[VHBF] Chapter 3: Luo Family

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

It was almost time for dinner, Mr. Luo told the servants to set up the table.

Soon after, it was filled with the appetizing fragrance of delicious food.

At this time, the voice of a servant was heard greeting the master of the house: “Welcome back, Sir.”

“Well…” Mr. Luo removed his shoes and changed into the house slippers. He looked down beside him, the little ball was following him. Since there were no small children in the family, there were no shoes for her to change into.

“I will take off my shoes. I don’t need any slippers,” said the little YinYin, who was very talented at reading people’s eyes.

The living room was carpeted so it didn’t matter if she didn’t wear slippers. Mr. Luo nodded and said he would help her take off her shoes.

She replied decisively that she could take off her shoes herself.

YinYin’s reply seemed to have stunned the uncle, and she quickly took off her shoes as if by magic. She kept her pink princess shoes right besides Mr. Luo’s big shoes, unexpectedly blending harmoniously.

YinYin sneaked a peek stealthily and pursed her lips, her small ears were red, afraid of being discovered. Her little shoes were placed next to the father’s slippers, and they were kept together!

Her tiny chubby and lovely fingers moved shyly aimlessly on the little white and chubby feet.

Mr. Luo: “…”

He couldn’t help but ponder, must he be called an uncle or grandpa?

No, what does he want to do? The problem at hand is that his son has such a big girl?!

He knew all too well as a father, how unreliable his own son, Luo Sheng was. It was also because he understood that Mr. Luo was not sure if the child was really his son’s.

The little girl was so cute, she looked up shyly and stood beside him, looking at him adorably. At last, an old father’s fatherly sentiments, which Mr. Luo had been missing for a long time, sprouted bit-by-bit.

He tried to smile amiably, but what the other person saw was a scary and grim face. He laughed away from Uncle Grey Wolf Monster, who was trying to kidnap Little Red Riding Hood.

Fortunately, YinYin was not afraid. She was like a small animal with keen intuition. Subconsciously, she knew that this uncle will not harm her, and because she had to depend on him to find her father. Suddenly, she raised her head and gave a sweet smile, “Uncle, is Daddy at home?”

Mr. Luo: “…”

That brat is dead!

Mrs. Luo heard the noise at the door and walked out.

Just as she usually did, she greeted her husband to say hello, she was stunned to see the scene before her. The words she wanted to say did not come out.

Her husband was bending over and talking to a cute little girl, who was only two or three years old. Mrs. Luo looked back and forth and enqired, “This is?”

“I found her squatting infront of the house gate.”

Mr. Luo was still struggling, should he let her call him grandfather or uncle? If she was really his son’s seed, wouldn’t being called her grandfather let his brat of a son take advantage of him?

He said, “Take her with you. I’ll wash my hands.”

As a stranger approached her, the little ball stood still in place, nervously wiggling her two small fingers together. She had taken her shoes off her little feet eagerly. She then hid her hands to conceal all her nervousness and blinked her big watery eyes to look around, with a touch of innocence.

Mrs. Luo, though full of doubts, could not help but melt at the sight before her. She could not resist but pat the head of the cute little girl. She subconsciously started stroking the little girl’s head lovingly.

She smiled more intimately and walked in with the girl holding her hand. “What’s your name?”

”Aunty, my name is Yinyin.”

“Where did YinYin come from?”

The little bun blushed as she replied,”Auntie, my family lives over there.” She pointed to the east. “Very close!”

Mrs. Luo didn’t take it seriously. She thought the little girl’s house was in the east. Holding her hands and asking questions.

Mr. Luo washed his hands and went back to the dining area, he was greeted by the sight of his wife and the child sitting on the table to eat. The living room was not suitable for children, it had high chairs. Mrs. Luo recalled that her son’s used furniture were not thrown away. She ordered the servant to bring the stool from the storeroom.

“Just the one Luo Sheng used when he was a child.”

At the dinner table, Mrs. Luo lit up with a long-lost maternal love, coaxing the girl to take one bite at a time. Listening to his wife, Mr. Luo began smiling gently.

After the meal, when the little girl was carried away to the bathroom by the servant, Mr. Luo approached his wife and asked , “That… Do you know who that girl is?”

“Wherever she’s from, isn’t she just a human being?” Mrs. Luo wasn’t concerned at all.

“Then listen.”

“Stop eating, take a deep breath…”, Mr. Luo’s face ached. “That child may be our son’s daughter!”

With a crash, Mrs. Luo’s spoon fell back into the bowl, splashed the soup, and her eyes widened.

Mr. Luo heard what YinYin said, and combined with his own speculation, he said: “Our unruly son has always been unreliable, maybe three years ago he left behind a seed.”

When YinYin came back from the bathroom, Mrs. Luo picked her up and placed her on the chair. “Please call our son and tell him to come back. By the way, what’s the situation?”

She then lowered her eyes and looked at the small face of YinYin carefully. She had a chubby, white and tender face, with delicate and small features, a pair of big sparkling eyes, looking at people politely but innocent. One could see that she was very well-raised.

This cute and adorable child is her granddaughter???

In a spacious and luxurious living room, on the long sofa, there were several young men lying in various sleeping positions, some on their backs, and several others lying on the woolen rug.

The sound of cell phone ringing broke the silence of the room.

“… Who is it? It’s noisy!” Huang Mao woke up first. He didn’t know where his clothes were, he had a small tiger tattooed on his arm. Opening his eyes with much difficulty, he looked at the black mobile phone buzzing on the side of the tea table.

Huang Mao reached for the mobile phone, which showed “Ms. Yao”.

Luo Sheng’s mother surname was Yao, Huang Mao was instantly wide awake.
The man shook the person sleeping on the sofa and said, “Brother Luo, brother Luo. Wake up. Mrs. Yao is calling!”

Mrs. Yao Luo raised her eyebrows and turned on her cellphone. The snoring sounds on the other end of the phone were vaguely audible.

Her son seems to have just woken up, his voice sounded puzzled with a hint of hoarseness, “Hello?”

Mrs. Luo didn’t speak and Mr. Luo just began to curse and told him to come back home quickly!

Unknown to others YinYin was listening to the voice of the man on the phone, her eyes lit up, she could not wait to get in front of the phone, and shouted: “Daddy!”

Mrs. Luo: “…”

Mr. Luo: “…”

His phone being put on speaker mode, YinYin’s voice startled awake Luo Sheng and all his buddies!

“Daddy, Dad?” Huang Mao stuttered, he observed the man before him carefully: “Brother Luo, isn’t this the little golden doll from Bai family?”

“Don’t be surprised, who else could this tone and voice have?”

“Brother Luo, you talk really fast,is it that difficult to send a small golden doll back home?” Luo Sheng closed the speaker phone as his buddies were encouraging him. 

Honey, this little golden doll is behind a billion dollar,It’s almost no worse than the Luo family!

If you get this little golden doll, you will get this tens of billions of Bai group.It’s just that they were uncomfortable about Luo Sheng not being aggressive enough. On that day he unexpectedly walked away, leaving behind the little Golden Doll! 

Not everyone can have such courage.

He sat there for a while, afterwards deliberately clicks on the red hangup key and the call is ended.

   He went back to sleep again.

Friends: “…”

“Well, don’t you like being a father?” Even I would want to be a father of a child worth ten billion dollars.

“Brother Luo, you are awake right, a golden doll is standing in front of your doorstep to recognize her father, there is no reason to push her away, No?”

The brown-haired man turned a deaf ear to all these talks. He picked up a jacket lying on the sofa and covered his head, he was too lazy to move.

Mr. Luo called him again with his wife’s cell phone, fearing that Luo Sheng would hang up if he saw his number, but he did not expect that even his mother’s phone would be hung up, just after the girl shouted out to her father.

Mr. and Mrs. Luo looked at each other, then at the girl.

YinYin was at a loss for what to do and a little aggrieved, she also knew that her father hung up on the phone, “I, I…”

“YinYin, it was not intentional.” 

She kowtowed and explained that she was afraid the uncle and aunty  would be angry and drive her out.

Mrs. Luo and her husband looked at each other and thought about what was going on. The boy must have heard the voice of this child. 

Otherwise, how dare he hang up on her?

It was the first time Mrs. Luo had her son hang up!

She didn’t call him again but dialed another number.

“Buzz” the silent mobile phone vibrated on the tea table, Huang Mao was startled, “Luo, brother Luo, my mobile phone.” 

The man was still buried under his jacket and ignored him.

“Ah, aunty will beat me up…”

Mr. Luo knew in his heart that his mother had already made up to take in that little dumpling as her granddaughter. She might be walking back and forth in the living room, waiting for her son to come back and give him a good beating.

Mrs. Luo is afraid that he is too angry, so he will be driven away if they scolded him too much on the mobile phone, ” Let me lure my son back home first, you can teach him a lesson afterwards.”

In Mrs. Luo’s opinion, it was irresponsible to let such a lovely little granddaughter secret for three years and wasn’t brought back to be raised by her.

It had been Twenty years and she only discovered now that her son was scum!!!

Hanging up on the phone, Huang Mao’s heart was panicking. Clearly he did not do anything wrong, but his heart couldn’t feel at rest, “Brother Luo, why did you hang up?” 

“Maybe aunty will think we were doing something wrong again!”

The brown-haired man got up, washed his face and took the car keys to leave.

“Brother Luo, where are you going?”

“To be a father.”

Friends: “…”

A blue Aston Martin crossed a long rainbow. He didn’t park it inside, but stopped at the gate of the Luo family’s yard.

The living room was full of joy and laughter, the old couple were playing with the little girl and coaxing her to sing. Their faces were full of love and gentleness, as if they were new grandparents.

 Luo Sheng’s foot paused as he stepped in.

On the shoe rack lay a pair of small pink shoes, less than half a palm in size, right next to his slippers and Mr. Luo’s shoes, sandwiched in the middle by two pairs of large shoes, as if the girl was yelling at him to be her father and raise her.

The two adults and a child played together with happiness knowing no bounds, the child blushed and hesitated to fulfill the demands of this pair of uncle and aunty, singing to them. Suddenly, she sniffed and turned around to the door without thinking.

“Where is YinYin?”


“Daddy’s back!” said the young voice.

Mr. and Mrs. Luo: “…”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hello! Xiao Ling here! There are a few things I wanted to explain to you guys.

1. There are a few terms I have used in this as well as the previous chapters. So i was planning on introducing a glossary of sort.

(a) Little Golden Doll : a golden doll is someone extremely precious, or worth a fortune

(b) litte dumpling/ ball etc: the original author used these terms to refer to YinYin. In chinese these terms refer to a cute little child.

2. Second point is the name of Luo Sheng’s friend Huang Mao . I have mentioned this guy as the blonde-haired friend. Huang Mao literally just means yellow hair. I am not really sure if thats really his name. But is there are any changes I will make appropriate changes later.

3. There is an authors note below, but it didnt make much sense to me,but I translated it anyway. Seems like some kind of game. You can just skip that part if you want to.

~Shi Xiao Ling

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