Chapter 5: Escape

“Let me leave! And I’ll let your son go! I also promise not to reveal anything!”

Turnam’s face was very gloomy, and after he gave a menacing glanced towards Hall and the storm wolf in front of him, he said in a low voice.

“You let my son go now, I will let you go!”

Hall laughed. Turnam must think that I am a fool, if I let go of his son right now he will obviously attack and that would be the end of me.

“What am I? A three-year-old? Give me two horses and after an hour I will let him go!”

“No!” Turnam screamed.

“That is not how a negotiation goes.” Hall said. He knew that if he can’t escape now, he will definitely die today! Hall press even harder onto Wei Site’s neck.

“Father! Save me! Save me!”

“I’ll give you two horses, but I want a soldier to follow you!” Turnam said.

“The soldier who will follow you will be unarmed, and your beast can easily beat him,” He added.

Hall knew that it’s not that simple, that Turnam must be planning something but he can’t see through him. Besides, he couldn’t think of a way to refuse. The sun will set soon, spending the night wandering around the wasteland is akin to suicide!

Just as he was about to answer, he suddenly thought of something and quickly said “Money! I need money and Soul Stones!”

Turnam’s temper nearly explodes! Shameless! He thought. To be threatened by a child using his own son and also forced to throw money away! Hateful!

He throws the bag of money he has to the soldier.

“I have more than a dozen gold coins here, enough for you to use for a while! Also, there is a first tier Soul Stone inside.”

“One? I want more!”

Turnam gritted his teeth and pointed to Hall. “I’ve killed dozens of Spirit Beast before I manage to have one Soul Stone! Do you think that there is a tree that can grows Soul Stones?!”


Hall really didn’t know that Soul Stone was so rare and realized that he has become greedy, so he immediately agreed to this condition.

After letting Lina pick up the money bag that the soldier had thrown over, Hall asked Lina to start the horse first, and called Turnam and the others to back off a hundred meters. “Brother, surely you know how to ride a horse? Every noble requires to learn it!” Hall asked Wei Site.

Wei Site nodded quickly, but after he got on the horse, his face became paler.

Because Hall and Lina are in one horse, while behind him is the storm wolf!

This scene made Wei Turnam and the others dumbfounded. They have ever seen such an obedient summoned beast before!

“How did he do that? Such obedience! Is it really a spirit beast?”

Originally, Turnam wanted to let the soldier attack Alexander Hall the moment he calls back his summoned beast.

Seeing that Hall and the others walking away, a soldier suddenly said, “Sir, are we letting them go just like that?”

Turnam turned his head and said while glaring at the soldier. “It’s not that simple!” He said. “It’s getting dark anyway, they will rest for tonight, and when my son comes back, track them! And I want them dead!”


As they traveled inside the Deathly Wasteland. Seeing that Wei Turnam and the rest of his cavalry aren’t following them, he started to shift his focus. He remembered the Soul Stones he was able to take from the father and son pair. 

The moment he touched it again, a pop-up message appeared.

“Do you want to absorb external energy? Yes/No?”

This time, Hall confirmed the adsorption and suddenly he was brought back inside the game system. Still the same empty space, the only difference is that there is no storm wolf waiting inside.

After the game system absorbed the soul stone, a pop-up message board appeared. “You have obtained a First tier Spirit Beast. 1 / 3”

Huh…what’s this? First tier spirit beast and one out of three? Is this how many spirit beasts I can summoned?

According to the memories he had obtained, you can summon a beast according to your level. A first tier Summoner can summon a first tier spirit beast, and so on up to the ninth tier. A Summoner can summon more than one spirit beast but it depends on the summoner’s spiritual energy. The stronger you are the more you can summon. But if you summoned more than you can handle, the summoned beast might attack its summoner or it could run and go beserk.

Hall read the summoning spell he had and a pop-up message appeared. “Do you want to summon the Spirit Beast?”


After a bright light appeared, another storm wolf that almost as big as before is standing right in front of him. Seeing that it is really works, Hall calls again, and another storm wolf appears.

Looking at the two well-behaved storm wolves, Hall smiled happily. Now I have three summoned beasts, surviving here in the wasteland won’t be that impossible. Hall thought.

He suddenly felt dizzy, and for a moment everything went black, when he can see again he realized that he is now outside the game system. With a severe headache, Hall swayed and almost fell down from the horse.

After awhile, Lina who is leading them inside the wasteland, stopped. Wei Site saw how pale Alexander Hall became throughout the journey and he almost could not contain his glee. 

Ha! Looked at how weak you are, if it’s not for this dumb storm wolf you summoned, you’ve been dead by now! After I return, I’ll tell father that you cannot maintain a prolonged summon of your beast! With the right timing, killing you is easy! Wei Site thought.

“Master Hall, it has been an hour now, can I take young master Wei and go?” The soldier asked Alexander Hall.

With a nod, the storm wolf leap off from the back of the horse, and stood near Hall facing the soldier, alert.

Seeing that the storm wolf jumped from behind his back, Wei Site immediately turned and left!

“Wait! I said I wanted two horses, leave the other one and go!”

Without a word, the soldier jumped off the horse he was riding and ask Wei Site if he can ride with him. An unbelievable looked passed on Wei Site’s face. Another man shares a ride with him? Impertinent! 

But Wei Site agreed even though inside he was seething in anger, the important part is to return to his father immediately! 

After they had left, Hall said. “Lina, let’s go, we have at least half an hour ahead of them. Let’s hurry and find a safe place to camp for the night.”

“But master, your condition…” Lina said. Hall’s face is so pale, he looks like a ghost. And she is worried that the longer they travel, the more her masters health be compromised. He needs to rest!

Hall summoned two beasts in a row, and he felt that his head was about to explode.

“It’s nothing! The further we are from them, the safer we will be. Then we can rest.”

Lina bit her teeth, holding the other horse, and started walking deeper into the Deathly Wasteland.


Sure enough, Wei Site and his father, Wei Turnam meet halfway in just about half an hour later.

“Father!” Wei Site called. After seeing his father, he then felt that was finally safe.

“Shut up! Sergeant! Send the young master back, the rest come with me!” Turnam was about to leave, but Wei Site stopped him.

“Father, let me come with you, I have to kill Hall with my own hands, so I can vent my hatred!”

Turnam thought for a while, it was not a bad idea, at least can prove his sons worth.

“Fine! Let’s go! Remember to keep up!”

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