Chapter 2: Killed

The sudden pop-up message surprised Hall, Isn’t this is the card game he played before he transmigrated?!

“Do you want to start the game? It will disappear after cancellation!”

Hall didn’t even think much about it. It was ridiculous! What a joke!

After Hall confirmed his choice to start, suddenly everything went black, and when he can see clearly, he found himself inside the game.

The sky in this place is gray, there is no sun, no clouds, no wind, and it’s just an empty space.

But what surprised Hall was there was a gray-haired dog lying on the ground and staring at him with a big pair of eyes! 

Hall learned through the memories he obtained, that this is the most common and useless Storm Wolf in all spirit beast!

The only thing that is worth worrying about is a horde of Storm Wolf, and even a second-class soldier must be wary of them!

If it’s alone, as long as you watch out for it’s wind blade, even a first-class fighter can win a fight with it. 

When the wolf saw him, it immediately pounces on him. Hall didn’t feel that he was in danger, he doesn’t know why but it felt as if the wolf is friendly!

Sure enough, after the wolf had approached him, he snorted and howls, as if welcoming him home.

Hall reached for the head of the wolf, he was about to say something when suddenly heard a cry in his head.

When he heard it, he realized that it was Lina’s voice. Lina had an accident. He thought to himself. He immediately looked around to find the exit.

Sensing his anxiousness, the Storm Wolf become alert and looked around to look for any threat.

“How come there is no door… How could I go out? I…”

After saying those words, the scene around him suddenly changes and saw the familiar things within his room and realized that he is back.

“That is great!”

I couldn’t wait to continue to explore that place. Hall quickly got up and wanted to know what is going on, but since he hadn’t eaten for two days his body is weak, he almost fell into the ground. Fortunately, he was able to hold on.

“Ka Nuli, what are you doing?!”

Lina’s voice came in again, and Hall’s demeanor suddenly changes. He didn’t think that the person put Lina’s in distress  turned out to be him!

Hall bit his teeth, holding the bed with trembling hands and stood up with difficulty, then slowly walked toward the door.

When he came out, he saw the man trying to hold Lina’s hand and showing a sly expression, and his face had a red hand print.

A broken bowl was scattered all over the place, with some porridge and bread, and behind the man, there were several people dressed in simple leather armor. Just looking at them, Hall knows that this is a trained militia in the town of Goldshire!

“Lina, you dare to hit me, who do you think you are! You’re just Hall’s slave!” His face becomes unsightly. 

“Now that Hall is dead, the Alexander family is gone, then according to the laws of the Dukedom, you are now a slave with no Lord, so stop struggling and come with me!”

“Ka Nuli, you, you bastard! Let me go!” said Lina, she opened her mouth and revealed her small tiger teeth, and bit hard on Ka Nuli’s arms.

“Ah!” He did not think that Lina would actually bite him. “Bastard! This animal is a savage. Even if you lived here from a young age, you can’t change your identity as a beast!” He tried to grab Lina face. 


Ka Nuli was stunned when he heard that. When they saw Hall’s standing behind him with a furious look, his face turned pale with horror.

“What…? Hall… Young master, you are not…” He looks at Hall with surprise. He didn’t think Hall was still alive.

The other militiamen looked at Hall with a nervous look. After all, Hall is a nobleman. No matter which country, for the nobility, even the lowest aristocrats cannot easily provoke! 

The Ka Nuli struggled for a long time, he looked at the Hall like he saw a ghost and let Lina go.

“This… how is this possible…”

Not waiting for him to change his mind, Lina rushed to the Young Master side.


It was a lovely day, but he didn’t have any time to appreciate it. His eyes were intently staring at the man in front of him.

“Why, Ka Nuli, is this how you treat my servants?”

The Ka Nuli tried to say something. He was about to kneel down and beg for mercy. Suddenly, he looks at Hall’s pale faced and being supported by Lina, and he was puzzled.

Before, he learned that if the Summoner was interrupted when he was summoning, there would be a resurgence! But why is Hall still alive now?

At this time, Ka Nuli was considering whether to ask for mercy. It is reasonable to say that he and Hall have been together for more than ten years and have long known that Hall’s has a weak character.

It is because of this that he knows that Hall’s future is a bleak one, so he wants to interrupt him when he made the summoning and let him die due to resurgence and let Lina come to him for shelter, he didn’t expect that Hall did not die!

Just as he hesitated to ask for mercy, a voice came in from outside.

“Ka Nuli, how are you, I haven’t seen you for a long time…”

The man suddenly stops what he was about to say when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Hey, Hall…you…”

The person who came was the son of a Government Official of Goldshire, Wei Site, the person who deliberately approached the Hall!

Hall looked up and glanced at the man. He saw he had blond hair that reached his shoulder. He was about 18 years old, but Hall feels that this person should not be trusted! 

He has a prominent look, his eyes are a bit sunken, the eyebrows are short and light, the Yintang in his forehead is narrow, and with a blue mark in the middle, which is a typical narrow and extreme sinister phase.

“Hey, it turned out to be Wei Site, what are you doing here?” Wei Site didn’t think that the originally weak Hall would talk to him like this. He looked at Hall with a little dissatisfaction and wanted to say something, but Ka Nuli suddenly rushed toward Hall.

“Hall! Die!”

Everyone was surprised to see the scene in front of them. They didn’t think that he would try to do this. You must know the difference between a master and slave! 

After a brief surprise, Wei Site immediately understood, and then a smile appeared on his face.

He knows that there is no way to stop Ka Nuli. He wants to kill Hall and to show that he was loyal to him. But he doesn’t want to think about it. Even if he kills Hall, will he accept a slave servant? However, he is very happy to see this scene.


Lina saw a brutal expression Ka Nuli have while rushing over with a dagger. She instinctively blocked it in front of Hall. Hall was weak, and he could only watch the Ka Nuli trying to reach them with a dagger.


The Ka Nuli tried to avoid Lina who is standing in front of Hall. He knew that Wei Site wanted to get Lina, so he didn’t dare to hurt her. He grabbed Lina’s arm and pushed her aside.

“No! Master!” Lina shouted. She refused to acknowledge the pain she felt as she fell. She looked back at Ka Nuli who is approaching her master with no way of protecting himself.

Just as Ka Nuli was about to succeed, he suddenly screamed and got knocked down. 


Wei Site and others did not think that this situation happened at the last minute. They saw a gray wolf staring at them, waiting for them to attack again.

“Storm wolf?!”

Wei Site and the militia behind him saw and identify the gray wolf at a glance, but what surprised them even more, was the way the storm wolf appeared!

“This is, is this a summoned beast?!”

“It seems that he is actually a summoner?! But how fast his summoning is?”

They were shocked. 

“No, it’s impossible… how is this possible?” Wei Site said in disbelief, a Summoner, a 15-year-old summoner, this is a very bad thing! 

If the Imperial Academy of Magic know about this, he will be immediately admitted into the school!

“Master!” Lina looked at the Hall and at the Storm wolf with a surprised look. She wanted to rush towards him but stopped when he saw the wolf guarding him.

“She is one of us, let her come!” The Storm wolf immediately retracted his hostility towards Lina, then turned to look at the others!

At that time, he was about to die in the hands of Ka Nuli. Fortunately, he suddenly thought of summoning the beast, but summoning spells took time to cast. This is the dilemma of being a Summoner, that it consumes time to summon. If there is no protection from a warrior, then in every battle the summoner will surely die.

When he saw the dagger that was about to pierce his chest, he only thought to summon the beast, to appear and protect him. Then, an image came to mind!

“Do you want to summon the Storm Wolf?”

Without hesitation he confirmed the summoning.

The space between them swayed a little, and the storm wolf suddenly appeared in front of the Hall and directly rushed out to attack Ka Nuli.

“So close!”

Hall looked at the panicked Ka Nuli sitting on the ground that looked at the wolf with fear in front of him.

This is a Spirit Beast! If Hall didn’t stop it from attacking, he would have been shredded to pieces. 

“Master Wei, save me!”

Seeing Wei Site there, he wanted to stand and go to him, but when he heard a squeaking sound coming from behind, he stopped.


Translator Notes and Comments:

The story so far is getting interesting. Personally I’m still reading at chapter 5 and I’m loving it. I hope you guys too! Stay tune for more updates. 😙


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