Chapter 16: Breakthrough

The Cultivation Room.

The room is made with extreme attention to details. It is not big, roughly the size of a classroom. However, there are various cabinets around and which has medicines on it.

These are medicinal materials which are not recorded even in the Herbaceous Institute of Medical Science [A traditional Chinese Medicine institute].

Some of the herbs are extremely rare. For example, the Ginseng Velvet Antler which can only grown in extreme conditions. Even if the whole work force of the nations is mobilized, getting a room full of them will still be very difficult.

On the other hand, there are lots of herbs with effects that will develop after the Advent of the Second Dimension. It can then boost martial cultivation or magic.
In other words, in the current era, these herbs are no different from ordinary weeds in people’s eyes. It is precisely because no one cares about these herbs, hence the number of these herbs is extremely large.


Su Han’s look is very solemn, he is cultivating at the moment as he does everyday. After three hours of practice, he is ready to breakthrough the entry stage.

“Time to refine the breakthrough with medicine!!”

Su Han came to the front of the medicine cabinet picked out a few kinds of herbs, and then went to the center of the room. In the middle of the room, a big induction stove was installed.

“Dang the aesthetic is really clashing here, maybe I should install an ancient alchemy furnace instead……”

Su Han picked up a large pot next to him, and then stuffed all the herbs in his hand into it. Put enough water in it and started boilings. While the content was being boiled, he adjusted his body and closed his eyes.

After simmering for four hours straight, the medicine was completed. He dipped his finger in the pot and then tasted its content. Su Han nodded with satisfaction.

He put all the medicine into a bowl, took a deep breath and drank it all in one go.

In his previous life, many people have researched alchemy, and it was found to be really different from fantasy novels. For the best effects, just like Su Han did, a large amount of herbs are stuffed into a large pot and boiled. The crux of the process is to fine-tuned the medicine according to their own Psionic power.

Thinking about it, it was normal. The conditions in the future will be extremely bad. If he required a large alchemy furnace each time then the difficulty to brew medicine would have been really high.

And as it is now, as long as you have a pot and water, you can make the medicinal soup anywhere.

However, this does not mean that Alchemy is easy. In fact, the Alchemist profession is one of the most demanded in the future. What one needed for it is the absolute control of their Psionic Powers.

Even a lot of martial arts practitioners in the Heavenly Realm cannot practice Alchemy.

Even for Su Han, his achievements in Alchemy is only upto the third realm. He can only make medicines which are helpful to martial arts practitioners upto the Heavenly Realm. As for the fourth level, Wu Sheng’s Alchemist?

Looking through the annals of history, pharmacists with this level of ability were rare. There were only eight recorded in 500 years.

Chi surrounded Su Han’s body. His body is emitting a white lustrous light, mimicking clear star light. His blood moved like a river, thundering through his veins.

Energy converge into his body, from Heaven and Earth.


At this moment, the entire Bauhinia Palace has undergone tremendous changes because of Su Han’s breakthrough.

If you stand outside the Bauhinia Palace, you can feel a distinctive wind blowing.
Although this kind of wind can only be classified as Category 1 or 2,but the wind direction is peculiar.
It is blowing towards all the directions away from the Palace building. It is completely contrary to the theory of movement of wind.

“Wait a minute, this is…” Studying the informations provided by Su Han, Di Yun has developed the very first Psionic Energy Detector.

His Psionic energy detector detected that in a very short period of time, the Chi concentration of the Bauhinia Palace has increased from zero-point level to a new level, comparable to a single Richter scale magnitude. The concentration has almost doubled in a very short amount of time.

“What happened?”

If the device was not just invented then would have easily believe the reading but he had some doubts at the moment. Is there problem with the Psionic Detector?

Without hesitation, he lifted the Psionic Detector in the air and started moving along detection direction of the energy. He quickly passed through the long tunnel and came to a gate.

Before the gate, a middle-aged man in a Major General uniform was walking back and forth. He was continuously raising high brows and looked extremely worried.

“What kind of experiment is going on inside?” Di Yun asked nervously. But soon he found out that he was wrong, there was the sound of rumbling of the door as if a river was slamming against it.

“It’s not an experiment…” Liu Xun glanced at Di Yun and was surprised that Di Yun could complete the detector it so quickly.
However, his mind at the moment is not focused on Di Yun. He hasn’t even finished his sentence before a thunderous sound suddenly sounded.

The door trembled furiously, the door frame became extremely unstable and the cement ash flew out. This explosion has captured the attention of everybody.

After all, the Bauhinia Palace has now been upgraded to a military base, and the level of security is self-evident. One after another armed guards came to the front door and watched the alloy door shaking.

“You all go back…..there is no problem!”

Although worried, Liu Xun seeing that too many people have gathered, sharply commended. Before he could day anything further or perform any other practical actions, the door burst open.


The crash was so violent that the guards subconsciously pointed their weapons in its direction. Is some secret neo-physical experiment going on there? Or some beast is going to escape from its cage?

Suddenly the wind rises and all the dust is blown away. Su Han’s figure came out of the gate, his expression calm. The clothes of his upper body were torn due large concentration of Psionic Energy.

The naked upper body looks very muscular. Peculiarly his muscle seems to be revealing a different kind of force.

“Su Han!”

Everyone who saw Su Han was stunned because his body was emitting a lustrous white light full of oppression and strength. This is definitely not a body that normal people can have.

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