Chapter 10 (1/2): A Villager Ready To Talk With Me

After the villagers fell asleep, I couldn’t help but stare at the screen.

A villager who lives so vividly, can he really be a game character?

Lodis is sleeping on a large bed with his family.

Gamz and Chem are sleeping in the same room, but the younger sister is in bed while the older brother is lying on the ground covered with dead leaves and animal skins.

Murus was quietly sleeping in a single room.

“They really look like a real human being”

I try not to think about the high performance AIs as a game characters as much as possible as I can’t possibly have any other explanations for their human-like performance.

I want to help the villagers and develop this village and I am glad to receive delicious tribute from them but is it good for them?

And there will be a monster attack after 10 days.

Well there are several ways to prepare for it.

First, increase the manpower of the village.

If at this point, we increase the number of fighters in this village then the burden faced by Gams will be significantly reduced and the chances of survival will increase.

However, the problem is the character of the person whom I will summon.
Usually one would think of this game as some strategy game but the advanced AIs prove otherwise.

If the summoned character has good abilities but his behavior and temper is not good and it disturbs the harmony of the villagers then the village can be destroyed even before the attack of the monsters.

I hesitate to increase the number of villagers due to this reason.

For non-fighting characters, there is no problem as all the weapons are in the cave and Murus and Gamz will be the only ones who can use them effectively. The wooden fence around the cave can be upgraded to a stone wall but where will be we get the materials and manpower?

Ores were dug in this cave so we can probably secure good quality resource from it but it won’t be enough.

I looked for other miracles which can be used.

There is a “Mercenary group visits and temporarily lends power” which is cheap and can easily secure the village . There is also “A group of hunters stays for three days” option.

If the number of days are adjusted then it is possible to defend the village.

However, these people might be ruthless and untrustworthy..

“If it would have been an ordinary game then there would have been no need to worry.”

But this is a high performance game.

I could also summon the Golem in which I was interested before.

As I can control it, so there is no problem with it disturbing the harmony of the village and it also lack the talking feature. It can also fulfill the need of pure physical strength and manpower.

“But then the biggest problem will be the amount of the fate points which are required.”

I have only around half the fate points needed to buy the Golem.

Recently, the earning of fate points has increased due to the tribute but it will not provide enough points in 10 days.

“Then the last resort is to use the real money.”

If I had some remaining savings then I would have taken this measure without a thought but my current bank balance is zero.

Well to be accurate, there are a few hundred yens left but that is not enough to buy anything.

I looked around the room only to find that all my mangas and games have been already sold or auctioned. There are only some exercising equipments. Else it is only dust left to be sold.

Should I borrow some from my parents?

…… Our relationships have improved, I really don’t want to degrade it.

Borrow from my sister…..No there’s no way.

How about selling the tribute sent by the villagers?

I cannot sell those exceptionally good fruits but there are the wood logs. Lets search on the net how to sell the logs.

“Hmn…..So I wont need any special permission to sell these logs but they need to be processed first.”

Well, I don’t have the necessary skill to accomplish the task.

Even if it can be sold in the first place, its not certain whether I can sell it within next 10 days.

“Should I just Quit?”

Its easy if I abandon everything but I dont want to abandon the villagers

Now, I cannot cut off this game from my life, it has become a part of my daily routine.

“There is a way …”

I know a method to definitely earn the money.

I opened a site on the pc.

――Job placement site.

Yes, I can make money with part-time jobs.

This is the easiest way for most people.

But I … I have never worked before. I spent a lot of time studying at home without part-time work when I was a student.

I have had a part-time job interview while at university but I got too nervous and it fell off.

It wasn’t the only reason, my pride also got in the way, the hourly wages and conditions were not satisfactory to me.

So if I had learned from that mistake then the future would have changed but I made the same mistake again and again when looking for more jobs. I only applied for the large companies and needless to say this is the results.

Even then my pride was not completely shattered.

Ten years since then, I thought about working several times.

I wanted to do it but I am scared. I knows its not good but I have never done anything by myself until now.

My parents completed all the procedures through out my student life. After graduation, I managed to have an interview but saying I had it on my own would be a lie.

My father introduced me to some companies using his connections but what I did in return must have made he feels ashamed.

My thirties. It’s already a good age to have kids.

However, only my pride has reduced me to such a state. This is the end of the road, I always use excuses to escape the situation.

Let’s do our best tomorrow…..let’s do it tomorrow.

But such tomorrow will never come.

I was rushed by my mother, scolded by my father and called stupid by my sister, but I still didn’t change.

This is the last chance. If I don’t move today then I will probably stay the same for the rest of my life.

“I want to change! I have to change!”

Translator Notes and Comments:

Well….As always this story is getting emotional. Nothing new here, everything is normal.

Lets see what job he will get in the future and will he be able to earn the necessary fate points…find it in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z (cough)…I mean next release of NPC Town building Game.

ED: Edited yo. Also the procrastinations hit a bit close to me lmao (not lmao T.T)

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