[ISM] Chapter 10: Dwarf named Steel

Translator: MadameAileen

Editors: Asada and Kylerboi

“Gustav, I can see that you want her for yourself! You don’t have to be shy, we know about your hobbies!” One of the men said while laughing.

The giant axe man, known as Gustav, was not angry at what his comrades said, and touched his messy hair and laughed. “You know me well! Go, and I’ll tell you how she tastes later!” He said as he laughed out loud.

Hall’s face darkened, slave traders, especially the man who said he wanted to harm Lina, called Gustav, are used to killing and rape. He must stop him. He cannot let this man defile Lina. You’re already dead in my eyes, thought Hall. 

Silently marking this man as a dead he was ‘gently’ tied up by one of the men. After Hall was tied up, Gustav was ready to tie Lina whose face turned pale.

Suddenly a voice interrupted Gustav. “Hey, Gustav, I know how much you like women, but if you mark that girl with bruises, you must prepare for the consequences!” After hearing this, Gustav suddenly hesitate. 

After a while; he turned and looked at Hall and said. “I’ll grab the boy first and handed the girl to you.” Gustav decided.

Hall, which was ready to summoned his beast couldn’t help but feel relieved. He watched as the man took Lina into a cage.

After the man secured the lock on the cage, Gustav pulled on the thin and frail Hall, who almost fell to the ground.

Hall wanted to retaliate, but he has to wait for a perfect opportunity. He cannot win even if he uses all of his beasts. There are just too many of them. 


When they arrived at the camp where their other comrades were, Hall realized that they are not the only captured inside the cage. He saw too many cages with someone in them, if feels like a zoo, but instead of an exotic animal it’s more like, exotic humanoid species. 

Hall saw a man, as tall as his chest with a massive beard on his face, and couldn’t help but stare. 

“What are you looking at, human? Have you not seen a great dwarf like me before?” The dwarf said. He saw that he was being stared at, and felt annoyed being looked at while being locked up in a cage.

“Hey!” Gustav took out a whip and hit the bars on the cage. “Shut up! Close your big mouth! Next time, I will plug it directly in your shoes!” He said.

After Gustav had tied Hall into the cart, he closed the door and jump off. The cart he was in smell so bad, it hurt his eyes.

In addition to the dwarf, there are four or five other captive slaves, all of whom are human males. From the way they dress, most of them are civilians.

There are two other prisoners up front, both are females, one is Lina and the other one is wearing a strange clothing. Since she was facing away from him, he cannot see her face.

No one talked along the way. The captives looked dejected, except for one person, the Dwarf! He seems to be like Hall, waiting for an opportunity. 

Hall look around, he estimated that there are at least 30 people from the Devil Mercenary group, and one of them is a Magician. He cannot tell what level of magic he possesses. I cannot fight them all on my own… I have to wait, Hall thought.

After assessing his surroundings, he looked back at the Dwarf. The dwarf stood only 4 feet tall, but because he has a stout body, he should be heavier than him. His skin color is tanned, with a pair of black braids and long black hair. 

Seeing Hall staring at him, the dwarf whispered, “Human, do you think that I am tied so you can bully me? Keep staring at me and let’s see if I won’t pluck your eyes out!” He hissed.

Hall shook his head. “No, it’s just your black hair and eyes and your neat beard reminds me of my family!”

After hearing this, the dwarf look stunned and whispered. “Do you think my beard looks good?”

Hall didn’t know why the dwarf was so excited. In fact, he just reminded him of the people on the earth after seeing his black hair and eyes! It made him nostalgic realizing that, here there are few who possess a black hair and eyes.

Because after he had transmigrated here, he turned into a gray-haired boy. And most people here that he encountered so far all have different hair color, except for the dwarf.


Seeing the sincerity in Hall’s face, he smiled and said. “That’s right! I am the most handsome in our Dwarf Clan! I like you! My name is Steel Hawk Sterling.” When he was done saying his name, he realized that Hall didn’t recognize his name nor his tribe.

“Hoohoo! Very good! I like people like you, Sterling is my clan name, Hawk is my name, but I prefer people to call me Steel!” Steel said.

“Shut up! If you talk again, I will put an axe into your mouth!” Gustav slammed his axe on the cage and several slaves timidly shrank back.

Seeing everyone’s fear, Gustav was satisfied and then continued forward. He likes when he sees people being afraid of him, it makes him feel powerful. 

“Hey! If you didn’t use so many drugs to capture me, would you think you can put your axe in my mouth?!” Steel said. If only he realized early on that the mercenaries are near, they would never be able to catch and imprison him here.

“Hey, can you fight now?” Hall whispered. Steel stared at Hall when he heard this question, he did not expect him to ask.

“The effect has not been completely vanished. I can fight most of themthem except some of their best fighters!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Here is another chapter for you! Enjoy reading. 😘 ~ MadameAileen

I wonder if there is going to be a showdown. I would love to see that bastard Gustav being slashed in half. ~ Asada

Big bruh moments ~ Kylerboi

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