[ISM] Chapter 11: The Fortress

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Asada and Kylerboi

After nightfall, the Devil Mercenary group took the captive to a remote location in a valley. If they were not leading the way, no one could find the path.   

What surprised him, even more, was that after bypassing the valley, there was a large open space inside, and behind the open space was a fortress built on a cliff!

“I ddidn’t know anyone would built this fortress here. It’s awesome!” Hearing Hall’s exclamation, the Steel grinned and said.

“Hohoo! That’s an easy question. It is a masterpiece of a dwarf. There used to be a mine here. There were mineral veins here before, but it closed down after being mined! They either look for new veins or leave because of environmental problems here.”

Looking at the wooden door of this stone fortress, Hall is amazed how well it was built. For someone like him who grows up in modern technology, seeing this structure truly amazed him. He can tell that the dwarves are really talented.

As soon as the team returned, someone immediately came out to meet them.

“Brothers! This time our Devil Mercenary groups will become rich! We have a good batch today, following the boss was really the right choice!” Gustav waved his hand and shouted loudly, and when the rest of the member of this mercenary group heard what he said, everybody cheered excitedly.

“Oh oh! Great! Fortunately, the boss is wise! We also caught an elf! This bounty is enough for us to spend for months!” One of the men said excitedly, just thinking the amount they could get by selling that elf alone is enough to feed all of them!

“It’s not only an elf. We also caught a fox girl! You can sell it for a good price too!” Another one said. 


Hearing what the men outside said those words, the two women who were locked inside a cage could not help but tremble in fear. Lina looked at Hall and tries to calm herself by saying this inside her head repeatedly. “I have my master with me. I am not afraid, I am not afraid!”

Looking at Lina, the elf got curious as to why she was mumbling on herself. “Lina, what’s wrong with you?” With such a lovely voice, the elf asks Lina softly. 

She had an ice blue hair that fluttered with the wind, it’s extraordinarily enchanting to onlookers. The orange colored eyes are like a dazzling setting sun, which makes people obsessed just by staring at them. The pointed ears were exposed from her long hair, are cute and playful looking, it’s as if inviting you to touch. She had a bright face and such a long eye lashes, thin lips with a tint of rose, like a fascinating peach blossom, people can’t help but want to possess.

“I’m fine Nosia!” Lina replied to the elf.

After Lina was put inside the cage, both felt an instant bond with each other. As women, they were arrested and ready to be sold as slaves.

“That is the human who was caught with you?” Nosia asked as she looked at Hall. 

“Well, he is my master.” Lina answered.

Hearing those words, Nosia was frowning and asked, “Master? Say, you were a slave before?”

“Well, although I am a slave, but my master did not treat me as one, we grew up together, although my master has changed a lot recently, but I believe that my master will save me!” Lina said, her words full of trusts towards Hall, her Master.

Nosia looked at Lina with amazement. She didn’t think that Lina would agree to be a slave. She turned to look at Hall that was also locked in. Nosia suddenly had some slight interest in this human called Hall.

“Hey! Be careful! They are our cash cows! If you hurt them, be ready to be thrown into the wasteland to be fed to the wild spirit beasts!” One man said as he supervised the transfer of their prisoners from the carts.


That evening, the entire fortress was brightly lit, and the halls were full of people. Many members of the mercenary group were drinking at merrily. 

There are several cadres of the mercenary group sitting on the stage, and one of them is the magician. He didn’t say anything, he just faintly drank beside his comrades.

Gustav took a big mouthful of wine, and some of it flowed down his neck and to his chest, but he didn’t care, he put down the cup and wiped the corner of his mouth and laughed.

“Shuang! Drinking is like this! Heller come, let’s have more drinks!” He drunkenly said.

Heller, the magician, glanced at Gustav, but he did not toast with him, but said faintly, “That’s all right, I like to drink slowly!” 

Gustav wanted to retort, but remembering the identity of this person, he stopped himself.

“Hey! How amazing is the magician? I didn’t see how you caught that elf when you went into the dark forest!” No matter how unhappy he is, he has to smile and be polite with this person.


“Haha, it’s okay! If you don’t want to share. Let’s just enjoy the night!” Gustav said when Heller didn’t answer.

Heller put down the glass and frowned. “The head of Narf has already sent me a letter. He first went to inquire about the situation in Carlin City. By the way, he contacted his brother Gilph! This transaction is too important, we must handle this with care!” He said.

Hearing the name of Gilph, Gustav’s face showed an adoring expression, not yet 30-year-old and already a fourth-tier warrior! How powerful he is!

The symbol of the fourth-tier warrior is strength, which was the difference between the previous three levels in warrior class. This is what Gustav’s long for, strength!


The mercs continue in their celebration. Even the ever silent Heller is turning red from having too much wine. 

Gustav staggered and went out, one of the members notice it and said, “Haha, Gustav that guy, I guess I want to vent it!”

“Vent? We only have the elf and the fox here. Although the head of the team only told me that we can’t touch the elf, if the captain knows that he has touched the fox girl, do you think he won’t care about it?” The other answer.

“Oh! What? Gustav? He won’t have the courage to disobey the command of the head leader!” 

“Oh!” Several people immediately perk up. 

Translator and Editor Notes:

I think the author is a bit bias, on the first chapter, Lina’s description is very basic, while the elf it too elaborate. Honestly, I am now tempted to go back and put a flare on Lina’s description. Hmmm. Maybe later. 😂

Anyway, enjoy.😊 ~ Madame Aileen

I want to read more (crying silently)~ Asada

lmao i agreed with Madame Aileen, the elf description xd ~ Kylerboi

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