Chapter 7 (2/2): God Whom We Worship Saves Us

What should I do? In order to improve the villager’s current life, I can call a peddler.

However, I would like to save points as insurance in case of emergency.

On another hand, if there is a Golem, it can prevent threats.

It can also be controlled and be used as physical labor.

I have been struggling with the choice for the past few days.

If I want more fate points, I need to buy them. I need money for it, but my savings are already empty.

“Is there no way to get more fate points from the villagers?”

I was looking at the villagers while thinking about these things but then they all gathered together. It seems that they are carrying and processing sjome wood, but I wonder what exactly are they doing?

“It is completed, Brother, but won’t it be rude to God?”

“The important thing is feelings. God is watching over us so our thought will be communicated to him”

Brother Gamz, gently hit the head of the anxious Chem

As always, they are close. I sometimes feel something different from sibling love when I look at her.

“This is … an altar and a statue of God?”

“Yes, Mr. Murus. I’m sorry to God for such a poor result. Still, we needed a place of worship and offerings.”

Ah I see. So it was an altar?

Behind a large wooden box is a wooden carved log … a doll(?) is placed. This was the work that Gamz was in charge of, but it was a rather exciting work.

The total height is one head above than Gamz. Although it is roughly carved and barely resembles a human figure but I am happy regarding their feelings.

Chem offered fruits from the mountain to the altair.

It is a fruit that villagers like to eat. It is shaped like a pear, but the color is red like an apple. I always become curious when I see them eating it.

After everyone except Murus prays to the altar, the offering suddenly begins to shine.

When I was gazing at it, the light gradually weakened, and when the light disappeared, the offerings too disappeared with it.


A stupid voice came out due to this unexpected scene.

“Thank you. God.”

The villagers are not surprised.

Even though the substance shines in front of them and it disappears.

“It’s natural for God to be there in this world, so does it make the disappearance of offering also normal?”

-Different countries have different values. If the world is different, it may not be strange that there are differences in physical laws and phenomena.

In the first place, this is a game.

Because of the realistic graphics, I sometime fall into the illusion that I am watching another world through a camera.

“Oh..the effect of the offering”

Now, the fate points have increased considerably.

A messaged popped up as I expected.

《Fate points are raised not only by gratitude but also by offerings. The more valuable the offspring, the more points you earn. Let’s do our best to make tribute to the villagers! 》

However, it is great to know that the points will rise even if offer something.

These offerings should not be a burden to everyone, so I must not force it.

“I received tribute from everyone. I am grateful. However, these offerings should not become a burden for you. I have received the thought of the value of the material as well. It doesn’t matter what is left over or what is not needed in your life. I have the art of turning the material and the thoughts of people into the power of miracles. ”

How about this oracle?

Doesn’t it seem like you are humble and begging?

No, it’s okay. All the villagers here are pure and nice.

I was a little anxious, but when I gave the oracle, the villagers reaction convinced me,“ How humble, ”“ We care about us… ”.

They are too pure, and I am a little worried about the villagers. In modern Japan, they will most likely be deceived by scams or cults.

Actually, aren’t you being deceived by a cult right now ????

Anyway, I will accept anything if it becomes a point even the logs and garbage.

After that, I searched on the net for more knowledge of wood processing that may be useful for the villagers …… It took me a while to notice.

My eyes were tired and when I looked out of the window, the area was dyed red. It’s not ominous, but instead the warm color of sunset.

“It’s already evening. When I play Village of Fate, time passes by so quickly.”

Since I was watching the screen all the time, once I stopped the game and tried to take a little break,

“Yoshio! I received a delivery for you!”

My mother calls me from the lower floor.

Did I win a sweepstakes again?

It’s better to win the lottery than to win these prizes frequently, but is it too luxurious?

When I got down the stairs, my mother was holding cardboard.

“It’s pretty heavy. What’s inside?”

“Now, the address is …

The address of the sender attached to the box was “Village of Fate”

Translator Notes and Comments:

First of all, sorry for the delay of the release of this part. There were some issues with my personnel health.

I guess i have been using Fateful Village as the name of the game but now I will start to refer it as Village of Fate.

Please comment your views and any problem with the translations.

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  1. Whenever I see stories like this, where people think it is a game, we as readers tend to assume it is not a game, but RL, there’s a story called this game is too amazing, the person is playing a game thinking it is a game but in actuality it is Real, so he acts as though he is interacting with NPCs and other players as a game character, however, the game world is the pov of the gamer that we are seeing, this story is not like that, the perspective is always game like and only from the perspective of the Player, so we are left wondering if our expected assumption of this game world is Real is correct? It implies that it is, however, it can go either way, I find that interesting, but depending on what is inside that Package, will determine whether that game is real or not…

  2. I wonder when his wish “I want to change” will happen IRL, will he be able to pursue a more valuable IRL existence? or will he linger in this game for the whole story? it seems to me that this game is a real time dump, I doubt he will have time to leave them…

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