Chapter 5 (1/2): Worried Villagers and Worried Me

“Oh no! Gams!!!”

“Brother!! Why has your body become so cold… Brother!!

Chem starts to panic while clinging to Gams.

Hearing her voice, Lodis rushes to her.

“Chem, please calm down! There, his pulse is still stable, although it seems that his body temperature has dropped drastically. His complexion is also bad… Look, he has a wound on his arm. This color…”

After closely examining the dead black dog, Lodis says with a serious tone:

“It looks like poison. Can you use detoxification magic?”

“I can’t… Are there any antidotes in storage?

“I’m sorry….”

Lodis shakes his head, while Lyra tightly hugs Carol.

Realizing nothing can be done to save her brother, Chem cries while holding his hand.

“W… What should I do? If Gams dies today, everything will end… Is there anything that I can do!?”

Even though I know this is just a game, my heart begins to tremble just by looking at the characters’ words and actions.

If their lines were voiced, I might even cry too.

“God! Please save my brother! I will do anything! So, please… please save…”

She can’t even complete her sentences anymore.

Under the moonless night, a young girl grieves.


The villagers are in so much trouble. Please do something, God!

God? Wait, isn’t that me!? Why am I panicking too!?

Only a miracle can save this situation.

“Okay, let’s take a look to see if there’s anything I can use.”

Browsing through the miracles, I find something that might be effective: “Traveling Doctor”. Just enough fate points, too.

However, there is no guarantee that the doctor will come immediately when it’s activated.

“But I can’t abandon Gams. If there is a possibility, I must bet on it! I choose this miracle!!”

I scream while clenching my fists.

“What are you being so noisy about!?”

My mother shouts at me as my voice reaches even the lower floor.

Usually, when my mother complains, I will stomp on the floor and shouts back, but today I just ignore her.

“If a doctor arrives right away, won’t it be suspicious, as if he was already waiting for this situation? Currently… Is it already pass midnight?”

I press enter and wait patiently.

“Brother, please say something! Brother…”

“Hello there, did something happen here?”

Suddenly, a strange voice is heard. The villagers look back all at once and see a young man standing across the fire.

He has such gorgeous long black hair that one could mistake him for a woman. His face is rather androgynous, but I still think he is a man. I’m not confident about my judgment, though.

He is wearing a hooded coat and carrying a large backpack. This is probably the doctor because there are numerous small pouches hanging around his waist.

“Who are you?”

Chem holds her staff, ready to protect her brother.

Lodis also stands in front of his family, picking up a sword Gams has left on the ground.

“Please don’t be wary, I am but a wandering doctor.”

The man talks while exchanging looks with Chem and others. This is what we call “deus ex machina”, it seems. The situation is too convenient, so it’s natural for the villagers to have some doubts.

To clear up their confusion, I press enter to execute the revelation that I have prepared beforehand.

The Bible in Chem’s hand shines as usual. It opens on its own, and letters start appearing on a blank page.

“A revelation this late at night…”

Still not knowing what’s going on, she looks into the Bible with a confused face.

Chem usually reads the revelation aloud so that it can be heard by everyone, but this time, after scanning its content, she says in a hoarse voice:

“Thank you, God!”

and tears start running down her cheeks.

“In any case, if there is no problem, is it okay for me to have a look at that person?”

“Please, sir!”

Without any hesitation, Chem allows him to approach Gams.

The remaining villagers don’t understand the situation and can only watch silently.

After examining Gams’ wound, the doctor takes out a small bottle, pours half of its content into Gams’ mouth and the rest on his wound.

Gams painful expression gradually disappears.

“Looks like the antidote works! Pheeewwww, I made it in time~”

I lean back in the chair and loosen my body.

My hands are being soaked with sweat.

I was worried about what would happen, but this is a relief. Now that I’ve calmed down, I start thinking about how the other villagers are doing, too.

Translator Notes and Comments:

This novel is really unique. I am really looking forward to the story. Hope you are interested in the story too. Please comment your views.

ED: I’m also thinking of marking the game part and the player part, tell me what ya’ll think

ED2: Fixed some errors

ED3: Fixed translation and grammatical errors. I also changed the title to be more precise to the original Japanese one – kienquocsi



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