Chapter 6 (2/2): An Ideal Brother and an Unnecessary Brother

Chem tightly clings to her brother’s neck and nuzzle her face on his nape.

――This behavior confirms that she is brocon…

My brother who rescued me from crisis. I can understand why she is dependent upon her brother.

When the dream was over, it switched back to the usual screen.

As usual, it was past noon when I confirmed the total number of fate points. I was exhausted, and so were my eyes, so I took them away from the screen and headed out of the room.

When I stepped down into the hallway to get down, the door of the next room opened.

“Is it a holiday today ??”

My voice leaks unexpectedly when an unexpected person appears in front of me.

In addition to the situation where there is no sense of the day of the week, I was too immersed in the village of fate and was completely out of everyones sight. Was it already Sunday?

I was still sleepy, but when I saw the person in front of me, my sleepy state completely disappeared.

This is worst!!!!

My sister is here, and she seems SUPER angry.

My relationship with my sister is not like Gamz at all.

A younger sister with a well-built face that can be declared to be a beauty even by his brother. When I was a student, she was confessed to a lot and always came to me for consultation.

…… She has become even more beautiful now.

I took over none of the good gene frome my parents, and my sister inherited only the good gene of my parents.

Glossy black hair extends straight down to her shoulders, creating an inaccessible atmosphere combined with her bright eyes.

She is not younger than me by a lot, but her youth makes me jealous.

“I was just going to the bathroom”

I said that and headed towards the toilet on the second floor.

I was going to have lunch, but let’s leave it for now. It will just make the situation worse for both of us.

“Fine. Don’t touch the toilet on the first floor.”

It’s a harsh tone, but I’m already used to it.

I don’t have the right to say anything and even I don’t feel like complaining. My sister works hard and earns money at home. I am in a different position, just a waste of space.

“I know”

I don’t even like to share a toilet, yet I’m always reminded to use only the toilet on the second floor.

It was troublesome to get down the stairs in the first place, so it was already rare for me to use it.

“React a little…. I’m sorry, but you can’t keep acting like this.”

The last sentence as my sister disappeared downstairs did not reached my ears.

We used to be a close brother and sister pair with a good reputation in the neighborhood, but now I am in this state.

The cause is obvious. After being disillusioned with everything, our relationship became like stranger’s. After not securing a job for myself, even having a normal conversation became hard.

Back then I was… Let’s stop. Nothing happens when I regret and remember my past, because you can’t go back to the time that have passed.

It seems that the reason why I feel so depressed today because I saw Gamz and Chem’s past.

Dependable brother and useless brother. After seeing that … I would definitely compare myself with him even if I do not like it.

Even my sister wants a brother like Gamz, not me.

I lost my appetite completely and went back to my room and watched the villagers until night.

Even today, they are living a hard life without any complaints at all. They work with mutual respect and help eachother.

Chem who smiles while giving drinking water to the villagers.

Gamz who is patrolling even with his wounds.

Me who is wallowing in my regret…..


“I want to change”

I was surprised by the words which has leaked from my mouth.

Something hits the back of my hand after my voice leaked.

Something warm is falling on my hands.

――Something wet is sliding down my cheeks.

“Why are you crying???…. Haha … If you regret enough to cry, why … didn’t ever do something… Why are you sitting here…….”

I was overwhelmed. My tears did not stop.

Translator Comments and Notes:

Tears filled my eyes after reading this chapter. This was really emotional for me.

ED: 🙁


28 thoughts on “Chapter 6 (2/2): An Ideal Brother and an Unnecessary Brother

  1. Unless I’m remembering wrongly the story said earlier that our MC spent 10 years looking for a job and was unable to find one. Someone who faces rejection over and over again for 10 years isn’t someone “unwilling to change” or “unwilling to overcome hardships”. They spent 10 years trying to do both.

    Our MC is a man crushed by the world, ground into the dirt over and over again until he can no longer stand up, barely clinging to life thanks to his families intervention. Or if your rather morose, cursed with a life of failure when he should be allowed to finally sleep with his best efforts having been spent.

    The way I see it, if someone spends 10 years trying to learn how to ride a bike and still can’t do it then someone else needs to put training wheels on the damn bike or people need to let the guy stop trying.

  2. I wondered how long it would take for him to realize a few things… lol, here he sees 2 families doing their utmost to live and work hard to do it, they risk their lives for something he himself takes for granted…

    His tears are from shame and helplessness to change his own situation… he knows hes a deadbeat, all his resentment towards his family was really towards himself…he can turn it around, it is never too late, from these people he might learn what it is to be proud of himself again…

  3. I suppose having someone else possess you isn’t the only way to change your life for the better. Hopefully this guy learns a few things and fixes his life without relying on some random absurd supernatural phenomenon. My only worry is that he might end up spending too much time worrying about the game instead of real life…

    Thanks for the chapter!

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