[VHBF] Chapter 6: YinYin will take revenge for Daddy!!! Part 1

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Luo family at this time was a mess, Mr. Luo could not go to work early in the morning and Mrs. Luo started scolding her son. He had been back only for a day and trouble follows?

“Three and a half years abroad did not change you. It’s the same nonsense every time. You are taking advantage of your father’s company. “

“What did the boy of Zhang family call you? They’re all in the hospital, Luo Sheng. What do you think you did when you were a teenager?”

Mrs. Luo was really angry because last night, several callers complained to her that her son had fought again. He had beaten up several people, some were severely injured on their heads and lost a lot of blood, several people were even hospitalized.

Her son was also hurt, even though just slightly. His face was scratched by the glass dregs of the wine bottle. Though it looked serious, it was not a big deal, the family doctor bandaged it.

What should not be made more serious was the matter of this fight. All those who were beaten up were from the posh circle. Meaning, neither can they bow their heads nor can they just let the matter pass.

Another matter was that her son, just a little more than twenty years old, still had no sense of the world. Mrs. Luo’s heart was aching because of this matter.

So noisy, the brown-haired man was lying on the sofa, his long legs slanted lazily, his face wrapped in several white bandages.

Mrs. Luo, in order to give those families of seriously injured a confession, strongly asked the family doctor to give Luo Sheng’s hand a plaster, so it was hanging on his neck.

Outside she also ordered the servants to spread the news, that her son was also seriously injured, similar to the other injured kids, then at least people won’t just blame her own son alone.

So at first glance, Luo Sheng was badly hurt and looked like he had been badly beaten.

When the little dumpling rushed in, she was startled. Her pair of round eyes widened in horror. Tears quickly flooded her eyes and started to fall.

Her dad really let the bad guys hit him!
YinYin with her small height rushed up, with a small nasal sound, she cried out: “Daddy!”

When the little girl entered the Luo house, the servants let her in without stopping. After yesterday’s meeting, they knew that the girl was of Bai Family and called the young master Daddy. The wife and husband liked this girl too. They let her go without thinking.

Mrs. Luo, who was sitting beside her son, had no time to stop her. She watched the girl rush in from outside and saw the way her son looked. She cried pitifully and threw herself on her son.

Luo Sheng felt like he was hugging a large milk candy as the little girl smelled that way. She stuck to him with her chubby hands and feet and started to speak in a small voice:”…… Daddy, Daddy, who, who hit you?!”

She raised her small face, her eyes were red with tears. She could see clearly that her father was beaten really badly and she was full of anger and sadness. She tightened her small fist and said in milky voice, “YinYin, YinYin will hit him too. YinYin will get father revenge!”

Luo Sheng had never felt this way before, the little girl was crying to avenge.

He was not that injured, just a few bruises on his face. It was the doctor who bandaged him up. The girl saw that her father’s face was pasted with a lot of white gauze and thought the wound was bleeding badly, so the uncle doctor has bandaged like this.

With this thought, YinYin started bawling uncontrollably. Luo Sheng subconsciously pressed her mouth, with a frown he said: “Not dead, don’t cry.”

What he wanted to say was, ‘okay, don’t cry. I am not badly hurt’. But as soon as he said it, it became an impatient rebuke.

Luo Sheng frowned, he really did not know how to deal with this little girl. He simply threw his face and turned to the other side, do not look at the girl that had a tearful little chubby face.

It quieted down soon and Luo Sheng pulled the corners of his mouth, smirking. Now the girl should have been frightened by him and dared not speak again, he thought.

Also, since he himself was a child, he didn’t like his little nephews. Even his nephews and his nieces were afraid of him. He was violent so many times. This little fool who was at his door should also know to retract her little claws. Raise him again!

Pooh, this baby is annoying!

Luo Sheng closed his eyes and was ready to sleep.

His arm plastered and packed with gauze suddenly felt a soft touch. YinYin was sitting close to Dad, distressed she reached out with her tiny hands and gently touched. She carefully asked: “Dad, pain?”

“YinYin is very sad, YinYin’s heart also is wrestling lots of pain, dad is hurt so badly, surely must be in more pain!”

“Daddy is good, YinYin will blow for you. It will not hurt any more.”

Then she opened her small mouth, puffed up her cheeks, exhaled gently on his arm, whispered with milky voice and coaxed, “Pain, pain, go away…”

The little dumplings body had a milky smell, even her breath had the fragrance of milk. Luo Sheng’s body stiffened, he did not know how to distract her, for a long time there was no response from him.

YinYin’s face looked more painful, she was very angry. After blowing for a long time, she felt that she had helped her father relieve some of the pain and then moved to a small stool, sitting in front of her father.

Tears still hung on her face, like an angry beast she said: “Dad, who hit you, YinYin will also hit him!”

The man who was about to say “Don’t yell Daddy” swallowed down somehow. He turned his face, looked at her scornfully and said, “You’re not big enough to fight!”

Mrs. Luo was looking from the side, she saw that the girl was sincerely sad and had a heartache, but also clenching her small fist as if ready to get revenge for her father. Her eyes were red, and had a soft heart. How could such a good child be not in her home?

Even if she wasn’t, Mrs. Luo still wanted to gaze at the poor and lovely look of the girl. She was touched by that sight but then she recalled the image of her son at the same age. He was a little bully and a young villain even at that age, she was feeling very disgusted.

She was about to sneer at her son and tell him to act a bit more like a father, telling him to not take other people’s children like some easily available goods.

But who knew, at the same time the little dumpling tilted their head and said, “But Dad, YinYin is not afraid!”

Her eyes were wide open, looking especially endearing and naive, her voice was so soft as if she really believed: “It’s wrong for them to beat Dad, and YinYin is going to get revenge for Dad!”

A three-year-old girl knew little. If she was bullied by some bad children, daddy would be the one to help her fight them off and afterwards, those children wouldn’t dare to bully her anymore.

Thinking with puffed up cheeks, she also wanted to help daddy beat off those bad bullies, so that they do not dare to bully dad again later!

Those guys who beat Dad must be big bad guys!

Translator and Editor Notes:

Translators note : I am really sorry guys for the short chapters. I’ve been a little busy lately. Will post the second part later. 🐇🐇

Editors note: YinYin kinda resembles the daughter of a friend of mine ^-^ ~ Bluehm

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