[ISM] Chapter 13: Underground Passage

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Kylerboi and Asada

“Dare to move? You are looking for death!”

After hearing this, the four people inside the room looked at the person who spoke. 

“You? How did you get out?” One of the two men asks. He was really surprised to see them.

“Master! My Master is really here!” Lina was so happy to see her master standing there. She knew that her faith on him was not misplaced. 

Hall did not speak, but said, “Steel, you can have the other one, after all I rob you the chance to hack at that brute, so here is your chance! And as for you…” 

He said this while pointing to the person who was eyeing Lina. Without a word, a shadow jump up from behind and attack him, and Steel also followed suit. It only took a few seconds to end the two members of the mercenary group.

Without paying attention to the dead mercenaries. Hall looked at Lina with a smile. 

“Sorry I am late!”

“Master!” Lina immediately ran over and hugged Hall. Nosia looked curiously at Hall. She didn’t expect that this young man turned out to be a summoner!

“Okay, it’s okay! Don’t cry!” Hall said to the weeping Lina.

Seeing that Hall is still flirting with the girl, Steel has turned over and rolled his eyes. “Hey, should we go out first?”

Lina slowly removes herself from Hall’s embrace. Due to her excitement upon seeing Hall, she had forgotten that they were not alone in the room. She awkwardly smiles to them.

“Thank you! Human Summoner, my name is rather long. You can call me Nosia for short!” Nosia made a gesture, common to an elf etiquette to Hall. Hall felt that this action was somewhat like the European Aristocracy’s curtsies.

After returning the gesture, he said, “Okay, let’s move on, we should go now before they realized that we are gone!” 

“Steel, lead the way.” He added as they walk out the door.

They’ve already killed three of the members of the Devil Mercenary group, if they continue in dawdle here, they may not have another chance to escape.

“This way!” Steel whispered. As he leads the way.

Hall and the storm wolf took the rear, and Nosia was walking beside Lina. 

At this time, Lina was very confused. Doesn’t the master have six storm wolves? Why does he only summon one out now?

Nosia notice that Lina keep looking back and asked her what happened. Lina quickly shook her head and said nothing, although Nosia had been good to her, but she cannot comment anything related to the secret of her Master. Hall did not wish to make it known.

Nosia wanted to ask more, but this was not the right time. First they have to safely leave this place.

The castle is big, they are currently on the second floor and they need to go down to the first floor. According to Steel, the dwarves here had sat up a hidden passage at one of the bases on the first floor. These habits differ with each dwarf, and Steel seems to intentionally taking a complicated route. This is to prevent Hall from knowing about the passage if someday he becomes his enemy and tries to harm his people. After all, Hall is a human, and the ones who caught him as a slave were also Humans.! This is an inevitable fact! Hall seems to understand him too, so he just followed and did not say anything.

They carefully came in to a relatively empty room on the first floor. As Steel was groping around, Hall didn’t see what he was doing. Suddenly the stone wall on his left made a rumbling sound. Hall and others was shocked at the massive ruckus!

“Oops!” Steel was a little embarrassed, he says while he touching his beard and laughs. “I forgot to tell you, that the mechanism is rusty so it would make a sound!”

Hall didn’t have time to say anything, because he heard footsteps coming from outside, “Go! Go!” He hissed.


While Hall and the others walked down the dark path, in less than a minute later, the magician Heller appeared in front of the secret door.

“That idiot Gustav!” Heller said, “So inconvenient! YOU, come with me!” He added and chases the fugitives down.

It turned out that after Gustav hadn’t returned, he suddenly became suspicious that there was something wrong. And when he saw Gustav and the two mercenaries were killed, he realized that things were in bad shapes!

Soon, he woke up the rest of the mercenaries, and now they were rushing over to capture the escapees again.

“Come on! You know the temper of our leader. If he found out that the slaves have escaped, especially the elf slave, we are better off killing ourselves!” Heller said. He knows that the consequence they’ll have face will be heavy if they cannot retrieve the captives.

Heller’s words made everyone shudder, and some of them almost wet themselves just thinking what might their leader do to them.

“We have to catch them again while they are still in the valley! Otherwise, we have to face the leader’s wrath!”

As they entered an empty space, Hall and the other knew that there was something wrong. Although it seems that this place has been abandoned for a long time, the wreckage and the rancid smell makes them hesitate to continue. 

“It seems that coming in here is not exactly a good idea…” Hall said. 

No, looking at the ground, you can see the corpses scattered around. From the wreckage, you can see two different races. One is a dwarf, the other looks thinner. Steel squats down to pick up one of the skulls.

“This is a Goblin!” Steel exclaimed. 

“Goblin?” Hall immediately recalled the information of Goblin in the game! They have dark green skin, short and ugly red-eyed, greedy and despicable, and tend to be evil, sly and cunning. And they’re also Cannibals!

They mainly live underground. Although their degree of cultural development is not that high, they have a unique insights in mining and building underground structures. In terms of combat capability, they are weak, but that is compensated by their large numbers.

“Well, now I understand why this place was abandoned, not only because of the mine, but also because of the existence of the Goblins! And… We seem to be in trouble…”

As soon as Steel finished his sentence, a green figure suddenly popped up looking at Hall and others…

Translator and Editor Notes:

That’s troublesome. At the rear, the slave traders and upfront a cannibal Goblin. Hmmm…  ~ MadameAileen

Gob slayer time ~ Kylerboi

Shhh…..Kylerboi…..don’t give them spoilers ~ Asada


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