Chapter 9 (2/2): I Am Impatient In Making A Smooth Village

I spend my next few days as usual

The days were now calmer compared to when I started playing Village of Fate. But change was about to come to the village even though I wanted to believe that these calm days will continue.

“The fence around the cave is finally finished”

Gams who attached the last piece of log to the ground breathes with a sigh of relief.

Since it was no longer necessary to build a house, it became possible for the villagers to use all the logs and build up a fence around the cave.

There are monsters in this world, so there top priority was boosting their defenses. It seems it has been completed.

The thin logs are arranged at regular intervals and are pasted together. The black dog monster which appeared earlier might be able to cross it via jumping but it would need to stop to do so.

And if the movement stops, the pharmacist Murus will shoot down the monster and the villagers will have time to escape to the cave. This has now reduced my concerns about the defenses.

As for the food, there are lots of variety of mountain fruits and fishes in the river..
So far, the food stocks are increasing and there is no hunger. It seems there is not much food problem in this world. …… If they might not have enough food then I will ask them to stop sending food tribute.

However, soon winter will arrived and they need to preserve food like smoked meat and fishes.

Layla has earlier complained about lack of seasoning for the food but it seems there are rock salts in the cave.

I thought that there was no seasoning other than salt in the game world but spices exist, however they’re expensive and therefore herbs are commonly used instead.

At first the atmosphere looks calm and smooth. It’s like I don’t have to worry about anything but … Recently, the villagers behavior has become strange.

Although they pretends to be calm but they are terrible at it. Gamz is always on the lookout and has become oversensitive to small noises.

Even though the other villagers are living more abundantly than before but there expression is becoming more severe day by day.

“I feel that everyday conversations have become tense.”

The villagers have a good relationship but the atmosphere seems heavy.

Everyone often sees a wooden calendar, counts some number on their fingers and take a deep breath.

“Is there something like some special day? I don’t know about the customs of the game world.”

Actually, I want to use a little bit of fate point, but I won’t because I think it’s better to be prepared for emergency after inspecting the villagers behavior.

I have listened to all the conversations of the villagers but I still haven’t figured out the reason for the villagers concerns.

But today was different. One of the villagers who felt uncomfortable about this atmosphere just like me spoke out.

“Daddy, mom. Why are you so scared?”

Carol interrupted and asked the question when everybody was about to sleep after dinner.

Well done Carol.

It seems that the girl was the only one who was uninformed like me.

I operated the mouse wheel to enlarge the image and started peeking at them.

“Daddy and mom are not scared.”

“Yup. Everything is fine.”

The couple crossed their shoulders with a smile on their faces and tried to deceive the girl. Carol stared at them with doubt in her eyes.

“Am I wrong? Everyone keeps looking at the calendar with a terrified expression.”

If you’re doing that kind of explicit behavior, you can’t even deceive a kid.

Lodis and Lyra are bothered by her statement. They look towards Gamz for help and then whisper something to eachother.

Lodis puts his hand gently on his daughter’s head and decides to explain it to her.

“Uh … We didn’t want make you worried. Remember.. when you were in the village, you used to sleep early on the last day of the month and wasnt allowed to go out.”

“Yup! It was definitely not good to get out of the village. The adults were so scared on that day and they looked really angry and uncomfortable when questioned.”

“That was to protect the kids. Carol, you know about the months of the calendar”

“Yup. Seven gods are in charge of the world every month. God of Light, God of the Moon, God of Fire, God of Water, God of Plants, God of Lightning and God of Earth”

Well, so thats the view of this world. I took a note of it as it was important

……Wait? But I’m the God of Fate. I doesn’t seem to be included in this.

“Carol is smart. You remember it properly ”

“But daddy. There are more gods, why are there only seven gods? even though there are twelve full moons a year. What about the rest of the five Gods?”

Good, Carol. You see my thoughts. [ As well as of the readers 😀 ]

“Oh, Let me tell you. The seven gods were originally in charge of only one week. “

“Ah, Light(Sunday), Moon(Monday), Fire(Tuesday), Water(Wednesday), Plant(Thursday), Thunder(Friday) and Earth(Saturday)”

I see so such is the settings in the game world. Since the time lapse in the game is the same as in real time, it seems that the calendar is also adjusted accordingly.

“Yes. The god who was in charge of each day in turn is a Great God called the Main Gods of this world. Under that god there are more gods called Cousins, and one of them is the God of Fate who watches over us.”

I guess I am one of the Gods who follow someone of the Seven Main Gods. I could understand my role a little.

“At first, Seven days were repeated over and over again but then there was a big fight between the Gods. In the first month, cold winds blew and in the fourth, the nature god camp became dominant, in the sixth month the god of water and the god of thunder fought violently, and in the eighth month, god of fire was the fiercest and it took 12 months for Gods to stop fighting.”

It feels like a year long quarrel but the myths are really magnificent.

It might actually have been hundred or thousand of years.

The explanation of Lodis was for Carol, but now everyone present was listening. [Including us :D]

“That’s why the God’s camp that won the fight became in control of the world. The god who was in charge of the day of the week who played active part became the Seven Lords. ”

“Hey, what happened to the defeated God?”

Carol, you really come up with good points. I wanted to ask the same question.

“That’s right. The losing gods came to be called the Evil Gods and was sealed to the bottom of the earth but he still has power and lend it to the monsters once a month to shows up back in this world. That’s the day called 《The Temptation of the Evil Gods》, which occurs at the end of the month.”

“So it’s dangerous to go outside on the last day of the month because on that day the power of the monsters increases and becomes extremely violent.”

Finally, the story was finished.

The villagers became ready to sleep as soon as the story ended.

The threat level at the end of the month is unknown but I should remain wary.

So everyone was acting strange became of the Temptation of the Evil Gods at the end of the month.

I clicked on the calender in the cave and it showed the same date as the real calendar.

It was November 20th.

So there are still 10 more days to go.

If you think of it, it looks like a game-like event or rather it actually is.

The scale of the monster attack is unclear but it seems I will also need to lend a hand to the villagers.

Translator Notes and Comments:

We finally have a game event and a little bit of background for the game world. Well lets see what happens with this so called Temptation of Evil God. Comment your views.

Q) Why are there only 7 Gods if there are twelve months?

A) The Seven Gods were in the victorious faction of the battle of the gods. After the war, they were named Seven Main Gods, each in charge of a specific period of time (more than a month). For example:- God of Water and God of Thunder might be in charge of Monsoon seasons while God of Fire for Summer and so on.

Q) How many Evil Gods are there?

Well the answer to this question is currently unknown but most probably more than one. All the Gods on the losing side were branded as Evil including Cousins and lesser Gods. So the fight was not in the ratio of 7:1

ED:EDed yo

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  1. It is indeed gods based on weekdays, japanese weekdays to be more precise
    日(sun)-God of Light(光)
    月(mon)-God of the Moon(月)
    火(tue)- God of Fire(火)
    水(wed)-God of Water(水)
    木(thu)-God of Plants(緑)
    金(fri)-God of Lightning(雷)
    土(sat)-God of Earth(土)
    And as for the year, I believe that is about the seasons and more then one god take care of the each of the 4 main seasons and variants like raining season (although it seems that the first one has no domain in the history), but in the end the history looks more like myth/folclore to explain to the people of that age(game) whats happening at time with the limit of their knowledge, its like telling why eclipses occur

  2. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So good to seek out any individual with some original ideas on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the net, somebody with just a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  3. Plot twist: God of fate was actually in the losing camp so everyone in the village are actually demon worshippers.

  4. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Monthly monster raid? Also, i wonder if the other gods are other tester or a real native gods.. but that would mean we need to change the game title.. unless god of fate wins in the end..

  5. I don’t understand, how many Gods are there? She said there were 7 and then they fought with some god who became evil god? but… that still makes it 8 gods in charge of 12 months??? help pls

    • If i understood it correctly, the kid just said theres 12 gods simply because of 12 moons cycles(months), but didnt havr any knowledge of the actual gods to back it up..

      The father then said that there are 7 “main” gods, each with their own factions, consisting of “lesser” gods that they call cousins.. the MC is one of those cousins, though it didnt say yet which of the main gods is he a faction member of.

      • Also, the gods seem to ‘control’ the world 1 day a week. Then infighting happened that lasted a year. This is now what confused me, after the war supposedly there rose a “main” god which is the winner and the loser started to be called an evil god. So one would assume that the winner would have been the main “ruler” of the 12 months, but apparently its decided to be split 7 months among 7 gods and didnt really answer who controls the 5 remaining months.

        Im guessing its just some confusing elements made by the author that should be tackled on later for a better explanation, or maybe some sort of difficulty in translation that changes the message when it became english. Either way lets just roll with it and see how it goes later, hopefully everything gets clearer in the future

        • I think it was a bit unclear, but let me summarized:
          – The gods “control” the world 1 day a week or a month. The weekdays/months are named to symbolize the god that controls em.
          – The god’s War lasted a year (in myth), but it doesn’t mean it’s a Heaven Free For All. It’s implied that the 7 gods won, and 1 single Evil God(might be more) lost.
          – The 5 remaining gods are not mentioned, or more accurately, there are no mentions of any other gods for the rest of the year. This could mean the 7 gods keep rotating(implying there was supposed to be 12 gods but some are gone), or there are 5 more gods that are not mentioned now. Have to see later

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