Chapter 5 (2/2): Worried Villagers and Worried Me

My eyes return to the screen after staring at the ceiling for a while. The Lodis family seems to be confused by the sudden appearance of the mysterious doctor and Chem’s behavior.

Chem is not in any condition to talk, so Lodis picks up the bible lying on the ground and reads it.

I was able to successfully execute the revelation for the day as the hands of the clock just crossed midnight. By the way, the content of the revelation is as follows:

“Mercy to my brave warrior. He shall yet to return to my embrace. Fate has led the doctor to your aid. Hardships will come, but don’t forget that I always watch over you.”

How’s that? I tried my best to write like a God.

Actually, if you think about it, if I had just been myself since the first time, I wouldn’t have to worry about my language in the revelation now.

However, if I do that now, my majesty and divinity could be lost, and the villagers might not feel as grateful to me.

If possible, I want to try a lighter tone some other times.

“Good job, everyone.”

I don’t think anything else will happen today, but as Gams is still sleeping, I decided to keep guard in place of him.

After the execution of the revelation, I can’t do anything else, but still, I keep on watching through the night.

Gams seems to be completely out of danger and is sleeping peacefully.

Even though it’s only six o’clock in the morning, the villagers have already woken up and started their own work.

Chem continues to take care of her brother.

Lodis appears to be aware that he is the only man left capable of fighting, so he is guarding the surrounding area, holding a spear in his hand.

Laila and Carol are making breakfast.

The traveling doctor takes out a small mortar and prepares some medicine.

“What brought you here, Doctor?”

“My family have been doctors for generations. We call this place the Forbidden Forest; there are numerous monsters here, but also plenty of medicinal herbs, too. Last night, after picking up herbs and starting preparation for a camp, I saw a pillar of light in the forest. To be honest, I was wondering whether I should investigate it, but my heart started to shudder when I thought of leaving.

“That must have been the guidance of God.”

“My family and I do not believe in God because we work with nature, but yesterday’s events… might really have been performed by God.”

Is the doctor an atheist?

He admitted to the existence of God, but believing in him seems like a different story.

“Are you going to leave now, Doctor?”

“Even though the patient is out of danger, I should still take care of him for a while… If it’s OK with everyone, I’d like to stay and help tend to his wounds.”

“Of course!!! Please stay as long as you like… But lodging might be a problem for us right now….”

I am relieved that the doctor has decided to stay for a while…

However, as Chem said, the problem is there’s nowhere for him to stay. The carriage is full, so if the doctor stays inside, someone will have to sleep outside.

Although this time they managed to just get through the situation, this is only temporary. If some black dogs attack again, their annihilation is inevitable.

”How should I use my fate points now…”

Even though Gams has been saved, he probably won’t be able to move for a few days.

Lodis will need to protect everyone… but I don’t think I can rely on him.

For now, what they need is a shelter.

While I’m still racking my brain, the doctor exclaims:

“That’s right! There is an abandoned mine nearby. We’ll be saved from rain and wind, and I think that there is still furniture that was used by the miners in there.”

Really!? The doctor seems to be familiar with this area, but there is a place that convenient nearby!? I’m really grateful.

There’s no objection, and everyone heads towards the cave.

They follow the doctor with Gams lying in the carriage.

The group arrives at their destination within 15 minutes.

On the slope of the mountain’s surface, a semicircular entrance with a radius of 3 meters of a cave is sealed with large planks. There is a pair of doors leading into the cave, a large double door and a smaller single door.

“This large door is for the carriage, and the smaller one is the proper entrance.”

What he just said was true. The double door is large enough to accommodate a carriage, while the single door is like a door present in a typical house.

“This used to be a mine, but after another place with better ores was found, it was turned into a living place and storage for miners.

The doctor opens the door and urges everyone to go inside.

When everyone has entered, the game switches to a top-down perspective, allowing me to see the entire interior of the cave.

“It seems to be wider than I thought.”

There’s enough space to accommodate everyone, as well as the carriage.

This cave has numerous small tunnels, each with a door covering their entrances.

The inside looks quite dirty. Seems like no one has visited this place for a long time.

Still, this is much better than living in the carriage. The villagers’ eyes are sparkling with joy.

“Oh, there are proper rooms here!”

When Lodis opens a door and confirms what’s inside, he cheers.

“It looks like the miners have dug private rooms for themselves.”

The doctor explains, but the villagers are so curious about their new home that no one is paying attention.

Everyone starts walking around to explore the cave.

“There seems to be a spring flowing through here. We also have a stone furnace as well as everything else you need for housework, too.”

“That’s great, Mom!”

“First of all, lets clean this place up!”

Laila rolls up her sleeves, while Carol is excitedly jumping around her.

They’ve found a safe place to spend their nights peacefully. As long as they follow the doctor, there shouldn’t be any problem.

The planks securing the cave are also reinforced with iron frames, so they won’t be destroyed easily.

Looks like we can finally start building our village in earnest now.

Translator Notes and Comments:

The lodging has been secured. The construction of the village can begin soon in earnest. Let’s see what happens next.

I am sure you will be soon surprised by the next parts of the Novel. Please comment your views. We greatly appreciate your support.

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