[VHBF] Chapter 5: System uncle, people hit Daddy!

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Mrs. Luo was somehow disappointed as she said that.

Such a small and delicate, cute dumpling like child. How is she not in her home?
They had also heard about Bai Family’s tragedy. They were in the same circle of people, they all knew something about each other. They had not seen Bai Family’s little daughter, they only knew that it was a very young child, about two or three years old.

After the Bai couple left, their relatives invited some people in the circle previously. But, Mrs. Luo did not go to the banquet, and therefore missed the good play of her son being recognized as her father.

Of course, Luo Sheng would not mention this. He took the car keys and left again. The blue Aston Martin played a ringing sound and left in the same way it came, in a gust of wind, leaving the rest stunned.

Mrs. Luo thought of her friend who also went to the Bai House yesterday. As the call went through, Mrs. Luo thought for a moment and said, “Yesterday, what happened at the Bai House…? “

Mrs. Luo was interrupted as her friend started talking aloud excitedly: “I just wanted to call you to talk about that matter!”

“You might not know, yesterday your little bully-like son was there with us at the Bai House. But the most surprising thing was that the three-year-old little golden doll recognized him as her father!”

“The child picked your son and would not let go no matter what. As if to say that your son is her father. That child is so confused that she picked him as her father.”

“It’s a pity, too, for the Bai family, those jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards like relatives…”

After a few exclamations, she turned to say: “I saw that the child was very persistent. You must approve to let your son be recognized as a father or simply let Luo Sheng himself recognize that he’s that little cookie’s father. “

“Bai’s group, do you not have a heart?”
She also had bitter heart, joking to let Mrs. Luo think about it, that is a billion large group, it was worth it!

After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Luo was still stunned.

She was stunned for a long time and asked her husband, “My stinky boy, since when did kids like him?”

Mr. Luo thought for a moment. ‘Did you see how YinYin was with Luo Sheng? It didn’t seem to be some random recognition…
Is there such a strange fate in the world?’

YinYin was back home, her small face was buried in bed. In a stuffy voice she said: “Uncle system, did father really forget about me?”

“He doesn’t like me anymore.”

For the first time, the young girl realized that Dad had really forgotten her, and regarded her as a stranger.

“But, even if I forget daddy , as long as I see daddy, I will also like him!”

The reunion was too hard, the first trip to find my father on the horse suffered setbacks. As her broken heart was in shatters, she bit her little finger, “Uncle system, Plan A useless, let’s make Plan B?”

The system was silent. Originally it thought that this girl had a small glass heart and if her father rejected her, she should be depressed for several days…

The little dumpling had always been so persistent in finding her father. She retrieved the drawing paper from her school bag, took out another blank piece of paper and began to draw on the bed.

“Uncle System, if I don’t show up in front of Dad for a few days, will Dad miss me?”

The system thought about it for a while, he recalled the ruthless appearance of the villan, silence.

He couldn’t bear to tell her that even if she had melted in front of him, he would still be heartless. He hated children the most in his life, all of them!

He can’t take care of himself, how can he raise a baby?

The little dumpling is very sensitive, she saw uncle system’s meaning, she comforted herself: “Never mind, it doesn’t matter. YinYin will make father like me again!”

Rejuvenated and full of vitality, the girl holding a small brush in her hands, was fully imersed in the blank paper in which she was drawing her second plan.

As it was evening, many people who lived an extravagant life gathered.

The dim lights sprinkled messily on the people who were drinking or dancing.

As soon as Luo Sheng arrived, several young men dressed up in high-profile attire greeted him. “Brother Luo, how did it go?”

“Did you go back this morning and see the little devil?”

Someone said to me, if you don’t want to raise her, let me be her father?
“Ten billion ah, don’t say daddy, i will call her ancestor!”

When Luo Sheng heard this, his eyes were cold, he sat there, looking daggers at the man.

Other than the fight from a few years ago, nobody saw this look in Luo Sheng’s eyes. As if he was going to kill someone or swallow him down as a whole.

The man spouting nonsense was hit with a cold shiver as he recalled the past. He asked, “What happened, brother? If I don’t do well, please just correct me.”

Luo Sheng is a man of hegemony.

What nobody wanted to remember was that, when Luo Sheng was 17 or 18 years old, he’s been the most lawless, used to getting into life-threatening fights, very scary.

Even though he looked like one, Luo Sheng was no gentleman. Everybody other than his set of close friends were afraid to get close to him.

Luo Sheng sneered and took a sip of whiskey in his hand. He put the glass on the table, and said” A guy like you?”
“Wants to be her father?”


There were about a dozen people in the circle, drinking, bragging.

Several of them drank too much and began to grin and make a lot of noise.

Someone said, “When I heard the Little Golden Doll chose Brother Luo as her father, some people in the circle became uneasy. Besides the Bai people, there were also some other people eyeing for the little doll.”

” A little three years old kid, who wouldn’t want to take her in?”

“Let’s make a bet. Whose house will this little gold doll fall to? When will the Bai Group change its name?”

They mentioned several names in succession, including several relatives of the Bai family, such as Uncle Bai and some famous old foxes in the circle who devour human flesh and spit bones, but nobody mentioned Luo Sheng.

Luo Sheng was famous for hating little kids, also Luo family is not inferior to Bai family in any way, but it’s also about a hundred years old family.
They won’t join in this kind of thing. If he really wanted to, that day when the golden doll hugged and called him Dad, he would have just gone with the flow.

The brown-haired man looked down slightly, lit a cigarette, carelessly between his long fingers, and took a puff.

However, people who aren’t too lucky are always jealous. Born in Luo family, the only son of the patriarch. He was carefree since birth , if he wanted to do anything, no one would say otherwise. Even the Golden Doll was also sent to his door to recognize him as her father.

Somebody lamented:”Man dies for money, birds for food. Ah, all of us want money shamelessly, how can we be so elegant like our Brother Luo?”

The words were sour and the tone wasn’t quite right. Huang Mao had the best relationship with Luo Sheng. He pushed him. “What are you doing?Talk normally, theres no need to talk like that.”

“People like you are the most annoying, you don’t not have any ability but want to ruin the mood everywhere you go. So even if you say that you envy Brother Luo, I will still respect you as a good man! “

“What are you looking at? It’s okay to be like a lady, gossiping. “

Less than half of the people present today had been playing with Luo Sheng since childhood, fighting and playing truant together.

The other half of the other friends in the circle, only came together to eat and drink. But once there was trouble, they will vanish like nothing.

After Huang Mao said this sentence, the others stood up and surrounded them on the other side, trying to prevent a fight.

“What’s the big deal?”

Only Luo Sheng sat, with the inverted glass in front of him, and snuffed out the cigarette, squashed it on the table and put the tip of his tongue against the back teeth. “Want to be her father, right?”

Crash, no one saw how he moved, a bottle fell on the man’s head, “I let you be a father!”

There was a deadly silence, and nobody expected such a great fire to light up in Luo Sheng.

The little dumpling had made a decision. She decided to ignore her father for a few days. She drew on the paper the second plan – a small stick man with its back turned to her father, ignoring him.

Who knew that the next day she heard Aunt Zhang and other servants chattering: “Master Luo, I heard he had a fight with Zhang family’s illegitimate son in a bar. His head got injured!

“Sister Zhang, what do you say? These rich young masters are idle and have nothing to do. They drink and fight every day. They are not like us. Different people have different destinies!”

Zhang Yue also heard all this when she went to walk the dog.

This neighborhood was of the rich families, the nanny basically knew about every gossip in the area.

She heard it even if she didn’t inquire, “Yes, I heard … At that time these young gentlemen were in two groups drinking together and started arguing. Luo Sheng’s side had fewer people and they got beaten up in the end. Then he hit someone with a bottle of wine, I do not know if it was the face or head or mouth but I heard there was a lot of blood, hey –“

Zhang Yue chatted with the other servants not knowing that their own young lady was listening to this, but before she even finished speaking, she saw a small girl rush out crying out loudly!

“Miss Yin Yin, come back!”

The little dumpling turned a deaf ear to all the call. Her heart and eyes only knew one thing, her father was injured!

Her pair of short legs ran fast. At the door that big golden haired dog was not tied and it followed the small girl running away. In a crying voice, she said “System uncle, people hit Daddy!”

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