Chapter 15: Fantasy? or Reality?

Su Han gazed at these renowned authors and screenwriters.

There are even some people who he knows, as they occupy a very high position in the Chinese cultural circle and have produced famous pieces of work.

He casually waved his hand and his personal assistant Li Wei came forward to provide everyone with a copy of a book.

Everyone opened their book with hesitation. Everyone was shocked to discover that it wasn’t a secret document for which they will be killed ten times over but instead it was some very common fantasy settings.


Ordinary Giant: Generally their height is around ten to twenty meters. They have extreme physical ability. Small arms are ineffective on them and high calibre ammunition can only injure them lightly. The use of intercontinental ballistic missiles can eliminate a small group of them. Their weakest point is the back of the neck or their heart. Threat level: Medium.


Extraordinary Giant: They are extremely tall and range from thirty to hundred meters. They are more intelligent and their physical strength is beyond imagination. They can physically carry even the mountains. Even if intercontinental missiles are used, they cannot be reliably killed and they have no particular weak points in their body. Threat level: high.


The Metal Giants: A special type of giant which not much different from a Ordinary giant species. However, they wear heavy armors and their defensive ability and speed is very high. It is difficult to cause damage to the without specialized bombing. Threat level: High.


Human Eaters: A special type of creature whose appearance is similar to humans. It does not eat human food. The only thing which it eats is humans itself. Their threat level varies from E to SSS. The SSS level is extremely threatening and it has the ability to destroy a large city by itself.


Abyssal Species: A special lifeform from the abyssal world. It is extremely powerful and mysterious. It can control various kind of dark powers, such as corrosion, corruption, cursing. Threat level: extremely high.


Zerg Species: Special lifeforms from the Zerg world. Their individual strength is relatively weak. However, they have terrifying breeding capabilities. If it is given enough time then they can form extremely complex nests. They are practically invincible in large scale battles. Threat level: extremely high.


In addition to this, there are some other species like Dragons and Dark Fallen Race.

The contents of this book were extremely detailed with a variety of pictures of different species for reference.

After reading the books in their hands … everyone stayed silent.


“What is recorded in this book?” A famous author asked, his current mood cannot be defined with words.

“If the end of the world comes and the monsters in this book become reality, then what would the world be like? I hope that you can use this as a theme to create movies and drama series.” Su Han said with a serious voice.

Hearing this, everyone inside the office cannot help but twitch their lips.

Are they summoned here only for this fantasy theme? This question is stuck in their throat but they did not dare to let it out.

However, Su Han did not have time to understand their feelings. He only gave them a rough account of his requirements for the TV dramas and movies, then he let Li Wei handle everything else.

Fortunately, Li Wei has long been accustomed to Su Han’s style of forcing these kinda work on him. He clapped his hand and attracted the attention of everyone.

“Okay. I hope that you all can prepare a plot as soon as possible. The production is scheduled to start after one week”

Li Wei looked at the editors present. “You can start creating the screenplay”

Then he looked over to the authors. “As for you, create a script for the TV series. I won’t ask you to write a million words in a week, but I hope you can at least make a script of 100,000 words, that will be at least 10 episodes of drama.”

After telling everyone about their various jobs, Li Wei asked soldiers to guide them into rooms that have been already prepared for them.


In a room, several screenwriters are discussing their situation.

“This is too strange. When will this fantasy needed to be completed? Not to mention the fact that it is an official investment from the state.”

“He told us not to consider about the special effects’ budget. How much it will cost the country? Is it so important?”

“And those who came to receive us were not the people of the Cultural Bureau. They are clearly from the military… Have you seen the young man before? It seems that he is in charge of this whole place. But he is so young?How is that possible? Isn’t the Chinese political party based upon seniority? And even he doesn’t look like a second-generation official (Refering to the sons/daughter of the officials).”

There are thousands of doubts in their heart, but at the end of the discussion the became worried with sweats dripping their forehead. The more they discuss, the more they realize the depth of this matter.

In the end, they wisely changed the topic and started to discuss the script. They felt that if they continued to go further and really guessed the reason then the guards waiting outside the door would “escort them away”.

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