Chapter 4 (1/2): Destroying Peace and Lack of Cash

When I get back home, my mother is still watching TV in the living room. I give her the pudding.

“Oh, you bought pudding? Thank you.”

“I bought for everyone else too.”

It’s hard to meet my grinning mother’s eyes, so I quickly push her the pudding and return to my room.

What was I getting all worked up about? A good-for-nothing human cannot be redeemed just by some small good deeds like that. I curse myself:

“What am I even doing at this age?”

I pat my face and sit down in front of the PC.

The villagers are doing fine. So, I read the magazines and technical books that I bought.

Actually, I want to perform a miracle right now, but I can’t waste cash and points. I need to watch the villagers’ lives a little more and find out what they really need.

I should spend some time studying while they are working so that I can help them a little.

It seems that I was quite enthusiastic about my reading that I didn’t notice the sun is about to set.

The villagers are preparing for dinner.

I accidentally found out yesterday that I can use the log to read the villagers’ past conversations that I have missed while doing other things like going out or studying.

“Lodis and Gams didn’t talk much to each other, huh? I hope that Gams becomes more sociable.”

As a man who is the embodiment of being unsociable, I don’t hate it, but I feel a little sorry for Lodis, who couldn’t strike up a decent conversation with Gams.

“What did Laila, Chem, and Carol talk about?”

There is some hesitation in reading the women’s conversations, but I convince myself “This is to fulfill the villagers’ wishes” and check the log.

They are just everyday conversations, but sometimes you can get important information about this world from some small remarks. I can also understand the situation of the villagers to some extent.

“I wonder why a pack of monsters attacked the village that day, it was unusual. The villagers quickly…”

That day? That’s the keyword I’m interested in, but the only way to ask them is to use a revelation. Should I use it for such a small question?

“It wasn’t a small village. The stone wall surrounding it was excellent and should have been more sturdy than those of other villages. Also, there were some hunters like my brother, but still….”

“Are our neighbors gonna be okay?”

“This forest is really dangerous, but the wheels of our carriage are at their limits, so we can’t move anywhere else… “

I get some more information from the past conversations of these three people.

It seems that there were hundreds of villagers in their village. It was a medium-sized village for this world.

A pack of monsters attacked it and they tried to resist, but they were overrun and barely escaped for their lives. Apparently, some other people ran away in their own carriages too, but they haven’t seen anyone else.

They have entered the forest to escape the monsters, but now they don’t know the way back, and the carriage is at its limit, so it is difficult to go anywhere far.

I see, so that’s the setting. That’s why there is a miracle called “Uniting scattered villagers”. Someday I will perform that miracle and reunite the villagers who have escaped the disasters. I’m still in desperate need of more manpower.

“The meal is done!”

My mother calls out to me, so I put down the book that I am reading and head downstairs.

My father came home unusually early today.

His hair is parted to one side with gel. He has a pair of black-framed glasses on his serious face.

He is a man of few words. His character is a little bit like Gams.

Since I became a NEET, I have only seen him few times a month. The only words we exchange are “How are you?” “Is that so?” “Do as you like!”. This is the type of relationship we’ve been having since our fight.

“Where is Sayuki?”

“She seems to be late because of overtime.”


Sayuki… My sister would come home late today, huh?

My younger sister is doing better in her life compared to me. I remember she said that she got the job she wanted, so working was really fun and overtime wasn’t a problem.

I don’t know the details of her job, but it may be some kind of office work.

My father and I are eating silently, but my mother is talking non-stop. Sometimes we throw in some words to pretend that we are listening, but essentially, she is having a one-sided conversation.

I know that I am living in a fortunate household. The house is large, and it also has a huge garden. The “garden” is actually just a vacant plot of land, but it looks like my father wants to rebuild it into something beautiful.

For now, there are only wooden shelves and chairs my father has made as his hobby lying around in the garden.

My mother continues to say that I should find a job, she doesn’t seem to have given up on it.

On the contrary, it seems like my father has given up on me after the fight.

My sister… let’s just leave it at that.

If my family were poor and couldn’t afford to support me, then I would’ve been abandoned a long time ago. I am lucky to have food to eat, a place to sleep, and even access to the internet.

Compared to the villagers’ situation, it is like a paradise. I don’t deserve to have all this.

After finishing my meal, I try going back to my room, but my mother stops me.

“Take one of the puddings to your room. Do you want some after finishing your meal too, honey? Our son bought them.”

“Is that so? I’ll take one, then.”

My father’s voice is still as serious as always. I can’t tell whether he is being angry or happy.

I take the pudding and quickly return to my room.

Because we had to wait for my father, it is a little late after dinner. All the villagers except Gams have gotten back into the carriage.

Gams’ body is illuminated by the light of the fire. He looks dignified and dependable.

He is extremely important to the village, although you can’t really call this group a “village” yet.

Gams is the only one capable of fighting here. His sister, Chem, can use healing magic to heal wounds but has little fighting experience herself.

Lodis is not a bad person, but it has been asserted that he’s not suitable for battle.

Unlike last night, the villagers know that God can’t do everything, so they decided to take turns keeping watch. There seems to be a lot of monsters that are active at night, so Gams is the first one to take the job.

The fact that everyone feels safe just from him standing there is greatly due to his appearance.

He has black hair and dark eyes. His exact height is unknown, but if you compare it with everyone else’s height, he seems to be slightly over 180 cm.

He is well-trained in wielding long sword and dagger. In this world, there seems to be a hunter profession for those who hunt monsters, and it looks like Gams and Chem lived as hunter siblings before.

The information I have gathered so far is obtained from the daily conversation between Chem and Lyra.

He is a silent guy, but his seriousness in working without complaining indicated that he’s the most reliable man in this village.

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  1. If his sister has such a good job, why is she still living with her family? And doing lots of overtime is not a good thing either. This is a good novel to see in the psyche of the Japanese, a broken people raised to be corporate dogs.

  2. Thanks for picking up this story! I’m hopeful to see the MC improve his life slightly because of the game’s influence

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