[ISM] Chapter 14: The Passageway

Translator: MadameAileen

Editors: Asada and Kylerboi


A strange sound was made by the Goblin when it saw Hall and the others, it stopped for a few seconds and then screamed.

“Stop him! He is calling his companions!” Steel shouted.


Hall wanted to cutoff Steel’s head, his loud voice is simply a beacon of light for the others, not only for more Goblin to come over, but also to inform the chasing mercenaries behind them.

“You shut up!” Hall snarled, then looked back and found that there were a lot of footsteps coming towards them.

Steel seems to realize that he made a mistake again and quickly closed his mouth.

“Nosia, can you help me protect Lina?” Hall asked, ignoring Steel with his wronged-face expression. 

Nosia closed her eyes slightly, then started to chant on a spell, followed by an energy flow from her. 

Looking at the green energy that surround her, Steel exclaimed, “You’re also a magician? That’s right, elves are generally an archer or a magician!”

So it turns out that this is what magic feels like!

Hall was surprised, and he was particularly curious, after all, this is the first time he saw someone using magic.

“Well, I am not so dizzy now. I am a wind type magician.” The flow of the magical energy is quite steady, unlike earlier. When she tried to use magic, she used to get dizzy because she couldn’t control the fast current as it gathered towards her. 

After that she moved her slender hand, the light green energy suddenly appeared on Hall’s body, Hall could feel it, and it seemed that his body had become lighter.

โ€œThis is a lightweight spell, it will make your body as light as a wind, so your movement should be a lot faster than it should be, but it will only last for a while so you have to finish this quickly!โ€ Nosia warned.

Hall glanced at the storm wolf, who had also been buffed, and then looked at the underground entryway. He suddenly thought of a solution.

“Come, I have thought of a plan! Go to the empty space on the other side of the passage.” He said.

After exiting the passageway, there was an empty hall. Hall’s idea was to stay away from the intersection and let the storm wolf attract the attention of both parties.

Hall waved his hand to signal the storm wolf, who immediately ran to their original place. 

Nosia and Steel looked at Hall with a confused expression. They don’t understand why they’re not running. 

Then a high-pitched wolf howl that echo throughout the underground passage!

“Over there! Hurry up and follow me!”

Hall’s purpose was not to hide. He just wants to let the mercenaries face the Goblin inside the entryway first. 

When he saw a group of mercenaries went straight to the location where the storm wolf was, he quickly said. “Go! Go!”

Nosia immediately understood Hall’s actions. She gave him a look of admiration and took Lina’s hand and ran to the other side. Hall and Steel followed soon after.

As they approached the passageway, a warrior heard them and turned to find Hall and the others running away. “They are here!” He shouted.

After he had said that, another soldier screamed in horror, “My God! Goblins!”

Heller glanced at the group of Goblins in front of them, even if he is quite powerful, he couldn’t help but shudder in fear at what he saw!

“Run! Hurry and run back!” He shouted.

At this moment, all thoughts of capturing Hall and the others are gone. All he knew, he must leave this place before he becomes a feast for these Goblins to share!

If there are only ten Goblins here, he can fight them back, but more than a hundred? How can he release his magic that fast? 

Heller and the members of these mercenary group screamed in horror and ran. And in front of them they saw Hall and his companions escaping ahead of them.

“Damn it! They must have been brought out by them, when I catch them, I’ll kill them!” One of the warriors said, as he ran for his life.

At this time, Hall turned his head and glanced back, then the wolf stopped and opened its mouth and released a wind blade, directly hitting a mercenary on his knee, he soon fell to the ground, his sudden fall cause two other mercenaries behind him to fall too. 

Now, the entire group became chaotic in this narrow passageway, entangled with each other as they clamor to get up and run.

“Damn! God of Fire, please listen to your servant’s plea, please give me strength! Fireball!” Heller quickly cast a spell. A basin-sized fireball suddenly emerged from his hand. The high-temperature fireball burned the air and made a loud cracking noise. Under the control of Heller, the fireball quickly flew toward Hall and others!

Hall secretly sighed, he knows that the magician is really powerful, just seeing the fireball shows that its power must be great.

Just as Hall was ready to let a blast of wind blade from the wolf, there was a sudden gust of wind around him.

“Wind Blade!”

A wind blade that is twice the size of the wind blade of the storm wolf made came out from Nosia’s hands, and the two magic spell collide in the air and explode!

“Is this magic? It is so powerful!” Hall exclaimed. 

Looking at the rumbles, Hall was glad that they didn’t destroy the fortress directly! 

Nosia stopped the fireball, which made Heller so annoyed.

“The idiots! Didn’t they know the power of a magician? Didn’t they continue to give her the drug? Damn! Damn!”

What?! So he was able to capture the elf not because he was stronger but because he used a drug? A scream made everyone recoil from the horror.

They saw that a mercenary was directly smashed by five Goblins on the ground. The screams stopped and a body was directly thrown behind by Goblin!

“Keep running!” Hall said.

Looking at the goblins, Heller only thought of how to escape. He instantly forgot his annoyance towards the elf.

However, with the sound of a rumble, the stone door in front of him suddenly collapsed. 

Looking at the gap that now exists between them and exit, Heller and the rest of his group of mercenaries curse. 

“No!” Heller shouted. “Just you wait! Once I leave this place, wherever you are, I will find you!” He added.

With a bang, the door close behind Hall. “When you come out from there, let’s talk!” He said.

Suddenly everyone dropped to their knees. As Nosia explained, the magic duration are up. Fortunately, Nosia was there and was able to cast a spell to make their movement faster, otherwise the consequences are really unimaginable!

“What should I do now?” Steel came over and asked.

“What to do? Oh, since most of the enemies have been shut down there, the time for our revenge is here!”

How could someone like him to be sold as a slave? He is a part of the nobility in this empire, although currently a fugitive, but still. 

This time, he should fight the remaining members of this mercenary group who were still too intoxicated to wake up from all the explosions.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hall is quite cunning, isn’t he?

So what’s your opinion on how he deals with his enemy? Will love to hear your thoughts.  ~ MadameAileen

Are Goblins really that powerful? ~Asada

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