[NTBG] Chapter 14 (1/2): Approaching D-Day And Me Earning Money

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

The villager are doing their work as usual.

The base was strengthened within the previous few days.

The fence which was initially set up to surround the entrance of the cave was logs piled up haphazardly and boards were attached between them, but now the log piles are lined up without gaps. The height is about the same as Gams’.

Not only that, wooden plates are attached to the log fence to make it more sturdy, so it looks like a hard-to-see base. However, it’s unknown how sturdy the fence actually is.

As for keeping lookout on the surroundings, a simple scouting platform is built just inside the fence.

Three days are left until the Temptation of Evil God.

Murus, the suspicious guy is still living in the cave, but when does he intend to leave? He shouldn’t be willing to resist against the Temptation of Evil God together with other villagers.

Is it appropriate to escape from the monster attack?

If you think of it as a game, the first assault should serve as a tutorial and I think its difficulty level should be low.

Thats the case for a normal game but this is not a normal game.

Common sense is often invalidated in this game; if I expect a classic pattern then I can only see the painful endings

If I fail then I cannot continue to play the game. The enthusiasm is similar to crossing the stone bridge while reinforcing trying to reinforce it at a same time.

If I lose this game, i will probably lose half my will to live and I can easily imagine myself returning back to being a neet.

This is not good. I don’t want to ruin my private life.

A realistic means to protect the village could be a miracle.

“The current point is …”

《Since I have obtained fate points by pouring in all my earning for the part time job, I can soon execute the 《Golem Summon》.

If I can do this, it will be a solid reinforcement after Murus eventual escapes and the best thing is that I can control it.

I’m not bragging or anything but I’ve played quite a few games over the last decade. Regardless of the genre, FPS, action, I am confident in my control skills.

But thats not the only reason why I want to summon the Golem.

Until now, I used to only communicate with the villagers using the oracle and there are some people who are not satisfied with it.

I want to help the villagers directly with my own hands, the feelings is getting stronger each day.

I want to join as a villager, not just a spectator, as God of Fate. In order to fulfill that desire, I need to summon the Golem.

Todays work will end at midnight. Tomorrow I will do some final preparation for the Temptation of the Evil God; I have to be well prepared.”

I would like to have a Golem trial run once after the villagers have fallen asleep tomorrow night.

It seems that there are many days when the supermarket staff will be shorthanded next month. Of course I am grateful for it.

Adding todays wage, the fate points will be just enough.

If we calculate by adding the daily tributes from the villagers then the fate points obtained should have already reached the target…..but ironically, the peaceful days are hindering the increase of the fate points.

The villagers will be very grateful when they overcome difficulties and hardships through the power of God. Recently, there was no miracle, and the oracle gave me an unobtrusive text and a little knowledge.

It won’t make the villager’s gratitude increase. It is definitely possible to expect an increase in points I activate a miracle though.

“For now its a future me issue. Well, I hope the villagers are doing well.”

Recently, the villagers have been careful to reinforce the boards that cover the fences and cave.

Also, as a countermeasure, it is possible for one to be able to escape into the innermost room when entering the cave.

The other three rooms are surrounded by exposed walls and ceilings, but only the innermost room is covered with boards and tools, and seems to be reinforced. It may have originally been a warehouse.

The biggest concern for villagers is manpower.

Gams and Murus can fight well. Since Lodis has no combat experience, he would be responsible to protect the villagers inside the cave.

Chem seems to have a little fighting ability, but because she is valuable person who can use healing magic, she cannot be placed on the battlefront.

I learned the strategy of the Sengoku period so it could be used in the battle, but there is not enough manpower to implement it. I thought about making a kite, but there is no engineer to make it.

I wanted to read books to obtain knowledge and then using its reference, one can cheat in the game world, but for such a small number of people, there was nothing useful.

The foreigner’s wisdom cannot be compared to the knowledge of the locals, Murus should be really useful. But he is still….

I sighed in my heart and felt depressed.

To check anything can be done in the current situation, lets check the villagers remarks for today.

Translator and Editor Notes:

I wont say anything today…anything. I repeat i will stay silent until you like and comment. ~Asada

wassup bois ~ Kylerboi

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    • There’s a microtransaction system that lets him use real money for fate points. He sold almost of his possessions and used his savings in the beginning. Then he had to get a job.

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