[ISM] Chapter 7: Temporary Security

Translator: MadameAileen

Editors: Asada and Kylerboi

Looking at the Ironback Lizard that fell to the ground, Hall sighed. This is the first battle he had after coming into this world. The death of Ka Nuli can’t even be considered as fighting. That was literally murder! Although he knew that it was in self defense.

But this fight between the spirit beasts made him realize that in this world, being weak can get you killed just because of the will of the strong. Being strong is a fundamental necessity in order to survive.

From the Ironback lizard, Hall and Lina’s attention diverted to the soldier rushing to them, Hall call back two of the wolves. Lina couldn’t understand why her master did it, was it too stressful to call too many beasts? What is he planning to do? She thought.  

As the soldiers came, they saw Hall sitting and his storm wolf standing there with blood on its mouth! And there lay a dead Ironback Lizard three feet away on the ground.

“How is this possible? A storm wolf can actually kill an Ironback Lizard? This is not good!”

Seeing that the storm wolf opening its mouth, the soldier screamed, but he was too late. A powerful gust of wind came out of its mouth, the attack of the Storm Wolf known as the wind blade.

Two of the soldiers at the front died instantly after they were hit with that powerful wind blade, while the other one fell as his horse got hit.


The soldier screamed when he fell, but a fourth Iron back Lizard was standing there with mouth open and it bite his head off. However, the Ironback Lizard is not satisfied with its food. It suddenly screamed in pain, when it looked back it saw the storm wolf biting its hind legs which made it furious. 

The two beasts fought for awhile, until the storm gain an upper hand and dealt a killing blow using the wind blade and decapitated the Ironback Lizard.

“It’s finally over!”

Hall went down beside the storm wolf and looked at the path where he knew the other soldiers and the Wei father and sons must be, You really want to kill me, to do this much just to silence me. 

After sighing, Hall walked over to the Ironback Lizard and suddenly a pop-up message appeared.

“Food and External Energy detected, collect, Yes or No?”

Food? Hey, is this not for me? External Energy? Soul Stone?

Thinking of this, Hall immediately agreed, the Ironback Lizard suddenly disappeared on the ground, making Lina watching on the side even more confused.

After that Hall collected all the bodies of Ironback Lizards. He has become even more mysterious to Lina. Did something happen to my master when he was in a coma after his first summon? Ever since then, his character has totally changed.

Hall didn’t have time to explain to Lina, and after Lina moved on with their journey, he immediately entered the game system.

He discovered that the field inside had changed again. The first-tier spirit beast capacity has turned to 3 / 4. The three wolves were eating the bodies of the Ironback Lizards. It seems that they are very satisfied based on their happy appearance!

“So, absorbing soul stone can add another slot on how many summoned beasts I can call at the same time.” But this made him wonder, is all he can summoned are Storm Wolf? With this in mind, Hall and Lina continue to escape into the night…


A huge lizard’s head was cut by a giant sword. Turnam took back the bloody giant sword. At this time, a soldier ran over on horseback.

“Sit, we did not find Hall’s body, the three we’ve sent had been killed!”


Turnam did not think that this would be the result, a group of more than 20 people, plus his second-tier warrior, did not even win to a fifteen-year-old summoner! And also lost more than a dozen soldiers!

Thinking of this, his face became unusually ugly. Wei Site was sitting on the horse’s back without talking. He knew that his father was angry, and whoever provoked him at this time was really looking for death!

“Clean up! Go back!”

Fortunately, Turnam also knows that this is not the time to continue, the risk in entering the wasteland are huge, the smell of blood here is strong, it can attract other spirit beast that are much stronger than these Ironback Lizards!

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and they quickly put away their swords. Turnam glanced at the depths of the wasteland behind him and shouted. “Let’s go!”

It didn’t take long for a group of spirit beasts to come and started fighting among themselves for their food. After fighting the winner, quickly ate the bodies on the ground and then disappeared into the night…


Hall woke up early the next morning, Because it was a wilderness, he could not find a suitable place to rest. Hall had to choose a place with high ground to rest, and then let the four storm wolves guard them and alert them if a danger approaches. 

Fortunately, apart from the Ironback Lizards that they encountered last night, they did not encounter any other spirit beast, otherwise Hall really didn’t know what to do!

After waking up Lina, Hall looked up at the sun in the sky. The wasteland was in the east of Goldshire Town, so Hall chose the northwest direction as their route.

Because they don’t have a map, and the previous Hall was a magical nerd, in addition to reading and playing, he doesn’t go out much, and he had limited knowledge about the lands! As for Lina… forget it. She was adopted from a young age and always stay beside the previous Hall son her knowledge is also scarce like him!

As Hall continued his journey, Turnam had already returned to the town of Goldshire with the remaining soldiers. He immediately wrote to the Emperor at the capital and reported the matter to him. He also specifically mentioned about Hall being a summoner. Hall’s business, he believes is now in the hands of the Emperor, it’s up to him how to deal with it!


Three days later, Hall and Lina quickly walked out of the edge of the wasteland. On the way, they encountered several spirit beasts which helped Hall to obtain two more soul stones. Looking at the six storm wolves in front of him, Hall he felt relieved. He believed that even if he met Turnam now, he would not lose in a fight!

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