[NTBG] Chapter 15 (1/2): Game Lover And Game Life

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

I pushed the commercial vacuum cleaner around and start to clean the floor.

The dust sucked in is not much in the beginning but it gradually increases, and with it the weight increase too which in turn increase my burden.

The cleaning work seems to be going well. The president is polishing the floor using the polisher, the female employ Misaki is brooming the floor and collecting the dust while I suck it with the vacuum.

And Yamamoto, the male employee, wipes the floor with a mop.

It seems three people were enough for the job but he said that it would be easier if we add one more person.

After working for two hours we took a break.

In the beginning, I used to impatiently wait for the break but now I am confident that I can do it without a break.

At first, I thought it was easy as I was doing muscle training but the fact was that my physical strength did not increase much……..It was good as at least my strength did not decline.

I bought a packet of hot milk from the vending machine outside the store and took a break.

I exhaled white moist air. November is coming to an end so its colder at midnight than I imagined.

“Oh, Yoshio, do you want a hot milk tea?”

Mr.Yamamoto. the employee called out to me from in front of the vending machine.

The first impression which he gives is that he is a rather short man with brown hair and crazy earrings.

But when I talked to him, I realized that he was a caring, kind, cheerful and easy to talk to. I was convinced that he is such a person whom you can trust to cover your back.

“Tea would be good too.”

“Yoshio is the same generation as me, so don’t be too polite.”

So, this person has changed his words for the third time today.

“No, I’m your junior”

“Well. Well, is it hard for you to speak properly?”

He laughs and sit down next to me.

He takes out his smart-phone from the pocket of his work clothes and starts a game.

“Oops, sorry I can’t talk to you now. I didn’t had time to play the game today.”

“Oh, no, no please.”

This person is actually quite a gamer. He always goes to the arcade to play games, be it a consumer games or core games.

“Isn’t Yoshio smart with smartphones?”

“Well, I don’t have a smartphone in the first place. Well, because I was a NEET, so it was useless …”

“Well. If you always have an environment where you can use a PC, that’s would be better. “

He knew that I was NEET but his attitude did not change because of it.

On the contrary, he revealed to me that he was a NEET too when he was a student in the past. Even now his fondness for me is increasing.

“Is there any interesting game releases recently?”

“Oh, I’ve heard a lot about them. Actually, there is an really addictive game. The graphics are the good. It’s a bit special, but it’s worth it.”

I just asked a question lightly but I got the more response than I expected.

Talking about it so enthusiastically, this person seems to like games more than me.

“So whats is the title?”

“Well, the title is…..”

“Now we’re about to start again. The break is over, time to work again.”

Mr. Yamamoto’s voice is drowned out by voice of the President.

I wanted to know the game but now that I have the Village of Fortune. I cant afford to play any other games..

If I can finish today’s work, I can concentrate on the game for a while, but first I have to focus on my work.


“Well done!”

“Thank you so much”

“No, I was saved because of you. Next month I have lot of requests for cleaning jobs for the end of the year, so I think I will need you all.”

“Thank you for your hard work. Thank you again!”

I heard a loud voice coming for my stomach but remembering that it was late night, I hurried and pressed my hands against my mouth.

Misaki and Yamamoto who are sitting on the back seats of the leaving car are waving their hands towards and saying goodbye.

I was a little embarrassed, so I hurried back into my home.

Everyone must be sleeping, so I open and close the door gently so no one wakes up.

My dinner is ready as always, but I gotta eat quickly and check on the villager.

I sat in front of the pc and started watching the villagers, as expected everyone was asleep.

I checked, and the number of people was one less.

There was no one in the room reserved for Murus, there were only some kinds of prepared medicines.

“I need to thank him for his cooperation, rather than just pulling my legs.”

In his position, his cooperative actions should be praised. It may be due to his kindness and inexperience that he left the medicine for the villagers.

He may come back if we can survive the Temptation of the Evil God. I feel that way.

It’s late night, or you can say early morning, so today is the day before the Temptation of the Evil God.

My stomach is swollen and I am really tired and my drowsiness is at its limit.

Lets go to sleep for now and wake up tomorrow before midnight.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Ha Ha Ha The Evil God is coming ~ Asada

ED: As many of you knows, in Jap or many Asian language there are different style to address others, and Yoshio was using polite/formal when spoken to before. This is rather difficult to translate, with the closest analogy being how you would address the Queen with Your Highness and whatnots ~ Kylerboi

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