Extra: Zheng Yi Letter to Chen Nian

Chen Nian,

I hope you safe and sound.

This is the ninth letter I write to you. I want to write first few letters before your reply. Reply it at you wish. It doesn’t matter. I know you’ll see it.

I don’t know how you’ve been since I said goodbye that day. I asked Xiao Mi. She said you had a peaceful life.

I believe Xiao Mi said the truth. Because you are different from all the girls I have met, Chen Nian.

Time passed quickly, and a year passed in the blink of an eye. I used to write you a letter every month, but I was too busy.

Everything is fine here in Xicheng. Bei Ye is also very quiet. I told you before. He work and study every day.

Last month they did equipment assembly for the assembly plant, and this month they helped the machine tool plant grind parts.

He is very clever. He can do all kinds of work at once. He made a contribution again yesterday. He helped the machine tool factory to grind the parts with a record size error reduced to 0.1 μ M. I don’t know any special terms such as machine consumption rate, but their colleagues said that it would save the machine tool factory in millions.

Associates also said that Bei Ye is very sensible and has a different attitude from others. Some of them have broken their ways, but he works hard and seriously, wants to learn something and wants to go out early.

He is mature. I heard that his roommate once stole the letter you wrote to him. He came in so long that his only mood fluctuated and he almost fought, but in the end he didn’t.

He put up with it.

He has always been very good, that is to say, behaved very well, the teachers who teach them culture lessons are the same age as him, very gentle and easy-going but can not pry his mouth open.

They told me that Bei Ye is also very serious about the culture class, but he doesn’t respect the teachers and doesn’t greet them when they meet. I joked that he could not see them with his eyes on his head.

I went to see him last week. He seems to be growing tall again. Chen Nian, are you growing tall?

But he is still so thin, you shouldn’t be the same.

By the way, some things have come to achievement. I want to talk to you. Since last year, I have applied for organizing activities to prevent and resist school violence, which is attached great importance to. So far, good results have been achieved.

It seems that there are no unsolvable problems in the world, only insufficient attention and effort.

So I often think that if someone, like me, paid enough attention and effort when Zeng Hao and Wei Cai got involved in the case, then everything would not happen.

Chen Nian, I still owe you.

Up to now, I still want to say sorry to you.

Because I made promises easily, because I failed to live up to your trust, because I failed to protect you, so that you have a questioning attitude towards the group I am in, so that later you can’t find the right way when you are in the most helpless situation.

But I know, you will lightly say, it’s not my own fault.

You are always so calm, yet always see through everything.

But Chen Nian, I often think, I’d like to know if you still believe in the truth, the beauty, the goodness and the “belief” itself.

If so, I would be very grateful.

Zheng Yi

29 October 2016


3 thoughts on “Extra: Zheng Yi Letter to Chen Nian

  1. Thank you for completing the novel think I would have gone crazy if this was ongoing.🙄🙄😜
    When I first started it I thought it would be about her after she grew up but I guess it’s perfect the way it is. 😑😑😑Thank you again. ❤️❤️❤️Keep up the hard work.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for picking this up! I’m super sad there no reuniting story but the ending confirms they are still in touch and hopefully be together once he gets out 🙂

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