[ISM] Chapter 9: Devil Mercenaries

Translator: MadameAileen

Editors: Kylerboi and Asada

The wanted poster made him realize that his appearance is too recognizable. He has to find a way to alter or hide his looks. He also picked up some other wanted poster aside from his, and but he recognized none of these people. 

“How did they paint like this? It looks like a picture from a camera!”

Hearing Hall’s words and seeing him turning around to look at her with a puzzled expression made Lina grin. Lina hurriedly held back her laugh and said softly.

“Master, have you forgotten? This is a magical impression!”


After hearing this, some information came to his mind which made him embarrassed. 

“Well, Lina is really smart, I just wanted to test you! Not bad!” Hall tried to hide his embarrassment (to Lina’s amusement), and then continued to search the thief’s boss.

Soon, a bag around their waist caught his attention. As the bag was tied to their cloak and clothes, and it seemed to be very important.

“Nice! Master, this is a space bag!” Lina exclaimed, letting Hall take it up immediately.

Hall realized that he actually had all the knowledge that the previous Hall had, from the most basic to magical information he gathered. But for some reason he has to be reminded of his knowledge. 

“What a good loot this is!” Hall said excitedly.

According to the memories in his mind, he needs to insert some spiritual energy to open the bag.

He found out that it was only about 30 centimeters in size. The things inside it were very random. Most of them were food and clothes. Of course, there were some gold and silver coins.

He took out two black cloaks and handed over one to Lina, then put on the other caped cloak for himself.

As for those weapons, Hall discarded the bow and arrow, because both of them don’t know how to use them. It will become a burden to carry.

“Forget it. I am a distinguished summoner. It’s too low for me to play with these swords and shields!”

Lina sneered and snickered, she found that her master is now getting more and more interesting. Although she does not know why he became like this, but she thinks it is rather good…

Through the explanation of the thieves, Hall knows that they are now in the northwest of the Deathly Wasteland. If they continue westward, they will see a towering mountain range.

At the end of the mountain range is the Dukedom of Enkat, and walking north along the mountains you will see the strongholds of the Dukedom.

Since Hall knew that Enkat had formed an alliance with Orakir, therefore he had nowhere to go.

And if you go north from here, you will arrive at the dark forest called the Forbidden Land. The elves inside don’t like humans, so the people who go in will be driven away or even killed directly!

Hall wants to travel and reach the forest and go west along with it, so that he will come to the border city of Karin, which is jointly owned by the Dukedom of Enkat and Gilardino!

Karin is quite special. It is said to be jointly owned by the two Dukedoms, but neither party will send troops to be stationed there. So it is managed by a large mercenary group, and as long as they do not rebel, the Dukedom of Enkat and Gilardino will not interfere on how they run the place.

So in general, Karin is a place where a power and strength rules!

Hall feels that this is a good plan. He can enter the Gilardino through this chaotic place away from Enkat.

The two of them ate dry food while riding. Although the dry food was a bit hard, but it was much more delicious than the tasteless barbecues that they ate few days ago.

With the amount of food in the space bag, they could last for a week.

“No food, no clothes, and the enemy is in front of us…”

“No guns, no weapons while the enemy had them…”

Lina smile while hearing her Master Hall sang that strange song. She had long been used to his eccentricities, because Hall said a lot of strange things in the past few days. Although it sounded like a fantasy, Lina liked it very much.

Just listening to this song, she started to slowly hum along with him.

It is already the fifth day, and aside from the thieves that they encountered and some spirit beast that his summoned wolves took care of quickly, their travel was rather smooth.

“Master, look!” Lina pointed at the figures in front of them and shouted loudly.

When Hall looked up, he saw that there was a group of people in front of them. From their disorganized clothes, it seemed that they were not from the army.

However, Hall knew that their intentions were not good, because they had weapons in their hands, and several others pointed at them with arrows. Not only that, but there was a person with a staff.

“Magician?” Hall said in amazement.

“Get down from the horse! Otherwise, we will shoot at you!”

Soon, the group surrounded Hall and Lina. They have a total of more than 20 people, in all kinds of occupations! Looking at Lina, whose face was a little white, Hall decided to dismount first after biting his tongue!

Because there are too many people, Hall feels that he can’t take them out with the six Sprite Wolves!

And they still have a steady stream of backups which might come over, Hall can’t judge whether they are second-class fighters or not, if so then this is really not good!

“Lina, get down! Rest assured, I’m here!” Hall at looked at their surroundings, and there was nowhere to hide. He has to wait for an opportunity.

“Hey! What a good luck! There is a fox girl!!”

A giant muscular man with squatting muscles and carrying an axe immediately came and pulled down Hall and Lina’s hoods.

“Fox girl? Haha, the God of Luck is on our side today. Recently, our Devil Mercenary group has been really lucky. First, we caught an Elf now a Fox girl?! When the boss knows about this, he will be very happy!”

Devil Mercenary?


Hunting squad?

He really wanted to beat himself up, just a moment ago, he was thinking that they were lucky to only encounter those thieves, looks like the Gods are against him.

“Well, the kids skin is tender! We should able to sell her for a good price!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

This is getting really exciting. I wonder how he will overcome them. Stay tuned for the next chapter. ~ MadameAileen

Grrr….those mercenary guys are waking up the dragon inside me. ~Asada

Late edits bois, but its time fo some actions ~ Kylerboi

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