[VHBF] Chapter 2: Dad Forgot About Me

Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

People stared wide eyed as they couldn’t believe it!

Luo Sheng’s friends and other’s beside him were speechless!!

But anybody who knew Luo Sheng would know how much of virtue this guy had. The Luo family was one of “City A’s” oldest and well respected families . Compared to Bai family, a self-made entrepreneur family, Luo family was big and well established, which had been around for many years. From the days of the beginning of the Republic of China continuing to this day.

Luo Sheng was the son of the current head of the Luo family, their only son!

Since childhood, the old man and his wife spoiled him to high heavens. Even with his father’s usual strict appearance, the family only amounted to two old people and a wife. Their doting and devotion towards the child was way too much. The only thought they had was what to provide, so it led to the child being brought up lawless and naughty. 

Even after getting older he was still not any good. And in addition to his spoiled personality, he also began to dab his hands into gambling, drag racing, bubble bar drinking, fighting here and there and he was a well known delinquent.

On the contrary, Luo Sheng’s second uncle’s children, his cousins were an excellent positive teaching material. They acted according to the principle, the future inheritance of Luo family may not be inherited by Luo Sheng.

Three years ago, Mr. Luo was thoroughly annoyed because of Luo Sheng’s racing accident. He made an agreement with his son to send him abroad to study. Presently, he had just come back after finishing his studies.

He hadn’t appeared in the circle for the last three years. Some people who were new to the circle asked about him to the people besides them. 

“This man…” After some popular science, do not know Luo Sheng also know this is a person, the prince, the son of the widow, such a label filled with Luo Sheng that handsome face.

And they couldn’t believe it. The little girl was young and naive. She did not choose from her relatives, but choose an outsider???? 

This outsider who only knows how to eat, drink and have fun????!!

The Bai family relatives were stunned for a long time, uncle Bai coughed and diverted the attention. He said while laughing: “YinYin is still young, it’s a joke, a joke.”

He squatted again in front of the girl, “Yinyin, I am your second uncle, this is the third uncle, fourth uncle, over there is…”

He introduced the relatives around her one by one, and said, “The blood relationship is stronger, we are your father’s brothers…”

“That is, don’t be afraid of anything YinYin, no matter who you choose, aunts and uncles will love you as a daughter, just the way you used to be at home, it will be same with aunts and uncles, nothing will change!”

Looking at them the little dumpling did not speak, a pair of big round eyes were still hopefully looking towards Luo Sheng. Bai family and other people could not sit still and at last they re- proposed: “Otherwise, YinYin alternate with us?”

The group was still discussing, when a small fluffy ball rolled out like a small regiment from the crowd, like a bullet from the gun battle, straight to the brown-haired youth.

The small mouth was closed, she didn’t know what to say. By the time people rushed up to get a hold of her, she was already lying in the arms of Luo Sheng and shouted with all her might. 

“Baba, hug!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

His buddies sitting together beside him stared at him with trembling eyes, as they heard the child.”When did you have such a big girl?”

Thinking logically, this was Mr. and Mrs. Bai’s child, the brain of the dog friends worked at full speed at this point, they trembled, “Come on, brother Luo, do you have something to hide from us?”

As they knew Luo Sheng’s character since childhood, they also knew he was not good with children. He was an only child. Like cats are disgusted with dogs, there was no reason for a three-year-old child to fall in love at first sight????

They would have believed it if someone said brother Luo was dressed in women’s clothes.

The young little girl had no regard for the looks around her and she open-mouthed, clapping her hands and feet, crawled on to him while the man was still not responding. With her two little claws holding around his neck, her face rubbed against his chin, giving him slight milky scent.

    She giggled, squinted, and her face was full of happiness: “Hey hey, Daddy…”

Luo Sheng: “…”

Where’s this little broken ball from???

Damn, I came here to see a lively show but somehow got a little brat????

Facing the suspicious eyes of his friends, Luo Sheng calmly reached out and ripped the child off his body and put it aside on the sofa. “I’m not your father.”

At this time all eyes were looking at them, everybody heard the words clearly. They secretly thought to themselves, this little girl was pitiful. She’s just three years old and yet lost her family, for a moment, she even made a blunder in recognizing her father..

Luo Sheng thought so too, and he barely had the patience to reason with the little girl : “I’m not your father.”

He wanted to say your dad was dead, but when he saw her big watery eyes opened wide, looking at him in anticipation, he could’t say a word. Instead, he said, “Don’t confuse your dad.”

YinYin looked puzzled, stubbornly she stressed again: “You are my father!”



People: “…”

The moon gradually faded away as if dissolved in water. The sound of cicadas sounded from the big tree in the yard in the summer. The big tree was tall and rose to the second floor. The thick branches could be seen through the window.

YinYin was lying on a small table, her small hands supporting her chin, stunned.

The system couldn’t be seen by anyone anymore and said, “You can’t go up and shout at someone as your father, child!”

“You scared me away!”

“But daddy is daddy…” 

Communicating with a three-year-old human child, the system felt its hair gradually lessen, it struggled to explain: “He’s not your father now!”

The villain is a man of no faiths, playing dirty little tricks and doesn’t even have time to give good care for children.

This was the first world in which the Agency decided for the first time to introduce system to host a three-year-old baby.

As one of the best elite systems in the bureau, System 3 used privileges to make the world less difficult, and Mr. Luo was a carefree spendthrift dude before he took his cub to the rebels.

These little lickers, as fathers, are convinced that dad is a good man, and the system simply says that her father is a real bad guy, she accept it, and she won’t stop arguing with Number 3. Sometimes the stubbornness of the human child is beyond the system’s imagination.

The center of gravity says: “And you think your father has amnesia?”

You see, baby, if one day you forgot your father and suddenly came to take you away, would you be happy?

“I’m not going to forget Dad!” YinYin said to the uncle System.

System: “…”

The system thought it was its failure of education again, who knew that the next day that young child said excitedly: “Uncle System, I have thought of a good way to approach Dad!”

“I heard, Aunt Zhang saying that if you want a person to like you, you have to let the other person notice your existence!”

The system laughs and cries, clearly the nanny Zhang was idle with the other servants and was chatting about her daughter who in order to pursue a boy came up with this plan.

The boys family opened a shop on the edge of the university and in order to pursue the boy, Aunt Zhang’s daughter asked her mother for money. Aunt Zhang’s reply was to make the other person realize your existence every day, just to sit in the shop and without spending money! A really effective solution!!!

Her way of doing brought results, but the problem is that:

“Child, they chase their boyfriends, you chase your father! What does it have to do with you?!” 

The little girl stood up, on the chair, looked down through the thick leaves, her eyes narrowed, as if already immersed in her own world, and stopped talking.

She said to herself, “I will crouch at Daddys door every day so that Daddy notices me!”

Little YinYin finally accepted the idea that her Dad didn’t remember her and thought about it for a long time with her little brain capacity.

Afraid of forgetting the plan, Xiaoyin also found a pen and paper, draw a house, a little person in a skirt squatting at its door, and inside the house was an adult.

With a pink crayon, the little stickmans skirt was painted pink. She also didn’t forget to draw her favorite bow, and finally secretly smiled, as she draw her father in blue.

YinYin’s chubby little claws held the pen carefully as she said to herself, “The girl is pink, the boy is blue, the father is a boy, YinYin is a girl…”

System: “…”

Finally YinYin thought, draw a crooked line seperating the picture and in the blank space she drew another man holding a small person .

She looked at the picture, as if she had seen the success of her grand plan when her father held her in his arms, she was way too excited!

The system’s invisible stomach started to hurt. How good can a three-year-old paint? The system looked at the painting, the adult was taller than the sky, higher than the sun, his hand was longer than the tree, because otherwise Daddy couldn’t hold YinYin in his embrace…

So your father is Superman?

This system dare not ask, afraid of reminding the little girl, lest she really gives her father a pair of wings, so he fly through the sky.

As ‘City A’s’ one of the top residential areas, there were only few homes, just Bai family and Luo family were not situated far away, they were just within a community.

The next morning when she woke up, the dumpling got up cleverly and without crying.

She begged her nanny, Aunt Zhang, to take her to squat on the small steps outside of the Luo family gate. The summer sun was scorching even in the morning.

By noon, her hungry stomach started growling, with her Pink Backpack packed with last night’s painting paper, and a few milk candies.

She squatted for most of the day, but still didn’t see the figure of her father. She took out a sugar candy from the bag and carefully put it into her mouth.

“Uncle System, I’ve got to save food until Dad comes back!”

System: “… Oh.”

Maybe God saw that the little dumpling was too cute to shut the doors and windows. Instead of waiting for her father normally, she squatted down in front of his house.

When Mr. Luo came back from work from the company, he saw a small girl sitting in front of his house and approached her suspiciously.

A girl of about two or three years old, dressed in a small dress, delicate and lovely, white and tender, with her chin resting on her little hands, sitting on the steps, eyes blinking at the direction of his house.

He lowered his voice and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“Are you lost?”

YinYin didn’t know who this person was. After waiting all morning, she was a little confused and sleepy. She subconsciously answered, “Looking for Dad.”

“Who is your father?”

She choked a little, she forgot to ask her father’s name.

She stood up, and explained with exaggerated movements with her chubby hands and feet, “Dad is the best looking person, he’s tall, very high, higher, he has big eyes, loves clean, will make YinYin’s hair…”

She explained for half a day, but still did not say the key point. The little dumpling had been addicted to praising her father to high heavens and couldn’t extricate herself from the excitement of describing her father.

Mr. Luo: “…”

He pointed to his house and said, “Then why are you waiting here?”

“Dad lives here, I heard his surname is Luo, this is Dad’s house!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hello everyone. This chapter had an authors note and an extra together with them. You may find it confusing but feel free to give me some pointers. Thank you for reading ~Shi Xiao Ling


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