[NTBG] Chapter 11 (2/2): Tension Due To Approaching Crisis

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

When I reached the entrance of the house, my father was waiting outside in the car.

“I forgot to ask but what kind of work it is?”

“It’s a cleaning job. It seems that they lack the manpower to clean up a supermarket. Someone has just quit his job and this is a good time.”

So its a cleaning job? I used to do it regularly at university. I remembered how I used the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning devices.

I soon arrived in front of a small supermarket. It was bright even though the business hours were already over.

“Oh, You came! I’m glad that you’ve come, I am saved now. I heard that you’ve been feeling dejected and withdrawn but you seem pretty good?”

He banged my shoulders with his hands, He was a gorgeous man in his work clothes about the same age as my father.

He seems to know of my circumstances. I should feel assured.

“Nice to meet you!”

“I leave the rest up to you.”

Dad says so and then went on his way back to home. I was nervously holding my right hand with my left hand.

I have prepared for this occasion so much but I can’t maintain my facade.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. Just do what you’re told. If you don’t understand something or have some problem then you can either ask me or the two of them there. There are many things which you might not understand so please feel free to ask questions. ”

I have to make some money for the game….When I think like this I feel like a bad person.

“Oh, so you are the new guy. Be careful around here and don’t break anything.”

“Stop that.”

“Oh, you are pretty tall. It will be easy for you to clean the fluorescent lights.”

Two people who seem to be the employees one woman and one man approached me. There ages seem almost the same or there might be some slight variation. I breathed a sigh of relief seeing that they are not younger than me.

They seem to be the people with high communications skills unlike me.

Here I am just an amateur. I should throw away my stupid pride and accept my incompetence. Let’s do my best without any regrets just like Carol who works in such a harsh environment.

I took a deep breath and looked at the two of them.

“Nice to meet you!”

I bowed deeply.


“Will you come tomorrow?”

“Yes. I will.”

“Oh, that’s good. Well, tomorrow will be late night work so the timings will be the same as today … Well, I’ll pick you up at the same time as today.”

“Thank you so much. See you tomorrow”

“No problem. See you tomorrow.”

I got off in front of my house and asked for the instructions for tomorrow

Both the president and employees were kind and friendly. Thanks to that the tensions were eased and I was able to do my work.

What I noticed was that I was frightened of doing work because of its unknown experience but doing a job seems nothing special. I think everyone can do it.

I was just desperately searching for reasons for not to work…I was just making excuses.

I was just worried about it due to the information available on the net.

…… I tried many times to change myself but my heart truly changed after my encounter with the Village of Fate.

I head out of the car and gently opened the front door of the house. It’s already three o’clock at night so everyone is supposed to be sleeping.

The work was not difficult but rather involved a lot of movements and therefore I was sweating. The sweat does not dry but instead makes the shirt damp and sticking it to my skin. I want to take a quick bath.

“I used my body more than I expected from the cleaning chores.”

I was tasked with the cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, sucking wastes like gravels.

I seemed to have over-pushed myself. My arms and thighs seems to be crumbling.

After that I carried various things and cleaned some tools.

I think it was not exactly excellent but It was helpful. I intend to work just hard as the villagers.

When I was heading towards the bathroom after turning on the light of the living room, I noticed something on the dining table.

There was rice balls and some egg dishes with a paper slip lying on the table.

“Thanks for your hardwork….You must be hungry. Eat this.”

My mother was learning calligraphy, so she should be good at writing but it seemed to be written in a hurry. Eggs and rice balls are seems a little distorted. I wonder if she put up her sleepiness when preparing the dinner.

I sat on the table and removed the wrappings from the dishes.

I was still a little warm. I grabbed hold of a rice ball and ate it.
It was a little salty but It was more delicious than the feast which I had before heading out for work.

“It feels so good to eat after hard work.”

After eating the meal, I took a deep breath and header towards the bathroom.

After striping and entering the bathroom, I noticed the warm atmosphere.

Recently, the weather is getting cold so it would be natural for the bathroom to be cold during these hours. However, it is warm as if someone used it recently.

I opened the lid of the bathtub and found hot water in it. I put put hand in the water and found the temperature to be just right.

“Someone was here … the hot water is also very clean.”

Was my mother here and filled the bathtub with clean and warm water in advance for me?

“Thank you mom.”

Translator Notes and Editor Notes:

I wonder whether her mom was the one who did all those things or….Well maybe I am thinking too much about it. What do you all think? Comment your views on it. ~ Asada

Edited ~ Kylerboi

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  1. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    I understand the situation, even though he knows that him not looking for a job is bad and that it’s not good to continue being like that, he avoids it and think of multiple reasons etc. that discourages him constantly, sigh.. when he fails, he can’t recover easily, well, I’m that kind of person too, though in my case, I do it immediately as long as I can since I get headaches, sickness etc. when I think of things I need to do and it gets worse if I don’t get those things done since they are always on my mind.

  2. Yes appreciate your Mama, Papa and Sis… they were dejected because u were also this way, they were frustrated and fell into a routine where they did not expect anymore from you but still nagged and gave you those disappointed stares and words… that might not have encouraged you at the time nor motivated you to get your life on track, but their intention is obvious…

    But look rather than beat you down they support you when you make a choice to change your situation, they encourage you in these ways to prop you up and feel warmer than that bath, don’t feel bad that you are changing for that game, eventually you will do this because it is what you want to do.

    • I am sorry for the broken chapters buts necessary to attract more traffic and frustrate…(cough) the readers so they come back everday. Cliff hangers are good.

      What I mentioned above is complete nonsense. Actually I don’t get much time for translations 😂

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  4. No way it’s not his sister being all sneaky. I’m quite glad to see they they still love him. I hope he can properly manage both his work life, and watch over the village at the same time…

    Thanks for the chapter!

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