Chapter 17: Death Agreement

“What’s going on?”

He frowned and wat puzzled at the heavily armed guards.

“Nothing… just the noise you made was a bit… too loud.”

Su Han glanced down at himself. He saw the broken door and subconsciously wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

At that moment, Su Han just realized that he had demonstrated his true strength.

“Is it because of my past life? Or is it because my magical talents have been awakened before the practice of Martial arts?”

Su Han’s thoughts flickered for a moment, but his expression returned to calmness very soon. He waived his hand at the audience.

“Everything is fine here. Please return to your posts.”

After a moment of silence, the armed guards performed a military salute against Su Han and silently left.

Every guard in the Bauhinia Palace was transferred from the regular military. It is precisely because they are all military personnel that they are obliged to follow all form of orders. Even if you are curious about things, you still can’t ask about it.

However, Di Yun is not a military man. He stepped forward and looked at Su Han up and down. There was fascination in his eyes.

“It’s too strong… it’s powerful! Is this the Psionic energy you talked to me about? I didn’t think that the Psionic power could release such strength. It’s too… too…..”

Di Yun does not know how to describe it at this moment.

Hearing this Su Han’s eyebrows twitched.

“Since you feel shocked and curious, it’s better that you study and see the results… huh?”

Suddenly, Su Han noticed the Psionic energy detection machine that Di Yun held in his arms, he could not help but do a double take.

“Did you finished the detector???… How is it so fast?”

“What are you talking about?” Di Yun asked.

“Nothing… please continue your research.” Su Han calmly responded.
Of course Su Han is no stranger to the Psionic energy detector, not only the one in the Di Yun’s hands but in the future as well. In fact, 300 years later the device has been reduced to just a size of pair of glasses.

Future martial arts practitioners can use this device to observe the concentration of Psionic energy in their opponent’s body, thus judging the opponent’s general combat effectiveness. Although it is not completely accurate to judge base solely on Psionic levels, it is an important metric to observe.

After all, it is like Su Han’s talent. There are different animals with the blood of the abyss, and high grade Zerg speciments. The existence of this kind of lifeforms can exert the power of far exceeding their Psionic levels.

But this device can also provide a lot of information, and hence plays an important role in the future.

If it wasn’t for Su Han’s interference, it would have taken 12 years after the Advent of the Second Dimension for the development of this device.

But now, it is developed 11 months before the coming of Apocalypse. Su Han felt rather emotional about it.

Originally, Di Yun still wanted to ask more about what happened but seeing Su Han, his expression returned back to its professional state. Just looking at Su Han, Di Yun has completely calmed down.

When he think about his previous aggressiveness, he can’t help but shiver.

“Work hard!” Su Han raised his hand and patted Di Yun’s shoulder, and went out. As for the tattered training room behind him, there were naturally people whose job was to repair it. He believes he can start using it again by tomorrow.


At the same time,

In the Artic Wolf Special Brigade, outside the capital.

Li Wei is currently standing there. His look is very serious and he is looking at the Captain of the Artic Wolf Brigade in front of him.

Artic Wolf Brigade is one of the three special forces in China. There are extremely few of them and at their peak, they numbered a little over hundred.

Artic Wolf’s captain, nicknamed Cold Wind, is a Lieutenant Colonel. He is extremely strong, not unlike a soldier king. He has performed 142 international missions without any failure in his illustrious career.

“Cold Wind! I hope that you can pick the nine most outstanding people from your team and send them to Bauhinia Palace for special training.”

“Yes, Sir!” The Cold Wind performed a military Salute against Li Wei. Li Wei is a high-level staff officer. His influence in the military is extremely significant. The captains of the three special forces were once under his commands.

However, although he has decided to follow the order but there is still questions in his heart. As if one can enter one of the special forces, then he will obviously be a first-class soldier in the military arena.

It is reasonable to say that no training should exist which can boost their strength, only experience.

Li Wei immediately took out ten forms and handed it over to Cold Wind.

The cold wind just glanced at it, and his heart collapsed. “This is?!”

“Well! An Official Death Agreement.” Li Wei had a bitter smile on his face. “Once this agreement is signed, the military will release a message to the outside world, saying that the signee has sacrificed himself for the nation! And they will be stripped of their identity. They will be awarded with the Meritorious Service Medal and their family members will be compensated according to the matyr’s standard.”

The Cold Wind fell into silence. He knew that only those who carried out the most covert dark ops missions would sign such an agreement.

This is to avoid exposing identity of the government. Once this agreement is signed, it is equal to giving up his past identity, even if their family is still alive, they cannot meet with them. They will have no identity of their own.

This is a cruel and exceedingly severe agreement.

But he can not figure out why they need to sign such a agreement for a training transfer?

“Consider this carefully! Once signed, there is no way to back.” Li Wei patted his cold shoulders heavily.

Cold Wind remained silent for a moment and the took out a pen and signed the agreement directly.

“Wait a minute, I will ask if there are others who are willing to sign it with me. And do not worry I will properly pass on the position of the Cold Wolf Captain.”

Translator Notes and Comments:

It seems Su Han has started building up his elite forces. Lets see what happens next.

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