[ISM] Chapter 12: Escape

Translator: MadameAileen

Editors: Asada and Kylerboi

Hall was alone in a room similar to a warehouse. There were some traces of chisel and carving around the room. It was said that a dwarf was naturally good at crafting.

But Hall didn’t have time to appreciate it at the moment. He was waiting for the opportunity to escape. All of the members of this mercenary group need to be intoxicated enough so that fighting them is not as impossible as before. As long as they are no first-tier fighters, he can defeat them!

At this moment, a sudden sound of a chain came from by the door. Hall opened his eyes and saw that Gustav drunkenly walked in with a look of excitement on his face.

When he saw Hall looking at him indifferently, Gustav grinned and said,”I have said that I want to have fun, today, and I will get it!”

Seeing that Hall’s face was as calm as still water. There was no fear in the eyes of a 15-year-old boy.

Although Gustav drank a lot of wine, he was not completely drunk, and he looked at Hall and asked. “Kid?Are you not afraid?”

“Afraid? I’m the person you should be afraid of?” Hall said.

He doesn’t know why, but Gustav suddenly felt there was something wrong. An ominous feeling seeped through his bones. At this moment, a blast of wind suddenly appeared in front of him.

Gustav’s unbelievably blink his eyes, what he saw made him even more frightened. Standing in front of him are six storm wolves!

Every storm wolf cracked open its bloody mouth and stared at him with a pair of green eyes. Gustav suddenly lost his strength, and the clothes on his back were chilled by cold sweat, and his legs could no longer support him.

“This…How can this be, this is impossible!” He whispered. 

Gustav didn’t have enough time to run, the six wolves immediately rushed up to him. Hall didn’t let him make a sound. He let one of the wolf bites off his throat. Soon, the drunken Gustav was swallowed up by the storm wolves.

Hall waved his hand, and after the wolves retreated, Gustav, a flesh and blooded, non-adult-shaped person appeared in front of Hall.

“Damn, don’t be so disgusting next time!” Hall slaps on a greedy storm wolf’s head, and the wolf immediately spits out a flesh and blood and looks at Hall.

“Okay, I am getting you guys some spirit beasts soon! You all go back a first!”

After recalling the five storm wolves, Hall took the space bag from the fleshy Gustav and wiped it off the ground before picking up the key that fell.

He looked at the pitiable state of what was left of Gustav, and he said. “Nothing is impossible… So, in the next life, be a law abiding citizen!”

Out of the cell, Hall glanced at the surrounding, assessing the situation and did not find any presence of any guards. It seems that they did not take Hall as a threat!

He takes out a piece of cloth that he got from Steel and let the wolf smell its scent. After smelling the piece of cloth, the wolf started off to look for Steel.

Soon, the wolf stopped at the door, not too far from where he was locked up, and Hall tried several times to open it, and when he opened the door, he saw that Steel was tied up with several chains!

“You really got out? Hall brother, how did you do it?” Steel said loudly, and Hall immediately made a gesture of silence.


Hall gestured to him to be quiet, and he went up to help him unchained. 

Steel looked at Hall with admiration. “Hall brother, it seems that I am indebted to you, you…” As he was about to reach out to Hall, when he saw the storm wolf standing beside him.

Looking at it standing there beside Hall like a puppy, Steel seems to figure out what he is.

“It turns out that you are a summoner! No wonder!” He exclaimed. 

As they are coming out of the room, Steel ask. “That guy, Gustav, you saw him?”

“Yes, his inside, over there” Hall answered. Steel walked through the door Hall pointed out, and saw Gustav or what remained of him. “I told you I wanted to hack at him too! Oh well”, Steel said, and pickup the axe that was once belong to Gustav.

Hall whispered, “The banquet is over, we have to move faster! Try not to be discovered by them, then find Lina! Are you sure you can find that place?” Hall asked.

The Steel patted the chest and said, “Reassured, I am also a dwarf. Naturally, I know the castle designed by a dwarf, you can relax! There is absolutely no problem!”

Originally, Hall wanted to kill his way out, but after hearing Steel that there was a tunnel in the castle. This changed his plan. After all, the magician made Hall wary about him. He felt that he was still not his match!

Plus, he hasn’t seen how a magician fought. I don’t know if it’s a skill, silent spell casting and other abilities he doesn’t know about, so he better stay away from him.

As for the other captives, Hall cannot take the risk to free them too. He is not a saint! It’s already good enough to be able to take care of oneself!

After the two had come out, the sound coming from the hall was a lot less. Since he doesn’t know where Lina was being held, Hall needs to be cautious!

Quietly sticking out his head and glanced at the mercenary group members who were hammered on the table. Hall thought that if he has a grenade, it would be a good idea to pull the pin and throw it at them.

Hall saw a corridor on the other side of the hall, and he felt that he would be able to find clues as to where Lina might be.

“Hey! Look!” Steel whispered beside him.

After taking a look, he nodded. Steel started walking towards the door at the other side, he was so small that he can walk properly. Crawling slowly, Hall and the storm wolf followed closely. 

After a while, the two men and a wolf reached the opposite side without being discovered.

“Go!” Steel whispered to him. 

As they walked in, two members of the mercenary group was at the door where Lina was.


“You… what are you going to do?” Nosia’s face looked ugly as she stared at the two people who entered by the door. She pulled Lina behind her and gave them a fierce glare.

One of the mercenaries said, “Beautiful! Really beautiful! It’s a pity! If I can only play with her just once, I would die happy!”

“Oh…No! This fox girl is so cute too! I can’t help it!” The other said. 

Lina looked even more pale and fearfully stared at the two people who were approaching. She clenched her hands tightly, she is very nervous.

“Master… Master, where are you? Come and save Lina!” She prayed.

Nosia’s right hand opened slightly, she tried to use her magic but a sudden feeling of dizziness came to her. Nosia couldn’t help but fall onto the ground!

“Goddammit!” One of the soldiers exclaimed. “She was about to use magic! Fortunately, she sucked at it, if not we would not be able to captured her!” He continued. 

The other mercenary is also looking at Nosia and said “Damn! I have decided! I will entertain her for a while!”

Just as they get near Nosia and a scared Lina, a voice came from behind them.

“I dare you! Move if you are looking for death!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

I know the basic characteristics of a fox. It was widely known to be one of the most cunning animals. But as I translated this, all I read is how fearful Lina was, shouldn’t she is cunning as a fox since she is a Fox Girl? And also I wonder what other species are there just like Lina. Hmmm. ~ MadameAileen

Question of the century: Is fox tribe really cunning? The one to correctly answer the question will get a Storm wolf and a chance to meet Alexander Hall. Please note this is not a scam ~Asada


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