now, she’s the child of our Luo family. It was wrong for her to do this. We should be responsible for it.”

She reached out and took out two more red packets from her bag, four of which were handed over to her. “We are also shocked.”

Mrs. Zhang and Mrs. Su: “…”

After the three members of the Luo family led the little dumpling away, the atmosphere in Zhang family was cold, and everyone’s faces were looking sour.

They wanted to take advantage of this situation to get their hands on something from the Bai family. After all, there was no one else in the Bai family, the only few relatives were all inept. They didn’t say anything, so the Luo Family people came back with a clever turn.

The little dumpling was lying on her father’s shoulder giggling happily. Her little mouth kept singing and shouting ‘Daddy Daddy Daddy….’

The man got impatient and scolded: “Shut up!”

YinYin was so excited that she couldn’t get off her father. Her father was very tall and high. Her vision suddenly became much higher. She stretched out her little paw and compared it with him “I’m as tall as my father!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

Mr. and Mrs. Luo were watching from the side. Somehow, they knew that their son was still not reliable. His face was impatient, he was not gentle to the girl but they are still surprisingly harmonious.

Back home, Luo couple were still very worried. Although it was easy for her to talk in Zhang family, it will not be easy to be recognized by others.

Luo family was originally an old family in this city and Bai family was a new upstart. Luo family was powerful enough to be feared as it was, even if they don’t have any idea about Bai family, outsiders won’t take it well.

Once her son wants to recognize Bai Yinyin, not only the relatives of Bai family will make trouble, but other people in the city will definitely try to prevent it.

After Mrs. Luo’s words in Zhang family were passed on, the Bai family couldn’t just sit down. The next day, they came to take her away.

Second Uncle Bai’s face was vicious and he was also a jerk. Whoever stands in his way was his enemy.

“What will I do with you, my niece? What can you tell when you are only three years old? I’m afraid you will be tricked by others into thinking that they are your father!”

These people from the Bai family were all raking the soil in the countryside before. Later, after Mr. Bai rose into prominence, they were brought to the city to help as relatives and each one of them were given a suite to settle down.

What are these rural people good at? They spoke roughly in vulgar language. It was hard on one’s ears.

Mrs. Luo was very angry hearing this. Right at this time, a young brown-haired man came down the stairs, holding the little girl in his arms. His tone was light but ruffian: “I ask you, who was the person who said that it was OK for her to choose who her father will be? “

All the people of Bai family froze and looked at Uncle Bai.

At that time, the little dumpling had asked “Can anyone be chosen?”

Many people had heard that at the party!

But who knew that the three-year-old will choose an outsider or a dandy/delinquent over her own relatives?!

Second Uncle Bai’s hair stood straight like an angry cat. He looked at the little dumpling sitting in the man’s arm. “Yinyin, will you come back with Second Uncle?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

I really like that cute dumpling ~Asada

Hooo, he finally recognized her :3 ~ Bluehm

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