Chapter 6 (1/2): An Ideal Brother and an Unnecessary Brother

All the villagers except Gams begin to clean the cave.

Fortunately, there are some cleaning tools left behind by the miners, so the work seems to progress much faster.

Seeing the villagers have found a new place to stay, I sighed with relief. But then I notice something.

There is a comic balloon above Gams’ head, who is sleeping, with the word “Dream” in it.

It’s a strange phenomenon, but looks like I’m the only one who can see it, as others are unresponsive to it.

“What is this? The word “Dream” is written in it, does that mean…?”

Maybe it’s telling me that Gams is dreaming, but what can I do with this information?

“Hmm… What will happen if I click on it?”

I bring the cursor over “Dream” and click on it.

Before I could respond, the screen turns black and the landscape changes.

Where is this place? Is this his dream?

The screen shows a dark and dreary alley. Looks like this place is in a city.

Snow is falling from the sky onto the stone-paved road.

There are hanging lanterns acting like streetlights that are scattered along the side of the road, so it is visible to some extent, but the lighting definitely cannot be compared to that of modern-day Japan.

A young man and a girl are walking hurriedly with their hands holding each other in the cold night.

If it was daytime, the scene would look very beautiful, but this place and situation only make it unsettling.

The young man’s face is grim, while the girl seems like she’s about to cry.

Since the man is wearing leather armor and carrying swords on his back and waist, I guess he’s either a swordsman or a hunter.

“Gams, where are we going?”

“Somewhere away from here, Chem.”

Ah, if you look closely, you will notice that they are the sibling pair in their childhood. Gams does not have any scars on his face, while Chem looks really cute.

The atmosphere around them is rather tense. What happened?

It’s not good to bring little Chem out in this cold weather.

“Hey, why are we doing this? Mom and Dad will be worried.”

“It’s alright. They are not our parents anymore. “

“But if we don’t go back home soon, they will be angry…”

Chem lowers her eyes, her hands trembling, and I am sure it’s not because of the cold.

“It’s okay, we won’t ever see them again. You don’t need to worry anymore.”

Gams gently pats Chem’s head. He tries to smile to relieve her worries, but his expression is still stiff.

According to their conversation… Are they running away from home?

I think Gams cannot stand their abusive parents anymore and brings Chem with him.

After that, they start walking silently, but soon Chem’s legs gradually slow down. She finally stops and crouches on the ground.

“I can’t walk anymore.”

“I’m sorry Chem, you must be exhausted. Let me carry you, then.”

Gams crouches down to let Chem climb on his back.

She was about to cry, but seeing her brother doing that, her face shows a little relief.

The two of them continue to slowly walk on the dark street.

“Brother… Mom and Dad… hate Chem… Is Chem a bad child? I always make them angry…”

“It’s not true!”

Gams denies loudly, which unknowingly frightens Chem.

“That’s not the case. They are the bad ones, not you.”

“But… didn’t they tried to sell me as a slave because I’m a bad child…? At least that was the only thing I could do…”

Hey, that’s messed up!

The reason why they’re running away is serious. Their parents are more despicable than I expected.

“Chem, don’t think of them as parents, but as trash. They didn’t work, yet they borrowed money recklessly to gamble, and then, to clear their debts, they tried to sell you. I was going to pick you up after saving enough money from working as a hunter, but… I’m sorry, I should have acted faster.”

“But I was glad you came for me.”

“Let’s forget about the past and live happily from now on.”

“Yup. I love you, brother.”

Translator Notes and Comments:

Translator Notes and Comments:

This chapter is shorter than usual, but I will still post it in two parts due to some issues.

Here is some background of the siblings. Hope you like it, and please comment your views.

ED: Time for a bit of 🙁

ED2: Fixed translation and grammatical errors – kienquocsi


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