[ISM] Chapter 8: Alliance

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Kylerboi and Asada

On the fourth day after Alexander Hall’s escape into the Deathly Wastelands, the entire Liji empire was celebrating, because the Dukedoms of Enkat and Orakir became even more connected!

As a sovereign ruler, the Emperor is quite happy to see the animosity between the two dependent territories getting over, and there was now no threat of war. Of course, there is no such thing as a war between his dependent territories. If this happens, he will step in.

However, due to some different opinions, animosity built-up between the two. And just the threat of war is enough left it citizens in fear. So, when the two finally put their differences aside, both Dukedoms celebrated the news.

To their end, the empire also sent people to congratulate them. Of course, the main purpose was to investigate the reason for the sudden peace. If the Emperor of Liji feels that these two dukedoms are threatening his sovereignty, then he will not hesitate to send troops to level them.

What has made many thieves and assassins excited is that the Dukedom of Enkat has announced that it has doubled the reward for finding Alexander Hall of the Dukedom of Al’Akir dead or alive.

When the Wei father and son got the news, they became overjoyed. They are not only happy about the news of the rewards being doubled for Alexander Hall, but also of the news of being appointed as diplomats for the Dukedom of Enkat!

In fact, they are responsible for the mining and supervision of the secret silver mine! 


As he continued his travels, Hall’s first human encounter was a band of thieves.

They were headed by a middle-aged man with a dagger and an eye-patch!

“What do you want?”

Hall with a gloomy expression looked at the five strangers who are surrounding them.

In addition to the leader of this group wielding the dagger, the two of them are warriors, one archer and one swordsman with a giant sword.

If this would have been a game then their lineup only needed a healer or a supporter for it to become a perfect team. He shakes his head and throws away these thoughts from his mind.

“What do we want? Well…” He smiled and pulled out a piece of paper and smile at the archer.

“It is you! Kid, you’re good! Having this kind of bounty over you head is a feat all on its own! I can’t believe we actually caught a big-fat sheep!” The leader said while showing Hall his wanted poster and the bounty price. “Plus there’s the fox girl, she could be sold at a good price. We got a double pay here guys!” The others cheer as he said this.

After hearing this, Hall look changed. “So, you guys came inside the wasteland to capture me?” Hall asked. “And you even are planning to sell my companion, a double pay, you say?” Hall said with a dark expression. 

The amount he saw on his wanted poster, mercenaries and thieves will surely hunt him down, and any ordinary citizens will definitely report him to the authorities just to have a small percentage of that amount.

The thieves looked at each other in a strange way, and they all admire Hall, who was so calm in such a situation!

“Hey! Kid, I’m in a good mood today, I will tell you some news from the empire! The Dukedom of Enkat and Orakir have already formed an alliance!”


He thought that he could go to Enkat for a while and attain some strength, but he didn’t think they would form an alliance!

This is the situation that Hall is most reluctant to accept. If their animosity with each other had continued, then Hall could have manipulated the two Dukedoms to fight, especially if he revealed the existence of the secret silver mine. Although, going to war means innocent casualties, but at this point, he doesn’t really care.

However, they have reconciled. So he has to change his plans. He must finish this confrontation with the thieves and make a new plan to execute his revenge. Now, where should they go? Right! He had a sister, maybe he can go to her. 

Hall remembered that he seemed to have a sister married to a nobleman of the affiliated country of the Firewind Empire!

Thinking of this, Hall has some understanding why the Emperor of the Liji Empire would destroy his home!

The main reason is that his sister is married into an another empire, and he doesn’t want to let the other Empire know about the mine and so silencing his clan was the best solution.

Hall couldn’t tell if the hatred he suddenly felt is his own or from the original Alexander Hall. All he knew was that he was very angry right now, and he wants to vent it somewhere!

Seeing the expression of resentment on Hall’s face, the thief’s boss only grinned and said,“Like my news to you? Now you can be a good boy and let this uncle give a very quick death.” He mocks.

Suddenly a wolf howl can be heard at the side, and one by one, six storm wolves appeared.

Rao, the leader of the thieves, was used to killing, but seeing a pack of storm wolves stalking you, he was scared that the dagger in his hand fell directly on the ground.

“My God! Six storm wolf! An instant summoning? Is he a fifth-tier summoner? Which idiot gave the wrong information!” How can they even think about capturing or killing a fifth-tier summoner? It’s suicide!

The wolves started circling them. And whenever one of them moves to raise or took a weapon, one or two of the wolves attack whoever that person is. After a while all five thieves now have deep wounds, if not treated immediately, may cause blood loss and death. 

Looking at their pitiful looks, Hall said faintly, “I’ll let you live! I need to know more information You will tell me everything that is happening within the empire, and then I might spare you and won’t make you suffer!”

Lina looked at Hall with a complicated look, because the changes in him are so obvious, and it does not sit well with her. But when she thought of the death of his parents and being chased out of his home, she seemed to understand.

“I…I… I will return! I swear! Just let me and my brothers go, and we will bring you any news you want to know from the empire.” Rao said.

Without a word, Hall turn around to leave. Lina who was following along thought how can master trust them, what if they really come back but not with news but a large group to hunt them! She believes that finishing them now is the best course of action for her master.

“Let’s go on. The Dukedom of Enkat does not welcome us. Let’s go north and see if we can find a way into the Firewind Empire!”

Alexander Hall grinned and said, “Let’s look for my sister!”

When he heard Hall’s words and looked at the unchanging smile on his face, Lina smiled too.

“The young master is still the young master! The young master has not changed!”

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