Chapter 4: Deathly Wasteland

Hall’s knowledge about the soul stone is vague. But that is not the point, the point is what use does the system has for this soul stone.

When Hall touched the first-class nucleus with the residual temperature, a voice came from his mind.

“Do you want to absorb external energy? Yes/No?”

Because he was unclear about the specific situation inside the game system, and that Wei Site is here, Hall had to postpone the idea of ​​absorbing the soul stone.

After Hall had taken the belt, he sat back down and calls the wolf to his side.

With trembling hands, Wei Site wiped his forehead. His hatred towards Hall became more intense.

Just you wait! Do you think just because you are a Summoner you can do whatever you like? Once Father learn about this; he will cut you into pieces. Wei Site thought.


As they were exiting the city gate, a commotion coming from the Government Buildings can be seen. Twenty Cavalry were assembling, and being led by one of the Government Officials. Wei Turnam, Wei Site’s father.

“Let’s go!” 


“Young Master, we are here!”

When he heard it, Hall looked out at the windows and a desolate place. There is no vegetation around, and you can see a carcass of a dead animal being eaten by some vultures.

Sure enough, it’s a place called Deathly Wasteland. It looks so… barren, he thought.

Wei Site also look out and was shocked at what he saw. He was a citizen of Goldshire ad he had never venture in this place, this is his first time coming here. He remembered when he was drinking in the pub; he often listens to some adventures telling stories about this wasteland. They said that many who dares to enter never came back. 

Thinking this, he quickly turns and said to Hall. “Brother Hall, surely you are not serious about entering this place? Many dares, but no one ever came back.”

Hall looked at Wei Site and said. “Did you really think that I would stay here and let you kill me? Did you really think of me as fool? I know you and your father has a plan on eliminating me. After all I am the only one knows about the mine. Being dead would insure your place with it. It’s either you and someone else are collaborating or you want to keep it to yourself. You know that if anybody else knew about the mine there would be a war.” 

With a pale face, Wei Site could not believe that he found out so soon about their plan of killing him in the pretence of him being a traitor.

Hall look at Lina and ask. “How about you?Are you coming with me?”

With a determined look in her eyes Lina answer. “Wherever Master wishes to go I will follow you.” Even though she still feels a bit strange about the sudden change of her master, but she would always remain loyal to him.

The sound of galloping can be heard on the streets, people quickly move aside so that they will not be trampled by the speeding carriages and horses.


Suddenly, a soldier dressed in armor pointed out a trace on the ground and said loudly.

“They went pass here sir.” The militia man reported. Hall’s escape was beyond his expectation. He just learned the news about the existence of the Silver Mine. He had not been able to report it and his idiot of a son already messed it up!

“Sir! According to the traces they left behind, they are headed towards the Deathly Wasteland.”

“Deathly Wasteland?!” He stayed in the town of Goldshire for many years. He naturally knew what that place represented. He glanced at the more than twenty cavalries behind him. Turner looked gloomy and looked ahead and said.

“Chase them!”


Half an hour later, they almost caught up with them.

Wei Site saw the cavalry behind them, he smiled and said, “Brother, my father is here, so let me go, and I will persuade father to be merciful to you!”

Without saying a word to him, he taps Lina’s shoulder and said “Stop.”

Lina immediately stops the carriage, and without a word she took out the dagger hidden her back.

Hall saw Lina’s action but did not commented on it. “Brother Wei, it’s time for negotiations.” Under the threat of being mauled by the wolf, he reluctantly follows Hall’s instructions.

Hall didn’t give him the opportunity to speak, grabbed the sword on Wei Site and pulled it out to his neck.

“Bro-Brother Hall… we can talk about this…” Wei Site said, trembling. 

Hall ignored his pleading and watched the cavalry, that was getting closer.

“If you want him to die now then come closer!” He shouted.

The cavalry stop, and a someone step out from the carriage wearing a full armor.

After taking off the helmet, Hall found that it was Wei Turnam. He had a bright and white face, with a cold sharp angular look; black and deep set of eyes, thick eyebrows, high nose, from an Anglo-European descent.

“You are Hall? Alexander Hall? I know your father; he was a great warrior.” Wei Turnam said.

“Father! Father! Come and save me!” Wei Site saw his father and screamed.

“Shut up! Or I’ll let the storm wolf devour you!” Hall said, which made Wei Site immediately shut up.

“Storm wolf?! First tier summoner?!” Turner looked at the storm wolf in amazement. There are only few Summoners in the world that can command a spirit beast. It seems that things are a little troublesome here!

When he didn’t say anything, Hall said, “I just want to live my life. There are no hatreds between us. Let me go, I let your son go! And I promise. The secret stays with me!”

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