Chapter 3 (2/2): Lazy Me and Working Villagers

All the items I had won as prizes that hadn’t been used were put up for online auction. I hoped a buyer could provide a couple thousand for it.

Is there anything else that I can sell?

I noticed my comics and games while looking around my room.

If I took them to a second-hand bookstore, I could quickly get cash. It may not have been a large amount, but it was better than nothing.

The problem was, I needed to go outside to sell them.

It had been several months … No, that’s not true. I hadn’t gone out for almost two years except at night.

I took a quick look at the screen of my PC. The villagers who were working hard to live there. The beginning of the game was really good, but I had a feeling that this game would become much more interesting later on.

It would be a shame I couldn’t play the game if the villagers were annihilated.

“Let’s go, shall we?”

If you observed the villagers’ behaviour, you couldn’t even tell they were in a game

It seemed like I had grown addicted to and was willing to pay money for them, just like people who got addicted to mobile games.

I took off my sweatsuit and put on clothes to go outside. I had been a while since I last wore them, so they felt a little tight.

It wasn’t like I got fat. I just felt uncomfortable in these unfamiliar clothes.

After checking my appearance in the mirror, I saw that I had become a middle-aged man with lifeless eyes.

The thirties that I had envisioned as a child was more respectable. I had actually believed that would be the case, but reality was far different.

On the outside, I looked like an adult… who had no ambition in life. But inside I hadn’t grown a bit since I was a student.

No, at least I was decent back in my student days. All I had gained after 10 years was my online gaming skills and the ability to insult other people.

Even for something as easy as going outside, my weak mind was whispering: “Don’t force yourself!” “Take off your clothes and get back into the futon!”.

Until now, I had always used the excuse “Do my best from tomorrow.”, as it was a very sweet temptation to leave everything for tomorrow.

But today was different.

I looked at the vilagers one more time.

Lodis and Gams were silently peeling the logs. The two men were working very hard, but they didn’t seem bothered by it.

Chem was walking around the area to see if she could find anything to eat. Her brother, Gams, said his sister was not good at manual labour but she was doing her job tirelessly.

Laila was the doing laundry in the nearby river. The water seemed quite cold and I was unconsciously blowing on my hands repeatedly to warm them as if I was the one doing the job.

To forget her hunger, Carol was going around cheerfully helping everyone without a single complaint.

…… I’ll do my best too. Being encouraged by a game’s characters like this might be the lowest of the low, but I don’t really care anymore. I just need a reason to motivate me.

When I got out of my room and went downstairs, my eyes met my mother’s.

“Are you going out? How unusual of you.”

“I’m only going out for a bit.”

“Okay… Be back soon.”

My mother had a surprised look on her face.

It felt like she was about to laugh. I wondered what she was thinking, seeing me going out after a long time.

“I’m going”

It had been a while since I had such a normal conversation with someone else like this.

When I opened the door, I noticed that the air outside was cold.

Is it winter?

I used to stay in my room all the time. In summer, the air was cooled by the air-conditioner, and in winter, it was warmed by the heater. My room maintained a constant temperature, so I didn’t realize what the outside world was like.

…… No. It was not that I didn’t notice, I just avoided the outside world.

I unlocked my bicycle and put my foot on the pedal.

I was a little anxious about riding a bicycle after such a long time, but it seemed my body hadn’t forgotten how to ride.

When I started cycling effortlessly, the neighbourhood residents started watching me and talking about something.

――Are they mocking me?

――Are they insulting me for not working at this age?

Such delusions filled my head.

I was scared. I could not stop imagining them ridiculing me.

I wanted to throw everything away and make a U-turn back home, but I remembered the villagers who were still working hard at home on my PC.

I want to make their lives a little easier.

…… I stepped on the pedal and continued riding the bicycle.


I entered a second-hand bookstore; my breathing was really rough.

Why is this place where no one knows me so calm compared to my neighbourhood?

I sold all the comics in the two tightly packed paper bags I had. I also sold all my games, since I only needed “Village of Fate” now.

The manga that I sold were more expensive than I expected them to be, so I got some extra money.

I wanted to eat some fast-food on the way home, but I stopped myself.

Instead, I bought magazines about log cabins, log houses and specialized books about wooden architecture, of course they were all second-hand.

Knowledge can also be obtained online, but it’s hard to determine the legitimacy of the content. The knowledge of experts found in books is more trustworthy.

I was planning to go home without a stop, but I stopped on a whim and decided to buy puddings for my family.

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