Chapter 3 (1/2): Lazy Me and Working Villagers

“Wow, ah, is it already morning?”

Sunlight shines through the curtain’s gap.

I check the clock at my bedside. It shows 9 a.m.

“It’s been a while since I was awake at this hour.”

I normally don’t get up until past noon, but today I woke up pretty early.

When did I go to bed yesterday?

Oh, that’s right. It was night-time when I watched at the villagers, and….

I got addicted to “Village of Fate” and watched the villagers till late.

There were several things that I noticed.

They went to sleep awfully early. When it got dark, they ate dinner and immediately went to sleep afterward. Only Gams was up for a while to keep a lookout on the area, but he still slept before 9 p.m.

The most serious problem is their dependence on God. I thought it was convenient for me if they were my loyal devotees, but after listening to their conversation last night, I changed my mind.

“You should get some sleep, Gams.”

“No, Lodis. I don’t know when a monster could attack. I need to keep a lookout.”

“Don’t worry about that. Didn’t you witness the miracle of God? There’s also that revelation, which means the God of Fate is watching over us. The monsters won’t come close to us due to His power. “

“… I hope so too….”

Excuse me, God, which is I, has no such power.

Moreover, since I didn’t think it through before telling the villagers to cut down trees, they also think that God will do everything from processing to drying the timber.

“Oh man, I’m sure that I can’t always keep them safe. Should I tell them that my power is limited and I’m not omnipotent? But if I do that, they may show less gratitude toward God, and I won’t get as many points.”

What should I do?

Last night, I fell asleep while researching wood processing on the internet because of the pressure from the villagers.

I would rather use the time I have wasted watching videos, surfing the internet and chatting on forums in the last 10 years to find good advice to give the villagers.

“Why is a game making me regret my past? Games are supposed to be fun…”

As usual, I want to look away from reality and immerse myself in the game.

Yet, on the screen, the villagers are working hard. Their hard life is different from mine.

Even young Carol is working hard to help her mother.

“You don’t need to….”

“I know, but everyone needs to do their best. Right? I’m still small, so I can’t help much yet… But please let me try too!”

“Carol… If you have trouble, go to your dad for help.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine!”

Lodis looks at his daughter over and over again during his work. He seems to be worried about Carol. Sometimes, he is about to walk towards her but somehow manages to stay put.

Carol, who doesn’t realize her father’s worries, is moving one thing after another without complaining even once. Even though it’s just a fictitious programmed world, it is lively. Different from my lazy self.

I know that those people were characters in a game, but my chest tightens just by looking at them.

The more detailed the graphic, the more the scene tears my clouded heart.

Looking over my room, you will notice many candy wrappers lying around. My mother bought a lot of candy, so I “borrowed” some to eat without telling her.

All I did yesterday was just producing more trash.

“Let’s spill the beans so they don’t overestimate their incompetent God”

The villagers will be annihilated if they think God can do everything. It seems that this game doesn’t have a save function, so that must be avoided at all costs.

I struggle with the right words that can convince the villagers without me losing the dignity of being their God.

Maybe this is okay… At least that’s what I want to believe.

I execute the daily revelation and ready myself for the reaction of the villagers.

“Everyone! There is a revelation from God.”

The villagers stop working and gather in response to Chem’s cry.

“It reads…..I have lost most of my power. Now I can only watch and perform a few miracles. I want you to live together and help each other, my devout believers. That is my earnest wish. Bless you all.“

How about that? I hope I was able to successfully tell them that their God’s power cannot be used indefinitely.

The villagers who heard the revelation fall silent. Only the sound of the wind can be heard.

Should I have thought of a better excuse?

“How wonderful! Everyone! God is watching over us! Oh God, thank you!”

Chem, who is overcome with emotion, falls on her knees and starts praying.

“This is really bad! It might be because of the fight against the evil God that he has lost his powers. Even though that was the case, he still blessed us yesterday. We shouldn’t rely only on God but on ourselves too.”
Lodis conveniently explains to everyone.

I was worried about the tone of the explanation, but is it natural because this is a game?

It seems that only Carol doesn’t understand the situation, but the others look happy. Looks like they are convinced.

Even though the situation seems forced, at least it works.

The villagers who believe my revelation without a question give me a prayer of gratitude, therefore my fate points increase.

“So I can control the number of fate points I could get with how I write the revelation.”

This time the villagers seem really thankful, so a considerable amount of points increase. Still, this is not enough to buy a familiar.

Honestly, I want more fate points.

Listening to their story… in this case, it should be called reading, not listening. Well, either name is fine but many things can be understood just from their conversation.

The women just talked to each other a moment ago.

“We can’t sleep in a carriage forever. Besides, I’d be relieved if there was a fence in case of an attack from monsters. I think that would make it easier for my brother to protect everyone.”

“That’s right. We can’t use the logs because they’re necessary to make a house, I’m also concerned about seasoning for the food as well. If only I had just a little bit of salt.”

Most of the things they talk about while doing laundry or cooking are their worries for the future.

If I have some more fate points, then some of their anxieties can be dispelled but for now, I can’t waste my points.

“The only other way to increase my fate points is through money.”

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  1. Interesting story… he is loving the fact that he is watching over the lives of these people, being someone that might be able to be of worth to them and yet this seems counter to his Real life situation, hes more or less a deadbeat sponging off his parents good will, meanwhile he is the one enjoying how hard these people work to keep their lives going forward, while his own is in stasis

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