Chapter 9 (1/2): I Am Impatient In Making A Smooth Village

Two weeks have passed since I started playing this game.

Everyday we recieve a parcel from the Village of Fate and now it has become normal. I am scared for it to become normal part of my routine.

I don’t think I will receive something dangerous but just in case, I listed the things which might be troublesome for me in the oracle. I believe it would have been okay even if I said nothing as the villagers are sensible.

The best tribute which I receive is foods. My family really like them.

“I wonder if I can get that fruit again. I feel better after eating it.”

“That meat was delicious.”

After watching this, I sent a request via the oracle.

Since then, the percentage of food tribute is increasing.

Moreover, I was surprised. Many kinds of fruits were sent, not just the apple-like ones I received at the beginning. Personally, I like the grapes which doesnt taste like grapes at all.

Other than that, the classic tribute is … the log.

The other day … I received a light stone used in the cave. I received it from my mother and put it in my room. It is shining even though its just a stone.

Probably, it is processed like a stone and but it has a light bulb inside, but somehow I didn’t show it to my family. Now it is placed in the corner of the room and light is leaking from it.

I am quite thankful that I can secure light source without paying extra electricity bill.

Thanks to the gifts that I receive every day, my mother is no longer asking me to look for work and our relation is slowly improving to just like in my student days.

It was getting indebted to the villagers more and more. I was working very seriously.

How to earn more fate points and which tribute will yield more points.

I put the daily increase in the fate points in the spreadsheet software and it calculated the number of days needed to reach the targeted amount.

After that, I’m started learning about wood processing. …… Speaking of processing, there was a thing last week――

“It’s harder than I thought. Did I do it right? or wrong?”

I was struggling in front of a log.

There was lots of waste of logs lying in the garden. I am learning to process the woods as it might help the villagers in the future.

“Oh shit. Its hard to see.”

After dinner, I opened the sliding window from the living room to the garden with little light leaking from the window to the garden.

I carried out a large light from the storeroom to the garden.

“Okay, this looks good”

I looked through the wood processing books lying on the desk.

So you pull the saw instead of pushing it? Also take care about the direction of the …

There are lots of things which one can’t understand without trying. If it was a game then a house can be easily built with this wood in no time.

When i tried to test a technique written in the book, suddenly the light faded for a while.

When I looked up, my father had come out and was now looking at me.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s a waste to not use these logs which I received and I know its bad. Am I allowed to use these tools?”

“It doesn’t matter”

I slowly cut off a corner of the log. Do you first learn how to use a saw with this method?

I stabbed the saw bade again and tried to do better this time, but …

I tried to undo it and try again, but it was not coming out, it seems i pierced it vigrously.

“Give it to me.”

It seemed like he couldn’t see me like that so he came to the garden in his scandals.

He can easily pull out the saw and process the wood with a very high speed.

“Oh, great”

“Saw is used like this..”

I am impressed as he teaches me while his back facing me.

It seems like someone is angry when someone doesn’t talks to you, but I know it’s my father’s embarrassment. …… This is my family.

After that, my father started to give advice, and on the weekend of last week, I worked with my father to process logs into board materials and repair the garden fence.

――Thanks to the Village of Fate, I have started talking to my parents now.

Recently, I am wondering who is helping who?

Until now, it was just to kill time but now everyday is filled with purpose.

The best things is the daily life schedule.

Because it matches the villager’s life pattern, I started sleeping at ten o’clock at night, and getting up at six o’clock.

I check the villagers as soon as i get up and search the past logs for any events during the night.

After confirming that my father and sister went to work, I went down to the ground floor for breakfast. Even though my relations has gradually improved but I still have no courage to have breakfast with my father and sister when they are about to leave for work as I reminds me that I am unemployed.

I returned to my room and started watching the villagers. In addition to processing wood, I have been reading cooking and survival books. I have been trying to help the villagers, but I haven’t been able to give them good advice for now.

At lunchtime, I made a simple dish which I recently learned and ate it alone. My mother is usually not at home on Fridays and therefore I am all alone.

After that, I did the muscle training and wrote an oracle for the villagers. At night, I thought about the usage of fate points, ate dinner with my family, took a bath, studied some books, and finally went to bed.

Translator Notes and Comments:

I wonder who is helping who? The villagers helping the mc or the other way round. Please comment your views.


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  1. From what I can see, he is putting in action those tearful words he spoke of earlier, this is great 😀 it is never too late to turn your life around, it only takes steps towards that goal to get where you need to go, he might have hiccups along the way and might even regress, but this can be overcome too, there is no barrier that is unbreakable, just get the right tools for the job 😀

  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Did he ever pass on the method of drying the tree log to the villagers?
    Also, is the wandering pharmacist still around?

    • Yup the pharmacist is still around and I think he might have passed the method to drying logs to the villagers but It’s not actually mentioned in the novel so can’t say for sure

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