[ISM] Chapter 6: Ironback Lizard

Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Kylerboi and Asada

As the horses traveled into the wasteland all night, Hall and Lina changed horses on the way, letting the two horses take turns to keep their strength. 

“Master, let’s take a break?”

Hall looked at Lina and said. “Well okay, let’s take a break, we are far enough to relax. Now that we have entered the wastelands, are you not afraid?”

Lina pulled the reins and let the horse stop. She turned and looked at Hall. She shook her head and looked at Hall with a firm look. “Master, Lina is not afraid! Its just…”

Looking at her, Hall notice that she is struggling with something, he knew that it was about him, or rather about how his character change overnight. But how can he explain such things? And besides this kind of secret is best to kept upto the grave.

“We should be vigilant tonight, you should take a break first, I’ll guard you. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough energy, how can we escape if they caught us up?” After hearing this, Hall originally wanted to refuse, but based on his current condition he really needs to rest, so he agreed.

The danger of the Deathly Wastelands was not in the daytime, but when the sun sets! This is a known fact for people who have come here for adventure!

Hall and Lina took less than half an hour to rest, when suddenly a rumbling hoof came, and it was so obvious in this quiet and empty wilderness.

Just like the navigation lighthouse in the dark and untouched sea, people can’t ignore it.

As the hooves are getting closer, a familiar scream comes from afar. “Hurry up, don’t let them surround us! This is an Ironback Lizard pack!”

Ironback Lizard?

“Young Master…” Lina started as she too woke from the ruckus. 

Hall saw a dozen knights, and behind them chasing is was a group of huge lizard that were crawling after them.

“Go! Go!”

Lina immediately whistles to call up the horses. And they immediately jump up and run.

“Father! Look! It’s Hall!” Wei Site saw Hall and pointed his fingers towards them.

“Not now! It’s hard to protect ourselves! Escape first!” Turnam yelled at his idiot son. Can’t he see that we are running for our lives?! The soldiers who came along with him, most of them are now dead. How unlucky of them to meet this pack of Ironback Lizards as they entered this wasteland! He thought.

“You guys go and chase after Hall!”

Several soldiers hesitated, because Hall ran deep into the wasteland. They are still at the outskirt of the wasteland, and it’s already this dangerous, so going in…

“What? Didn’t you hear me? Go!”

Hearing his order again, the soldiers move towards Hall chasing him deep into the wasteland, hoping that they can come back alive.

Seeing their prey scattered, several Ironback Lizards chased out after them.

When Trunam saw it, he was relieved. After all there are less spirit beasts chasing after them. Because of this, an idea came to mind.

“Sergeant! Protect the young master! The rest of you, spread out, get ready to fight!”

“No! They’re catching up!”

Hall turned his head and glanced behind them and saw three soldiers separate from the team and chasing them. The horses with two people naturally couldn’t run that fast, watching the soldiers coming fast at them, and the three Ironback Lizard following, Hall bit his tongue in frustration.  

“Lina, find a hillside and run up!!”

Although I don’t know what Hall is going to do, Lina, immediately nodded.

So, Lina saw a small hill, so she ran towards it.

The three soldiers saw it and ran over.

“What do we do? Should we get down and fight?”

“Get down? You didn’t see they Ironback Lizards? Dont you know what kind of spirit beast it is, how are we supposed to deal with them?”

“What should we do?” The soldiers asked eachother. They knew that aside from chasing Alexander Hall they have to make sure they survive the Ironback Lizards who are chasing after them. Maybe they can divert its attention, and instead of chasing them, let the beasts chase Hall.

“Move straight in there direction, maybe the Ironback Lizards will go straight up and attack them!”

The other two soldiers heard the words and responded”OK, let’s do it!”

After the soldiers saw that Hall had climbed the hillside, they did not stop but instead continued to accelerate forward.

As they passed by Hall, there was a smug smile on their faces.

Sure enough, an Ironback Lizards broke away from them and focused on Hall and Lina.

Looking at the Ironback Lizards that is rushing toward her, Lina instinctively closed her eyes!

“Come out Adas!” Hall call out.

When Lina that she was suddenly stunned, Adas, she knows that this is the name that the young master gave to the summoned beast, but who is Adas?

When she saw the scene in front of her, she was shocked! 

She saw three storm wolves suddenly appear in front of the Ironback Lizards, which scared the spirit beasts.

They were stunned, but the storm wolves that Hall summoned did not hesitate at all. They’ve started attacking the Ironback Lizards, the first two attacked at the back of Ironback Lizards and the last one hit the other ones front paw. It caused them to fall on the ground.

The three storm wolves immediately seized the opportunity to kill, without waiting for the Ironback Lizards to react, their throat was bitten by the storm wolves, it was a swift kill for the storm wolves Hall summoned. 

“Mas… Master… this…”

Looking at the scene, Lina was shocked. She didn’t understand why there were three storm wolves. The situation in front of her eyes was beyond her!

“They are my summoned beasts.” Hall calmly said.

Seeing that Hall was not willing to say anything more, Lina stop talking, but Hall saw that she was not satisfied. 

“Oh, Lina, Let’s keep this a secret that I can summons three beasts, okay?” Hall added.

Lina heard and looked up at Hall and nodded.

Translator and Editor Notes:

I took a few days off due to personal matters, but I’m back and new chapters will be on time. Thank you for your  support. ~ MadameAileen

I am getting the feeling that those Storm Wolves must be like cute puppies (cough) or maybe I am fantasizing too much. ~ Asada

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