Chapter 14: Decision of Higher ups

The old man’s expressions stand firm, as he continued to gaze at the military officials.

“So you all think I will show you something which is fake??”

The officials went silent. Although some were not able to control their emotion earlier, they all calmly started thinking about it.

“If this is really true… then we will undoubtedly be the first country to develop such a technology! If we can follow the contents of this book and fully research this Psionic tech, which is really beyond modern technology, then perhaps within ten years we can overtake United states and achieve a hegemony over international politics.”

A navy lieutenant whispered with a voice full of excitement.

The Premier nodded with a smile. The military officials seems to agree, but some people in the political circle have noticed that something is missing and are frowning at the old man.

“Premier, I have a question, where did you get the Psionic Technology? This technology seems complete with prebuilt systems for its function. It cannot be developed in such a short time and if our country has developed this technology, how can we not know about it?.”

The old man fell in silence. He can’t reveal that Su Han brought this technology from 500 years in future. He can only calmly reply, “That information is classified.”

Everyone became silent.

“Okay! Let’s start the voting now. The state fully supports the Disaster Research Center! If you agree, please raise your hand.”

After a brief silence, basically all the military officials raised their hands. Although the government’s official have some doubts but its not enough to abstain.

“Next, those who are against it raise your hands!”

There were very few people who raise their hand against the motion.

The Premier counted the votes, his eyes showed that he was in deep thought.
“129 Agree, 21 are neutral and 3 are against. The motion is passed. From today, China will fully support the development of the Disaster Research Center.
Under the reasonable circumstances, we can mobilize all the forces of all the departments in China.”


“The establishment of this organization is too strange! The power it can mobilize is too great. It is not good for this era of peace.”

After the meeting, a few officials gathered together.

“Unless… War is coming!” Someone spit out this sentence and let the rest of the people fell into silence.

As soon as this sentence came out, several people fell silent.
During the times of war, events can give birth to a variety of strange organizations, but in times of peace, these organizations should not exist but today one such organization was born.

“Psychic technology… maybe there is something happening which we dont understand.”

Sighing, Jia Wentian, the head of the State Security Administration, said.
“Well, there are things which we should not know. Since the vote has already been decided, we can only support this so-called Disaster Research Center.”


On the other side.

The top author and writers from all over China were gathered.

When they entered the Bauhinia Palace by a bus, shock and surprise was evident on their faces.

“The Bauhinia Palace… Hasn’t this place been converted into a military base? And the security here is very tight. What are we cultural workers doing at a military base…”

Someone said his and then closed his mouth. They were shocked to discover that they were at Bauhinia Palace, there was guard at every ten step and they were dressed in special military uniforms with sub machine guns in their hands.

They were spooked by this serious atmosphere. Didnt they say it was a military base. Does the Primer even have such security? What is being hidden here?

They didnt care about this before, they thought some general wanted to publish a puff piece for his soldiers but at this moment, there was cold sweat on their forehead. The looked at eachother and unconsciously swallowed.

Looking at the situation in front of them, even if it is said that they are brought here to be shot down then perhaps they all will believe it.

Even a few top writers who had worked with the government before, who had been calm earlier are now worried at the moment as they waited for their trials.


After getting off the bus, each of them was blindfolded. They were taken into the Bauhinia Palace by the guards, they did not know how many turns they took before finally sitting in a room.

They took out the blindfold only to find themselves in an excellent office. In front of them was young man of around 18.

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