Chapter 3: Soul Stone


After he gave the order with a ruthless voice, Lina and Ka look at Hall with baffled expression, they felt that this was not the weak master they had known for more than a decade!

The storm wolf didn’t hesitate, it is after all the beast summoned by Hall, so its obedience is absolute towards him.

With a horrified cry coming from Ka Nuli, the wolf opened its mouth and bites at his neck. With a crack, he broke his prey’s neck, and Ka Nuli is dead!


“Hall… Brother Hall, we are friends, aren’t we? You have nothing when you arrive here, but I welcome you…you… can you not let your beast look at me like that”

Wei Site regretted it. He thought that he had eliminated Hall, so he did not bring a guard with him. These militiamen are useless, just look at them; their legs are shaking more than his!

“Brother? Oh, yes, we are brothers!” Hall’s face was very pale, it seemed that his condition worsened after he summoned the beast.

“Right! We are brothers! Hall, your condition is very bad right now, we need to find a healer to treat it, I have some money here, you can use it!” After he had said that, Wei took a bag from his pocket. Judging from the weight of the bag, it seems that there is a lot of money inside.

Hall didn’t want to accept the offer, because he knew very well that Wei Site wanted to uncover more of his secret, and that was the Silver Mine. His father must know about this! After all he is a Government Official in the town of Goldshire.

As a Dukedom of the same empire, it has a good relationship with the Dukedom of Al’Akir, but with the knowledge of Silver Mine, a useful material that even the empire coveted, Hall believes that the Dukedom of Enkat will also be eyeing for it!

There are two outcomes for this matter, Hall thought. One is that the two countries concealed their collaboration to claim the mine or there would be war!

But no matter what the outcome is, the primary goal at the moment is to eliminate the last person who knew the existence of the Silver Mine. And that person is Alexander Hall.

A sudden realization came to Hall. The reason why Wei Site dared to come like this, is that he thought he was dead, or his father was busy reporting to the superiors.

Thinking of this, He felt a chilled to his soul. My God… If that is the case, my situation here is very dangerous! He thought.

When Wei Site saw Hall face turned gloomy, he became worried. Did he realize something? With that thought, his hand holding the bag of money start shaking.

“Since brother Wei said this, then I will accept. Lina, go and remember to give thanks to brother Wei.”

When Lina heard what Hall said, she immediately went to get the money and bow to Wei Site as thanks and walked back to her master.

Wei Site laughed and said, “Hall my brother, since this has been resolved, I’ll leave first. May God bless you to recover as soon as possible.”

Seeing that Wei Site wanted to go, Hall doesn’t want him to leave and he do not want to alert him either. An idea came to mind, and since the summoned beast is connected to him, he was able to convey what he wants, and the beast open its mouth to reveal his sharp teeth and growl at Wei.

“Hey, Hall… brother, are you…”

Hall laughed and said, “Sorry, brother Wei, I was able to summon it but still have some difficulty in controlling it. When I summoned it yesterday, I almost died. So, I am not used to it yet. I don’t know where the church is, can I trouble brother Wei to lead the way?”

Looking at Hall’s expression and the storm wolf menacing gaze, how can he say no?


Hall and a pale Wei were sitting in a carriage, while Lina is the one driving outside. Of course, the storm wolf has not returned to the space yet but sitting next to the Hall.

Staring at Wei Site, the corners of its mouth still have traces of blood from Ka Nuli, making him look savage.

The town of Goldshire is not that big, but Hall did not let Lina go to the church inside the city, but instead he let her drive directly outside!

Hall believes that the wanted post has already arrived in town. Mercenaries and Assassin Guilds will chase him for the bounty. It’s no longer safe for them to remain here. He plans to escape through the Deathly Wasteland.

The Deathly Wasteland is in the middle of the Dukedom of Sikart, Al’Akir and Gilardino.

Because of its environment, it is impossible to grow crops, and the place is full of wild spirit beast roaming around. There are no garrisons from the three countries that patrol the area. The Deathly Wasteland is broad, and it’s also said that at the other side is the Dark Forest and beyond it the East China Sea!

The Deathly Wasteland was named as such for these reasons; one is the Thief who is called the King of the Mountain, the other is a mercenary smuggler, and the third is a merciless slave trader with no regard for human life! And of course there’s also the wild spirit beast that lurks around the wasteland at night! No matter which you encounter, it means only one thing and that is, Doom!

However, Hall can’t manage it so much. He feels that instead of being arrested and killed here, it is better to fight til the end!

For Hall, for him being able to fight for survival inside the wasteland is better than being locked up or worse killed by the hands of the imperial kingdom. That he cannot allowed.

“Brother Hall, we can talk about this, let me go and I promise not to say anything! And besides, you really do need a healer from the church!” Through the curtains, Wei Site knew that they were almost outside of the city, and he started to panic. 

“You don’t have to concern yourself too much, I’ve met a second tier healer outside the city and he has the ability to heal me.”

A second tier healer outside of the city? How could there be a healer outside the city when there are no people to heal?

Just as he was about to say something, the storm wolf suddenly stood up and stared hungrily at Wei Site.

“Hall… Brother Hall is your beast… is it listening to you?!” Wei was so scared, he feared that Hall might become unhappy and ordered the beast to attack him. The event that took place just a few hours ago might happen to him too!

“What do you have there?”

Seeing that Hall was pointing at his belt, Wei Site quickly took it off and handed it to Hall respectfully.

“Brother Hall, you like this, huh… this… this is bought from the city’s jewelry store, and this is crafted by a master dwarf, which it was set with a first tier wind attribute soul stone.”

“Souls Stone?”

TL Note: Could he survive the Deathly Wasteland? What danger will he encounter? And what use soul stones are to our ML? I’m getting excited translating this one. How about you? Your comments are greatly appreciated. 😊

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