[VHBF] Chapter 6: YinYin Will Take Revenge For Daddy!!! Part 2

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

When you’re doing something, you think is right, you will have extra courage.

Somehow, Luo Sheng remembered this sentence as he looked at the big, bright, clear eyes, filled with tears. 

Suddenly he started laughing and as his face was wrapped in bandages, it actually appeared quite scary. Enough to frighten an already crying child.

Unfortunately, the girl was delighted and exclaimed, “Daddy, you laughed, you laughed at me!”

After coming to this world, the little dumpling had been facing her father’s cold treatment. Her daddy didn’t remember her, he doesn’t like her, but just now, Dad smiled at her!

YinYin blushed and gave a silly smile. 

She whispered to the system in her heart: “Uncle System, Dad seems to like me again!”

In the heart of the girl, if you like a person you will laugh at him, so daddy laughing at her is the same as him liking her.

An adult and a child laughing together made the atmosphere beautiful. Mrs. Luo thought, it would have been a touching picture of a father and a daughter if only they knew each other, and as a result the atmosphere lasted no more than three seconds, as it was interrupted by him. With disgust, he said: “It’s stupid to laugh!”

Mrs. Luo: “…”


Suddenly a dog barked and a large golden-haired dog stood behind the girl, looking eagerly at Luo Sheng.

Luo Sheng: “…”

Luo Sheng went abroad for three years before returning home. Other than the few buddies who grew up with  him, others were not really familiar with him. Their only impression of him was that he was not only a bully but also a little thief. 

This time in the bar fight, he not only injured several people, but also sent many to the hospital. The news spread far and wide and his already bad reputation fell to the gutters.

“The father is such a reputed person in the family but the son is a despicable delinquent!!”

People talk about him as the guy who is drinking and fighting all day, wondering if he does nothing else.

On the internet and in the whole city, such talks were circulating and had been spreading like a wildfire that in the high-end residential area, some people will beat each other up if they don’t agree with each other. Some cases may even degrade so much that people get hospitalized.

Although the report was withdrawn, Mrs. Luo was very angry. Mr. Luo ordered his son not to go out, stay at home for a few days, and recuperate.

Luo Sheng was indispensable, even as lazy as he was.

But who knew, a certain little girl would barge into their house in order to get justice for her poor Daddy who was bullied by bad guys.

“Uncle System, daddy won’t say who hit him. Do you know?”

The system didn’t want to deal with the little dumpling, but she kept asking questions and annoying him, and it was killing the system.

He couldn’t resist but ask: “Why are you asking that?”

“To beat him up!” The small girl waved her small chubby fist and said: “To get revenge for Daddy!”

The young girl didnt know what self-justice was, but there was only one thought in her little head. ‘You bullied my father so I’m gonna beat you up!!’

The system said: “Your dad’s right. You’re way to small to fight, you’d get beaten up with just a single hit.”

“Child, let’s just do our jobs well. Don’t think about it. Besides, isn’t your father all right?”

What can the villains do? He’s okay, the big villain is always fine, no need to help him.

It was no use talking to the little dumpling. She only believed what she saw. She only knew that her Dad was hurt, his hands were plastered up and his face was also hurt a lot.

The system didn’t say anything. YinYin thought for a while and said: “Uncle System, if you don’t say anything, I will tell Dad about you.”

System: “…”

Sure enough, this fucking human child ! She’s just like a little villain!

So, at home the injured but recuperating Luo Sheng was safe. Though nothing really happened, the little girl went outside the house. She behaved well today but has a somehow evil look on her face.

‘What a fuss!’ thought the system.

The girl was too young to do anything thought Aunt Zhang while looking at her again, but YinYin was walking along with the dog.

A Big Golden Mao, named Maomao, was loyal to the little owner. It seemed like he knew that the two big owners were nowhere around, so he was particularly obedient to the little owner.

Aunt Zhang led the little dumpling and dog for a walk, two young people were walking towards them from the opposite side, their bodies were wrapped with bandages. The little girl whispered something in MaoMao’s ear, soon the huge bundle of golden hair rushed out.

Aunt Zhang: “…”

Just after breakfast, the Luo household’s servant rushed in with an anxious face and said: “Madam, Master, Miss YinYin, had her dog bite Zhang Su people down.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Ok..Does anyone want to adopt YinYin ~ Asada

That escaleted quickly 😀 ~ Bluehm

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