Chapter 4 (2/2): Destroying Peace and Lack of Cash

“The villagers and I could only rely on Gams. We need a little more manpower.”

To begin with, making a village with five people is unreasonable.

I do know that if I use fate points, I can call more people to the village.

But the cost to do so is wayyy too high.

Different numbers of points are consumed for different types of people: merchants, warriors, archers, villagers, woodworkers, etc… The ones that can be called have a wide variety of occupations.

There is also a surprisingly cheap item called “Personnel Loot Box”. However, it has various problems, as it completely depends on luck. What if I get a criminal? The village will definitely be done for.

Such a game element is an addictive bottomless swamp. I have decided to never put my hands on it.

Besides, even if the number of people increases, you can’t force any more people into the carriage. Some of them will have to sleep outside.

“A housing crisis!”

If I pour all the money I have earned today and call some carpenters here, they might be able to build houses a little faster.

Dozens of logs are lined up on the vacant plot of land. Five of them have been debarked. Gams is in charge of cutting down the trees, and the processing is done by Lodis.

These are thick logs, so they can be made into a sufficient number of planks. However, the drying process will take some time.

I want a familiar, but I also want stable residences, too.

However, I feel like it’s better to save fate points for emergency situations.

“Oh man, I am really troubled by this game.”

I scratch my head but cannot make up my mind.

“I will think about it tomorrow.”

There are no emergencies as of now, so I don’t need to worry about it yet.

Also, my fate points will increase tomorrow.

There’s no use watching Gams just sitting in front of the bonfire, so sorry Gams, but I’m going to bed first. Suddenly…


A strange sound is emitted from the speaker.

I quickly turn my look back to the screen. A large red text saying “Attack” is being displayed.

“Wh… What is this?”

I grab both ends of the screen and bring it closer to my face. Gams suddenly gets up with his weapons out.

“Everyone, wake up!!”

Hearing Gams’ loud shout, the villagers come out of the carriage.

“What happened, big brother?”

“A monsters’ attack! Chem, get everyone inside and protect them!”

“But I can fight too …”

“No! Only you can use healing magic, so stay inside!”

Chem nods and returns to the carriage.

The inside of the carriage is not visible, but the Lodis family is surely trembling in fear.

As he strolls around the area, the fog of war is lifted somewhat, but since it’s late at night, nothing is clearly visible beyond the bonfire’s light.

From the darkness, two black dogs appear.

“Are they monsters or just wild dogs…?”

I click on a black dog using my mouse.

“Black Dogs: Wild dogs that have been turned into monsters by unknown means. They are ferocious and carnivorous. Their physical abilities are higher than that of normal dogs, and their fangs can sometimes contain poison.

“So they are monsters. Gams is pretty strong, but it’s two-on-one…”

The black dogs slowly creep out from the shadows.

Gams shields the carriage behind his back and doesn’t move from his spot.

It seems that it’ll be easier if he attacks and kills one of them first, but is he worried about the other one heading towards the carriage and attacking everyone inside?

The horse is tied to a nearby tree, but it doesn’t look like having been harmed.

The black dogs don’t seem stupid, they separate, ready to attack both sides of Gams.

“Come on, Gams! I believe in you!”

I can only hold my hands and pray.

I have to come up with methods other than praying…

“Oh! RIGHT! I’m their God! A miracle, yes, a miracle!”

Remembering my role, I open the miracle list and start browsing its content, but suddenly, there’s a change in Gams’ movements.

When both black dogs jump at him at the same time, he bends over and attacks with both his weapons.

The sound of slashing blades echoes, and the two black dogs fall to the ground.

“Oh, WOW! Gams, good job!!!”

Keeping a straight face even after defeating two black dogs with one strike, Gams deals the final blow to the monsters.

Were my worries unnecessary? Ok… Great work Gams….

“Are you okay, brother?”

Chem jumps out of the carriage and runs to her brother.

Gams puts his hand on his sister’s head and smiles gently,

“Sorry for worrying you … Ahh…. “

He falls down before finishing his sentence.

“Gams… Gams!? Were you hurt or something!?”

But when I click on Gams to see if he is injured, the word “poisoned” flashing in red is added to his current status.

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